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It's just a podcast, not a duel, says Lim Sian See in urging Rafizi to set a date

Publish date: Sun, 21 Apr 2024, 11:12 AM

KUALA LUMPUR: Economy Minister Rafizi Ramli has been urged to set the date for political observer Lim Sian See to appear on the "Yang Bakar Menteri" podcast with him.

In a Facebook post on Saturday (April 20), Lim said he had no problems meeting the requirements set by the minister.

"No problem. Do you want my blood type, vaccination status and birth certificate (two copies) as well?

"As long as not you're not asking me to sign a prenuptial agreement," he said.

Lim also questioned what kind of action Rafizi had called to be taken against him.

He said if he had defamed the Economy Minister, Rafizi could sue him or lodge a police report, adding that he had never associated himself with defamation or lies.

He also said it was better for Rafizi to set a date for the podcast, as the challenge had been issued in February and it was already almost the end of April.

"It's just a podcast to exchange views, it's not a boxing match or fencing duel. Relax, bro, don't be too dramatic," he said in his post.

Lim also mentioned that Rafizi had given many reasons for the delay in the podcast, including medical leave, needing to get the Prime Minister's permission, Ramadan and being busy with many programmes for the people.

Earlier, during his Pandan Hari Raya open house, Rafizi had said he agreed to invite Lim for the podcast but the latter must fulfil certain requirements such as giving his full name and signature, MyKad number and address so that no individual would hide behind the name of Lim Sian See.

Rafizi also called for action to be taken against Lim, saying that he had been using the name to criticise everyone without any action being taken against him.

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