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3 comment(s). Last comment by George111 2022-11-21 23:05

Posted by step5509 > 2022-11-21 17:14 | Report Abuse

because pas too strong, people now kan cheong loh.... last time pas not dominant , no one cares


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Posted by tc2012 > 2022-11-21 22:45 | Report Abuse

UMNO is quite weak in current situation , It will not be the dominant partner in this govt PH+BN+others and UMNO can not be arrogance as before.UMNO can only be small brother.
They are far worse off if chose PN+BN+others or stay as opposition party


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Posted by George111 > 2022-11-21 23:05 | Report Abuse

No need to talk who is dominant in unity government of PH BN! PH is also weak! BN is dead!
So best for PH BN to focus on strengthen this nation especially our economy!
Let bygone be bygone! We are all malaysians! Less race religion thingy! It has damage Malaysia alot! Instead focus on ensuring rakyat are well taken care of!

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