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hey Kian Wei,

一年又一年, 我们都老了,
时间如白驹过隙, 岁月如流沙滑落..

here are my stockpicks for 2023:-

Genetec 20%
Inari 20%
Innature 5%
KGB 15%
OKA 10%
Opcom 10%
Unisem 20%
Total Value
Today's Change
+498.00 (0.49%)


Stock's Value 101,153.00
Current Holding 7 Stocks
All Time Holding 7 Stocks
% of Total Value 98.92%

Available Cash Balance 1,099.58
Current Cash Balance 1,099.58
Unpaid Dividend 0.00
% of Total Value 1.08%

Average Cost 101,065.70
Unrealized Gain +1,186.88
% over Average Cost 1.17%

Total Capital 100,000.00
Total Return +2,252.58
% over Total Capital 2.25%
Last Updated:

Stock prices in this Watchlist/Portfolio will refresh automatically for as long as 1 hour of inactivity. After the auto refresh is off, you can re-activate it by turning on the "Auto Refresh" switch.
Turn off this switch if you wish to stop the auto refresh feature before the 1 hour limit is up.

[1] Click the icon on table to view the stock's What If Analysis Page.
[2] Click the Shares hyperlink on table to view the portfolio's stock page.

Stock Last Price Change Shares Market Value % Average Cost Per Share Unrealized Gain % Day Gain %
$CASH 1,099.58 1.08%
Total 102,252.58 100.00% +498.00 0.49%
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@Tan KW blank here?

2023-01-03 08:25

Tan KW

check again.

gohkimhock @Tan KW blank here?
03/01/2023 8:25 AM

2023-01-04 17:03


@TanKW Nope. Still could not see anything..

"No stock entry found for this Portfolio. Add an entry by using Add Transaction button above."

2023-01-04 19:52

Tan KW

can anyone help me check this portfolio.

do you able to see the following transaction?

Genetec 20%
Inari 20%
Innature 5%
KGB 15%
OKA 10%
Opcom 10%
Unisem 20%

2023-01-05 11:26


@TanKW it is okay now. Finally can see. Thanks.

2023-01-05 12:16

Tan KW

great. all the best in year 2023

2023-01-05 16:06


@TanKW still having problem viewing on and off. I think i know the problem liao. Because you put the "cash in" at the end after keying in transactions. Should have put the RM100k cash in first. And then debit the account. I think you might have to key in the whole thing for me again..

2023-01-09 10:06


Great pick by sifu Goh again!

2023-02-02 00:12

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