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M’sians want vaping to be regulated; tax to be imposed on all types of e-liquid

Publish date: Fri, 26 Mar 2021, 09:08 AM

AN overwhelming majority (80%) of Malaysians want the Government to take more action to regulate the vaping industry in Malaysia, a recent poll has shown.

The same poll also showed that 76% agree that the Malaysian economy would benefit from regulations on vaping products.

These revelations came from the Malaysian Insights & Perspectives on Vape survey, a recent opinion poll commissioned by Malaysian Vape Industry Advocacy (MVIA) and conducted by Green Zebras, a leading market research company in Malaysia.

“The opinion poll shows most Malaysians want regulations on vape products,” commented Malaysian Vape Industry Advocacy president Rizani Zakaria.

“Official reports from the Health Ministry (MOH) indicate that there are over one million vapers in Malaysia and yet there are no regulations in place, leaving consumers no choice but to use unregulated products.”

Recent reports from local industry groups have already confirmed that the vape industry has significant potential to contribute to the Malaysian economy with capabilities to create jobs, develop existing businesses and SMEs within the industry, and attract investments.

“This is a fact that cannot be ignored, and the Government must act quickly to introduce regulations on vape products,” asserted Rizani.

In a related development, the poll also showed that 87% of Malaysians agree that tax should be imposed on vaping products while 74% think that the revenue collected from vape products could be spent by the Government on areas of importance such as education and economy.

“The Government should expand the tax structure to include vape e-liquids containing nicotine and introduce clear regulations for this product,” Rizani pointed out.

“That way, the Government can maximise revenue collection and at the same time, ensure consumers are using regulated products in Malaysia.”

With the objective of understanding Malaysian’s perception on vaping, this MVIA survey also delved into the opinions of the local population on the economic impact of vaping as well as their thoughts on vaping as a method of tobacco harm reduction.

Additional findings from the Malaysian Insights & Perspectives on Vape survey will be released in the coming weeks.

This survey comprised of a sample size of 1,025 Malaysian adults and is reflective of the perception of all Malaysian adults nationwide. – March 25, 2021


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