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2024-03-01 12:30 | Report Abuse

actually seem price holding quite ok despite surprise loss this qtr. ingat boleh jatuh bawah 30c!


2024-03-01 12:28 | Report Abuse

wah Albert, lu byk kaya oh...lagi dgn wce, boleh jadi billionaire


2024-02-29 13:56 | Report Abuse

Albert, macam you tunggu lama utk dapat itu duit CPF


2024-02-28 21:49 | Report Abuse

What it tells you? making more loss but price can still sustain.


2024-01-26 15:44 | Report Abuse

back to square one, today


2024-01-26 10:39 | Report Abuse

skrg byk counter slow...tengok petang bagaimana pulak...


2024-01-26 10:24 | Report Abuse

CGS - CIMB buat trading call hari ini


2024-01-26 10:04 | Report Abuse

show us the Eko power! x payah tunggu lagi loh....


2024-01-26 09:21 | Report Abuse

can it closed above 60c today? lets watch movement closely...


2024-01-19 10:31 | Report Abuse

Those who missed and regret not buying below RM1, before price shoots up, now good opportunity. Jgn terlepas peluang.


2024-01-18 23:26 | Report Abuse

@trader808 - thanks for sharing.

my thoughts, at times, chart patterns can be manipulated to given signal. syndicate etc may have expert chartists.

second, is there a possibility shares are being offloaded at certain level to keep a lid on the price?

happy to hear what others have to say, if anything.


2024-01-17 18:54 | Report Abuse

byk bagus Vincent! sokong sama lu


2024-01-17 16:00 | Report Abuse

will be interesting to see closing price today...


2024-01-17 12:11 | Report Abuse

If fall more, may consider to add...


2024-01-17 12:10 | Report Abuse

@dompeilee - got at 90c today. as advised by Uncle, will just lock up to merger complete.


2024-01-16 11:17 | Report Abuse

Trader808, thanks for valueable sharing. U have any indication or thoughts when exercise will be completed that we may see prices starting to move up in definite way? thanks again


2020-08-27 16:15 | Report Abuse

With better understanding, your comments will hold water. If not, I am afraid you may just be empty "sounding brass".


2020-08-27 15:56 | Report Abuse

654321aaa, you are super right about VB wrong prediction! What a "pity"...not SUPER RED.

VincentBravo, you have been wrong all the while with your antiques and irresponsible comments.

It will be good that you can spend some time to look through the qtr report to understand the company better.


2020-08-25 23:22 | Report Abuse

Hello Vincentbravo
1) Forum is meant for public which have similar interest of a particular stock/debenture to exchange views and opinion. Everyone’s investment portfolio, objective, target and perspective differs; as a senior it is not appropriate for you to attack another forum member by making fun out of his family name.
2. As a guru of Bahvest forum admired by some, but to others who don’t have clue to company’s historical data & whatever you quote may turn as buying/selling guidance, in this respect your comment “..Surely Quarter 2 results will be SUPER BAD :( Almost 2 months from April 1 to end of May, Gold mine cannot operate. So how much gold U think can get? Haha!! / …The balance of 2020 will be a boring year for Bahvest. For me, i will wait for Bahvest to be around the RM1 range to BUY which i think will be possible after another VERY RED Quarter 2 Result is out at the end of this month…” 

I MAY have a different opinion to challenge your theory as gold was @USD1900+ during MCO- I would presume Bahvest is not going to lose a lot of monies after the last write down, and if they can deliver close to 55-60kg (+-10%) on month of June I would think they can breakeven during halt of production at MCO or at most reporting loss of RM1.5~2M. My basis is simple, just utilise the super high grade soil for a month should reach that figure, except it is going to be a little wasteful. 

3. To quote you further: “… I have only sold around half of all my shares and Warrants. Still holding Millions…” If your prediction is right, you should seriously consider disposing HALF of your remaining millions and buy back double at lower prices. Advantage: First a. you can bully me, hehe .. b. make even more monies, while c. still commanding a Star Guru status in this forum unchallenged. My benefit: almost None. Errr … may be I probably may have waste some cash to absorb some half-of-your “remaining millions of shares” and seeing you buying lower cost than mine. either way, you win. Why not? 

4. You continued: “Bahvest imaginary Vein might come one day. ..same lousy Management, 0 Dividends, Massive Losses until PN17, unsuccessful in the fish business BUT good in GORENG... J\Otherwise we have to wait for the imaginery VEIN to come...” Well, read between the lines, I am now certain you have never been to the mine from day 1 after you you got yourself into the stock, at most you have spoken to some people that was close to the MD before but I doubt anyone still furnish you anymore information lately. Just a little update, after almost two years clearing the topsoil (a hill that looks like half the town towers in height) your defined “imaginery” hardened lava formed sulphur oxide layer is exposed and ready to be harvested now. So, next month onwards, this is going to be a different ball game for Bahvest, Mr guru. 

5. And“ you said "…Already earn soooooo much at 84.5 sens :) So now ENJOY the millions first ….” Very Good, as I have not sold anything yet, congratulations. But funny to me, you are voting against your own interest in the way how you commented lately, so I guess the number of total shareholdings is getting smaller.
07/08/2020 Bahvest opened@0.72, High @0.845, Low @0.685; closed@0.69
07/08/2020 Bahvest-W opened@0.39, High @0.46, Low @0.37; closed@0.38
Ref: data extracted from historical data chart of Affin Hwang trading screen


2019-03-28 23:17 | Report Abuse

VincentBravo, you are missing the crux of the matter. MusaAman and Hero got the essence of it. I think this may have to do with your fixation on the price calculation. At times we need a paradigm shift in order to see the big picture and embrace forward thinking. Here we are talking about the enormous potential of this counter (hidden gem) and the price is moving towards the threshold of unchartered territory.

Your arguments on my points 4 & 5 already replied by others. Therefore, I see no benefit to the forum in replying further on this. Just remember the crux of the matter. Also, it is not my intention to debate or create strife with anyone.

From your posts today, I am getting the impression of one that inclines to project one self’s success and possession. Correct me if I may be wrong. But one thing I surely agree with you is that we should not be greedy. Greed in the market can ruin us.

Likewise, overconfidence and pride can also destroy us. Below a saying from a wise man which I lay in my heart:

“The lower we put something, the safer it is. It is safest to put a cup on the floor”


2019-03-27 08:59 | Report Abuse

Just today right? wow!


2019-03-27 08:54 | Report Abuse

How high you think it may go today, based on the charts? Thanks


2019-03-26 19:43 | Report Abuse

4. Anyway those who has bought 0098 a year ago should had enjoyed a very good yield. For next year, I am equally optimistic whoever has bought today should also see their investment appreciates and rewardingly as BOTH entry cost / risk remain reasonably low, while gold is still rated TOP as an excellent tool to hedge against crises as well as at current level USD1300-00 it has a Safety cushion to most belief that gold shall reach USD1425-00 in 2019, so we all can sleep well. Source:

5. My advice: If you are not convinced Bahvest is able to deliver income from coming years on mineralization in Sabah, I would advise you just sell the stock at current USD$0.135 per share now. Yes - you are rating a new, proven gold mine here in Malaysia only at thirteen and a half (13.5) US cents per share. Go ahead and listen to some of the stupid clowns’ advice in the forum - sell your share ! 

The clue I can share is:- what If in a logical scenario the harden molten rock beneath the top soil has more gold, even at the most conservative estimate of 2X should make 0098 share price justifiably reach RM1.20~1.40 (61KG x2 =120KG per month ), 3X=RM1.80~2.10 (@180KG per month). As I explained to a nervous guy last night who had bought additional 100,000 shares from his original core holdings (bought @0.63 sen back in 2015) as he has read some stupid comments appeared herein this forum. As I calmed him, if you are not prepare to hold your investment for at least one and half year, just SELL ALL yours stake and keep your monies in Bank’s FD and earn a secured 5%. But if you dare to ride on a little risk to hold on for 1-1/2 year to bet on the production that will begin on the vein, there may be probable 100~200% returns if things work out well (my personal opinion is, NO WAY the rock has lesser content than the top soil)

On the other hand: Bank FD’s 5% is equivalent to 0098 @66 sen = 3.3 sen to 69.3 sen. 

NOTE: I would remind you based on history, Raub, Pahang has harvested TWO Millions Ounces of Gold since it was founded * Source : USGS / United States Geographical Society ; the other more exciting location was at BAU Region, Sarawak where The British Borneo Gold Syndicate (consists of British North Borneo and Segama-Gold Company) has actually harvested 3.2 Million ounces of Gold from the region. Source: ** The Malaysian Mineral Year Book 2015, Minerals & Geoscience Dept Ministry of Natural Resources & Environment Malaysia, and until they ceased operation back in 1996 where gold prices has dropped to historical low of sub-USD300/ounce, which was below the COST of 99% of all gold Mines in the world (In todays’ value @USD1300-00 that is USD$4.1 Billion (MYR$16.6 Billion) Why I said it is more exciting ? Because BAU district has the same organic Soil nature with Bahvest’s Wullesdoft region - both are different from Peninsular’s Central Gold Belt organic structure and categorised as epithermal Gold (other than gold, also are rich in many other minerals) but more importantly: the mineral deposits are closer to surface resulting from erupting volcanic activities and it enables cheaper open-pit mining method to be used. 

Note *** : it relates to a fellow forum member who has commented on the 85KG cost maintainability for the mine- actually along with cheaper labour cost as well as mine accessibility, the estimate can be 20-30% lower than he originally predicted.

~ wrote on a flight to overseas; no time to correct and polish the content


2019-03-26 19:40 | Report Abuse

It has been a while since I last commented on this board. I was saddened by all the negative sayings due to ignorance of this company. For some strange reasons(s) I won’t able to make any post and hence, I quit. Now I am using another new identity to share some thoughts on this 0098.

1. Investor 9999 / Cash Both had summarised these numbers in a very easy understandable manner (Thanks): 

Aug. 2018 6.406 kg
Sept 2018 23.69 kg
Oct. 2018 12.96 kg
Nov. 2018 21.58 kg +66%
Dec. 2018 31.52 kg +46%

Jan 2019 41.23 kg +30.8%
Feb 2019 61.38 kg +48.8%
Mar 2019 (?)

2. You may have noticed that beginning from November 2018 onwards, production of Gold has seemingly entered into explosive growth stage. For most who has bought 0098, finally believe Sabah has Gold in Bahvest. This is the significant change of mentality as compared to that of my last participation in this forum.

3. I read some comments in relation to calculating a fair PE@15 as well as projected Target Price. I may have some reservation with the projection but I respect the geniuses who had come out with these numbers as it forms the basis of how much the stock is worthed . The differences in calculations are mainly because of, no one has been to the Mine and has not be able to understand indepth how this Sabah gold mine works. Actually I think the Company has done their part in attempting to convey their view via recent media exposure but few have picked it up, as can be read in The Star reported on Tuesday, 12 Mar 2019 <strong>“The group started extracting gold from top soil clearing in previous quarter ended Sep 30, 2018 and has yet to start drilling and mining the sulphide and oxide rocks/ore at the identified mining site in current quarter. This explains the low production currently as the sulphide and oxide rocks are expected to have much higher gold content…” </strong> Read more at 

Note: “sulphide and oxide rocks/ore” are, in layman term, “top soil”. Most of the soil is unwanted material, typically referred to as gangue “黄泥” in the rainy seasons when it mixes with rain water, this would quickly becomes irritating muddy clay (粤语“泥油浆“)that is what Bahvest is clearing now and the GOLD is in the form of barely visible fine flakes or as grains or microscopic particles embedded in the yellow/clay soil.

I am not sure if all of you can understand what it means, i.e. the most recent reported production of 60+KG of Gold produced by 0098 was ONLY from processing the top soil they have been clearing in order to reach the rock vein beneath. It means: the production has not even begun on the minerals-riched veins/blocks - yes, ONLY FROM THE TOP SOIL. Typically, as compared to Sulphide / Oxide / top soil, the vein itself was formed during a non-explosive effusive eruption. When the lava had stopped moving, it solidified to form igneous rock, hardened lava molten rock which is material located below the crust / extruded magma. If the top soil can contain such high property of Gold, usually, the vein SHOULD CONTAIN EVEN HIGHER content of the same mineral. In other words, IF 60kg is achievable on the top soil - theoretically the molten rock beneath, gold may be able to reach 2X~5X as compared to that of the soil. i.e. 120Kg (2X), 180kg (3X) or 300Kg (5X) so forth. 

The projection of profit hence, may have to be re-adjusted accordingly. So, I don’t understand WHY everyone is os nervous at this stage, as one fellow forum member ,OOWA, has quoted but I am certain NO ONE understood his remarks, he wrote “…We are just at the BEGINNING OF THE LONG 30 YEAR PRODUCTION (Mining Lease lasts until Year 2048)..” IF only the top soil would delivered to shareholders with a consistent production of 60KG Gold per month, WHY sell Bahvest at RM0.66 sen at this initial production TEST RUN stage ? You mean to surrender the entire benefit of remaining 30 Years of income from mineralization at first few month while production only just begins ? Errr … It is just like we have a mountains of mineral to harvest while we give up all benefit from the first few shovels of the top soil ? I do understand everyone has his / her own level of intelligence, although I don’t call that “Stupid” - but those who think they are smart and made advices to others, I would rate them as those certainly not far from that classification.