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Tun M optimistic about future M’sian leadership by well-educated youths

Publish date: Fri, 24 May 2024, 05:27 PM

FORMER premier Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad has expressed optimism about the prospect of a future Malaysian government led by younger individuals with strong qualifications and education.

Speaking at Nikkei’s 29th Future of Asia Forum in Tokyo, Japan, themed “Asian Leadership in an Uncertain World”, he highlighted the potential for such leaders to effectively utilise Malaysia’s resources to advance national development.

“I believe that Malaysia has a good future. But of course, it depends on the leadership, which plays a big role in any country,” Dr Mahathir stated.

He also noted the significance of competent leadership in ensuring the country’s progress, contrasting it with the current situation where democratic systems favour popularity over capability.

“Presently, we are not doing so well because the democratic system depends on popularity.

“The people elected might be popular, but not necessarily capable or competent enough in running the country. Although they are popular, they don’t know how to run or develop a country. The country cannot develop well.”

Moreover, Dr Mahathir expressed hope that future governments would consist of younger, well-qualified and educated individuals who could harness Malaysia’s resources for national development.

“Therefore, it is hoped that in the future, the government will be formed by younger people who are qualified and educated, allowing Malaysia to explore all the resources available.”

His remarks were made in response to a question from the floor regarding Malaysia’s future amid various challenges. The forum was moderated by Nikkei Asia editor-in-chief Shin Nakayama. - May 24, 2024

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