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Johor Pejuang announces state committee for 2023-2024 term

Publish date: Fri, 03 Feb 2023, 09:05 AM

JOHOR BARU, Feb 2 — Parti Pejuang Tanah Air (Pejuang) Johor chapter has today announced members appointed to the state leadership council for the 2023-2024 term.

Johor Pejuang secretary Dr Zaini Abu Bakar said the latest line-up was decided during the state leadership council’s first meeting on January 29.

He said Nornekman Osman, who was appointed by Pejuang president Datuk Seri Mukhriz Mahathir as the party’s new Johor chief on January 5, announced the list of state leadership council members.

“The positions of Johor Pejuang deputy chief and treasurer are still vacant and will be filled in the near future,” he said in a statement today.

For the latest state appointments, Dr Zaini will retain his position as secretary; Mohd Azmin Ali (information chief), Zalihah Jaafar (Pejuanita or women’s wing chief), Riad Ahmad (Youth chief) and Nurfatimah Ibrahim (Young women’s chief).

The new list also named Tariq Ismail Mustafa, Azrif Abdul Rashid, Nizam Bashir Abdul Kariem Bashir, Dr Sazali Aripin, Dr Khairil Anwar Razali, Mohd Shukor Ahmad, Talib Md Suhut, Ahmade Mohd Din and Zamzam Hashim as appointed state leadership council members.

Others named were Fazli Arman, Zainuddin Adam, Wan Sharani Wan Abdul Jalil, Razali Mohd Bahar, Mohamad Azhar Tawil, Suraya Sulaiman, Mohamad Eddy Hafifi Chuai and Suriyana Mohamad.

Dr Zaini said Nornekman expressed his appreciation to the party’s former state chief Datuk Shahruddin Md Salleh and his leadership for the efforts they have made.

In addition to naming the new leadership, he said Nornekman also announced the restructuring of Johor Pejuang where they will not have the position of parliamentary coordinator anymore.

He explained that the position will instead be replaced by the state assembly coordinator to lighten the burden of supervising duties at the state assembly level.

“Among the main tasks that will be carried out by the state assembly coordinator is to help implement the social networking programme, increase membership and checks on existing members,” he said.

Dr Zaini explained that the checks will be implemented to avoid duplication of membership in other parties and to ensure members are still interested in Pejuang after going through the painful experience in last year’s state election and the 15th general election.

He said that it includes the party’s withdrawal from the larger Gerakan Tanah Air (GTA) movement.

“Although such an action will cause the number of Johor Pejuang members, which currently number about 5,000 people, to decrease. We have quality members who care to support the party’s goals,” he said.

Dr Zaini said Nornekman also stressed that Johor Pejuang will play an active role by being the eyes and ears of the community, as well as its voice regarding various current issues.

He added that an ongoing training programme will be conducted for the Pejuang’s leadership and members in an effort to strengthen the party.

The Malay-based party fared badly in the Johor state election in March last year where all 42 of its candidates lost their deposits.

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