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Humanity will look back and wonder why the heck governments didn't impose 2 things that would curb the spread of Covid19 effectively!
I am talkig about disinfection using fogging machine! This fogging machine is god! The smoke can go far and wide! Airborne virus will die on air, floor or any hidden place for that matter! Just fog air conditioned places and in minutes become virus free!
The other thing is using face mask! Infected and stop the spread as virus can't excape beyond the face mask! So no chance for the virus to spread on floor or air! Even the non infected are protected as well! So wearing face mask is as good as wearing condom as prevention!
So yeah, if countries quickly adopt anti virus fogging and face mask, we would have seen Covid19 pandemic coming to a halt!

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Which bring us to USA, where common sense no longer apply! Anti virus fogging could have prevented such massive infection! Wearing face mask could easily cut close contact infection!


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the difference between success and failure is mask....


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that is the difference between Asia, success and Western, failed


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Already told fr day one, mask and disinfection is the cheapest and most effective method. But the white say wearing mask is low class n no respect. Let the white open up everything so that they become the world no 1 in everything.
Anyway trump gang not worry as they are vaccinated. Fauci already hv the vaccine before hand.

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