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Top 5 At 5: Langkasuka, Mass Hysteria and Picketing In Perak

Tan KW
Publish date: Tue, 23 Apr 2024, 11:05 PM
Top 5 At 5: Langkasuka, Mass Hysteria and Picketing In Perak

23-Apr-24 17:00

Hamizah Shamsudden, Climate and Energy campaigner, Greenpeace Malaysia

Today's top 5 stories are:

1. Some questions being raised on the one-month jail sentence of an elderly man who stole essential goods from a supermarket.

2. A picket happening in Perak by employees of a cement plant company.

3. An outbreak of mass hysteria among 50 students at a secondary school in Negeri Sembilan.

4. The collusion of two Malaysian navy helicopters in mid-air during a parade rehearsal, which killed all 10 crew members on board.

5. And our top story today: Activists pushing back against the exploration project at the Langkasuka Basin, citing harm to marine biodiversity.

For these stories, we heard from advocate and solicitor Andrew Khoo, the secretary general of National Union of Bank Employees; J Solomon, as well as Dr Robert Bartholomew, Medical Sociologist from the Department of Psychatric Medicine at the University of Auckland, and Climate and Energy campaigner from Greenpeace Malaysia; Hamizah Shamsudden.

Image credit: Lukasz Z, Shutterstock

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