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“Not funny”: S’porean comedian faces backlash from M’sians over MH370 joke

Publish date: Thu, 08 Jun 2023, 12:22 AM

SINGAPOREAN stand-up comedian Jocelyn Chia incurred the wrath of Malaysian netizens after a skit she had performed at a New York comedy club went viral on social media.

In the 89-second video, Chia could be heard joking about the missing Malaysian Airlines flight MH370 while also making jokes about Malaysia being a developed country with no internet.

“My country is Singapore. After we gained independence from the British, we were a struggling little nation. In order to survive, we formed a union with a larger, more powerful country, Malaysia,” she told the crowd.

“When my prime minister went on TV to announce that you guys had dumped us, he cried because he thought we were not going to survive without you.

“But then, 40 years later, we became a first-world country. And you guys? Malaysia, what are you now? Still a developing country,” she said

Chia also joked that it is the best breakup revenge and joked about Malaysians being unable to visit Singapore because their “aeroplanes cannot fly” a statement she clarified was a reference to the disappearance of Malaysia Airlines flight MH370 on March 8, 2014.

“What, Malaysia Airlines going missing is not funny, huh? Some jokes don’t land,” she said.

Chia then jokingly taunted the Malaysians in the crowd about the two countries’ differing fortunes since then.

“And you guys, what are you now? Still a developing country. F*** you Malaysia,” Chia laughed.

When the host interrupted that she was going to get a terrible rating from Malaysians, she responded by saying it was ok because Malaysia does not have internet.

Netizens were, however, not amused, as harsh comments started flooding in in the comment sections of her Instagram and TikTok accounts, causing Chia to limit the number of people who could comment on her Instagram.

Instagram user @qay.snail123 pointed out that it was inappropriate to make jokes about missing planes, especially for those who had lost their loved ones on the plane.

User @sofian_yusof said there are boundaries when it comes to comedy. The netizen also took a swipe at the comedian, referring to Malaysia’s cheaper petrol and water.

User @keysersoze8501 said Chia looks like someone who is detached from humanity and empathy as he lost his friend on the plane who had a five-month-old baby waiting at home.

“That baby never got to see his father again. I really hope one day wither you or your kid feel the same way as that baby,” the netizen said.

User @ahkeong10 wondered if it is acceptable to crack jokes about a tragedy.

Meanwhile, user @nurhid.hash told Chia that this is “not comedy” but an insult when she said Malaysians do not have internet.

“A joke and an insult are two different things as we could easily tell by your tone and facial expression,” the netizen commented.

“What is the problem if Malaysia is still a developing country? If Singaporeans are so richthen why are they shamelessly stealing our government-subsidised petrol? Don’t get me started on Singaporeans’ filthy behaviour urinating by the roadside while entering Malaysia.

“In a nutshell, the joke is literally on you.” - June 7, 2023

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