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Anwar tells US to halt weapon supply to Israel, use influence to end hostilities in Palestine

Publish date: Sun, 19 May 2024, 11:40 AM

KUALA LUMPUR: Prime Minister Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim is calling for the United States to take all necessary steps to stop the atrocities in Palestine.

In a talk show, 'Talk To Al Jazeera', aired early this morning, Anwar said this included stopping the supply of weapons to Israel.

"They (the US) should do whatever is necessary to stop the hostilities, that includes not only (supplying) weapons but also they have the influence, mechanism and diplomatic skills.

"It's just impossible to imagine that one man, (Israel Prime Minister) Benjamin Netanyahu, can dictate the affairs of the world."

He said he is in "no position to deny" that the US was complicit in the war crimes committed by Israel towards the Palestinians.

"The facts are evident. Knowing that atrocities are being committed, whether they are an ally, friend, or nation that has an axis with you; you cannot condone this.

"Otherwise, you have no moral stature or standing in the world to talk about international relations, humanity, or even order and human rights," he said.

Anwar said the international community had made it "abundantly clear" that authorities in the US should do whatever it can to allow complete cessations of hostilities and stop the war.

He said while countries in the west, including the US, continue to champion human rights, their non-action on the attacks by Israel in Palestine was contrary to their rhetoric.

"That's why we see that sometimes most countries in the west seem to be quite hypocritical.

"Between their lectures on human rights and democracy, at the same time (they are) condoning, if not tolerating these obvious atrocities against an innocent population."

Anwar also said he had expressed his stance on Israel during the Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation (Apec) Leaders' Meeting last year, where he had appealed to the US to call for an immediate ceasefire.

He did so in front of US President Joe Biden, during an Apec informal meet and working lunch on Nov 17, and said Biden was listening "very attentively" to his calls.

However, Anwar revealed that there had never been any response following his speech.

"I was addressing (the US) as a friend, as an important ally of Malaysia, who has been in that position for decades.

"You cannot deny that I feel disappointed, not out of interest of my personal position or Malaysia, but because you cannot bear to see daily atrocities inflicted on women and children. It's just atrocious."

Anwar also said no one in "their right mind" could deny the fact that Israel was trying to conduct ethnic cleansing towards the Palestinian people.

"Look at the casualties, the devastation, giving no opportunity for anyone, women, children, elderly to survive. What other terms are applicable?" he questioned.

Meanwhile, Anwar said the people had a right to respond, and demand for independence and freedom in their fight against colonisation.

He said Israel had committed atrocities against Palestinians long before Oct 7, starting with the Nakba or Great Catastrophe in 1948, followed by continued annexation and colonisation.

"How do countries expect to accept the fact that in this day and age, for whatever reason, countries are being colonised, and don't expect a resistance, whether civil or armed?

"The ANC (African National Congress), the IRA (Irish Republican Army)... look at all the experience of these countries."

When asked if he saw Israel as a colonial apartheid state, he replied in the affirmative.

"Clearly… how do you explain their actions against the Palestinians and the fact that they continue to control lands that belong to the Palestinian people?"

Anwar also recognised that it was against international humanitarian law to attack and take captive Israeli children and civilians.

"Yes I think we remain consistent, that's where we differ with the west. But we then question, why don't you (the west) condemn and do whatever is necessary to stop atrocities to others?"

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