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Sepang Municipal Council: Fines and towing based on public complaints

Publish date: Tue, 21 May 2024, 10:49 AM

CYBERJAYA: The Sepang Municipal Council has denied allegations that it acts arbitrarily and without compromise in issuing fines and towing vehicles in certain areas.

Instead, its chairman Datuk Abd Hamid Hussain said that actions were taken based on public complaints about obstructed traffic.

Abd Hamid said that there was sufficient parking space provided, including by developers in commercial areas, apartments, and condominiums.

He urged residents to park their vehicles in designated areas to avoid obstructing traffic and to prevent accidents, especially by the roadside.

"Residents need to change their attitude by parking their vehicles in the right places," Abd Hamid said, refuting claims that the council exploited residents' hardships with these actions.

He also stressed the importance of safety issues and the council's responsibility to address them.

He said that the parking issue often arose because residents preferred to park as close as possible to their destinations even when ample parking was available nearby.

"Despite plenty of parking lots being provided, the main factor behind this issue is that users do not want to walk far and are reluctant to pay parking fees," Abd Hamid explained.

"For example, at Malakat Mall, there is parking available behind and within the building, yet users still park by the roadside."

Abd Hamid said that enforcement officers frequently monitor areas outside Limkokwing University of Creative Technology, Neocyber, Shaftsbury Square, Dpulze Shopping Centre, and several visitor attractions.

Fines are issued under Section 8(1) of the Parking Provision, Small Laws (Local Authority of Sepang Municipal Council) 2005.

He advised vehicle owners to avoid parking on the roadside to prevent traffic congestion and reiterated that the council provides sufficient parking areas.

"Do not blame the local authority if vehicles are towed or fined," he said.

Yesterday, authorities had clamped down on those who parked indiscriminately along the road shoulder in the residential and business area here, issuing fines and towing away vehicles.

However this has not gone down well with the residents, who described their actions as insensitive, especially as they are struggling with the rising cost of living.

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