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MACC clears FAM of foul play over RM25mil project

Publish date: Sun, 19 May 2024, 08:15 PM

KUALA LUMPUR: The investigations by the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC) into the FA of Malaysia (FAM) have concluded with no evidence of foul play.

The MACC investigations were on the construction of the National Training Centre (NTC) in Putrajaya and the allegations against the FAM' leadership and management during the 60th FAM Congress last month.

The MACC has submitted its findings to the deputy public prosecutor's office for further action.

"The MACC investigated the corruption allegations related to the implementation of the NTC project in Putrajaya, valued at nearly RM25 million, funded by Fifa.

"The MACC also examined the claims of corruption in the organisation of the Congress.

"The investigations into these two issues have been completed and referred to the DPP, who was satisfied with the findings and decided that no further action was necessary.

"No issues of corruption, abuse of power, or misappropriation were found in these investigations," a source told Berita Harian.

MACC Investigation Division Senior Director Datuk Seri Hishamuddin Hashim confirmed that both cases were concluded as NFA (no further action)

by the DPP. He declined to comment further on the DPP's decision.

Earlier, the MACC recorded statements from 14 witnesses and inspected 10 premises related to the two issues.

Three companies had proposed to Fifa, and one was appointed to carry out the project. The contract documents prepared by FAM were based on Fifa's selection criteria.

The allegations and claims of corruption a day before the 60th FAM Congress surfaced after an anonymous email, highlighting issues with FAM's leadership and management, went viral on social media.

It raised four main issues: alleged abuse of power by FAM Secretary-General Datuk Noor Azman Rahman, staff salaries and benefits, matters involving

the Harimau Malaya squad, and the NTC project.

These allegations prompted the MACC to initiate an investigation.

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