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Ukraine Energoatom says Zaporizhzhia nuclear power plant shelled again

Tan KW
Publish date: Thu, 11 Aug 2022, 10:25 PM

Ukraine state energy company Energoatom said the Zaporizhzhia nuclear power complex was shelled on Thursday, putting the blame on Russian forces that seized the area in March.

Energoatom said the plant's area was struck five times, including near the site where radioactive materials are stored, but that nobody was injured and the situation at the plant remained under control.

Earlier in the day, the Russian state-owned news agency TASS said Ukraine shelled the plant for a second time on Thursday, citing the Russian-installed local administration. Reuters could not independently verify the reports of either side.


  - Reuters


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Yes, this makes sense (according to Ukraine): Russia is shelling itself at the Nuclear Station it controls.

Perfect logic!

1 month ago


Putin is too kind loh!

He should threaten to Bomb KYIV nuclear plant, if Zaporizha nuclear plant is shelled by Ukraine loh!

1 month ago


With a comedian as President, what would you think they could do against 4000 nuclear warhead ICBM missiles in Russia? Anyway, it's far too close for nuclear assaults. Toxic waste and radiation could blow into Russia. Maybe 1 shot into the Western Ukraine.

1 month ago


But don't be mistaken, Putin wants a longer war into Winter at year end. Freeze their nuts after boiling human soup in Summer in EU. At same time moving into PetroYuan and away from PetroDollar.

1 month ago

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