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2022-08-25 23:13 | Report Abuse

Thank you bro calvin for your wise analyze on TSH. I'm very sure things will be better FY2022 onwards for TSH...the more i study TSH, i discover TSH indeed
severely undervalue. I'm looking forward to generate new capital to buy more
TSH shares and to hold long term...

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2022-06-12 23:43 | Report Abuse

High food inflation & weaker ringgit makes our purchasing power much lower &
deposits in banks depreciate value.

Better invest severely undervalued palm oil stocks with high dividends / bonus shares /
expecting appreciate in share price 100% above as market forces will soon chasing to
buy palm oil stocks...[other common stocks not attractive to invest in 2022]

I've investing my capital in a portfolio of palm oil stocks with expecting high dividends
+ bonus shares + appreciate in share price 100% above.

Investing in Farming Stocks / Palm Oil Stocks is the theme for 2022-2023!

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2022-06-10 17:02 | Report Abuse

To recap bursa announcement on 4th April 2022:-
TSH 90% owned subsidiary, Bulungan Citra Agro Persada [BCAP] sold 13,214.90 hec together with adjoining
683.36 hec Tanah Kuning village & Mangkupadi village,Tanjung Palas,North Kalimantan to PT Kawasan
Industri Kalimantan Indonesia [KIKI] & PT Kalimantan Industrial Park Indonesia [KIPI].

For shareholders' information, the land disposal is regarded as a related party transaction & the said land
has been earmarked for the development of an integrated green industrial estate in North Kalimantan
by the government of Indonesia.

Seller: BCAP shareholder - TSH Logistics Sdn Bhd 90% & Garibaldi Thohir 10%.
Buyer: Indonesia's PT Kawasan Industri Kalimantan Indonesia [KIKI]
& PT Kalimantan Industrial Park Indonesia [KIPI].
Raden Harry Zulnardy is the Director of BCAP & KIKI & KIPI.
[pls read bursa announcement on 4April'22, page16:section9(ii)]

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2022-06-10 16:57 | Report Abuse

TheStar: Friday 22-4-2022 - Billionaire To Use Profit Boom For Green Shift
JAKARTA: PT Adaro Energy, one of Indonesia’s biggest coal miners, is shifting to renewable energy after
making a fortune from surging commodity prices. The company led by Garibaldi Thohir, the older brother
of State Enterprises Minister Erick Thohir, is building solar-powered plants with over 200 megawatt
capacity on retired mine sites in Kalimantan, Batam and Bintan provinces.

It will also build hydro power plants in a green industrial park being set up by the government in North
Kalimantan.“We want to cease our dependence on coal,” Garibaldi said in an interview on Tuesday.
We want to “move to renewable energy with the final goal of having an entity called Adaro Green Energy.”

Adaro plans to use the excess profit last year and this year to help fund its 10-year pivot to clean energy,
said Garibaldi. The group’s net income soared more than 500% in 2021 as coal prices surged amid a
supply crunch. Profit is forecast to climb further this year as the Ukraine war is pushing prices even
higher. The company’s move bodes well for Indonesia, the world’s largest thermal coal exporter, which
needs to double the national renewable energy capacity by 2025 to reduce carbon emissions. For a
start, new unit Adaro Aluminium Indonesia will develop a facility in Kalimantan Green Industrial Park
to produce 500,000 tonnes of aluminum ingots in 2024.

Thohir said he wants the group to take part in president Joko Widodo’s ambition to develop an end-to-
end electric vehicle (EV) battery industry in the country that is also the world’s largest producer of nickel,
a key material in battery making.Indonesia could become a world leader of the industry in 20 years’ time,
he said. About US$1bil (RM4.28bil) may be spent on the smelter to cater for metal demand for EV
components, he said, adding that the co will seek a partner for the project. “I see cars with eco-labels
in the future and we can have those cars built here in Indonesia,” Garibaldi said. — Bloomberg

Market Talk:-
The Indonesian Government on the shifting of the administrative capital of Indonesia to East
Kalimantan has a positive effect as it will accelerate the economic and infrastructure
development in East Kalimantan where TSH plantation is located.

TSH bought the North Kalimantan estate together with Indonesia partner [10% stake]
Garibaldi Thohir in 2011. The remaining 4 estates in Kutai Barat & Timur which TSH
bought 2006-2013 could share the same trusted, well-connected powerful
Indonesia partner [10% stake],Garibaldi Thohir.

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2022-06-09 16:18 | Report Abuse

I ask Indonesia's based real estate company to check TSH one of the palm oil estate in
Desa Rantau Makmur, Tanjung Labu, Kecamatan Rantau Pulung, Kabupaten Kutai Timur,
Kalimantan Timur. Total land area = 18,372 acre/7,435 hectare.

According to them, the surrounding market value as below:-
2nd road/2nd tier = RM7.00psf - RM14.00psf
main road/1st tier = RM27.80psf - RM41.80psf

Market Value / Total Land MV / TSH Share Price
RM7.00psf - $5,601,990,240/ $4 per share
RM14.00psf - $11,203,980,480/ $8 per share
RM27.80psf - $22,247,904,096 / $16 per share
RM41.80psf - $33,451,884,576 / $24 per share
[TSH total shares = 1,380,173,509]

Let's see average market value ($4+$8+$16+$24÷4)
= RM13 per share
[only one palm oil estate taken for calculation]

TSH indeed severely undervalued?

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2022-06-03 17:36 | Report Abuse

This good news should be share / inform to Malaysian by all-Investment Banks to encourage its clients to
invest undervalue palm oil stocks in order to make fantastic returns as compare to those common stocks
but instead this wonderful info share by our good Singaporean brother calvin tan.

What happen to Investment Banks?

It's time to wake-up all retail investors to know the true fact of palm oil industry!
CPO won't be cheap for many years and it's good news to palm oil planters in
Msia & Indonesia will making good profit FY2022 and multi-years onwards.

Its the right timing to invest palm oil stocks now as most palm oil stocks are severely undervalued!

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2022-05-29 23:07 | Report Abuse

Most palm oil stocks are severely undervalued now due to whatever wrong reasons prices correction lately,
so it's a matter of time palm oil stocks will burst like volcano eruption to historical price level with
unprecedented historical high CPO 6,000-8,000 in Palm Oil Super Bull Run 2022-2023.

Furthermore, high food inflation & weaker ringgit will expedite market forces to buy palm oil stocks crazily...


2022-05-25 16:59 | Report Abuse

@moneyontheway, I've a suggestion -
we'll see TSH & other palm oil stocks soaring to historical high 2022-2023 and make
fantastic money return.

We can organize a few days trip to Singapore to celebrate TSH & other palm oil
stocks battlefield victory and gathering to meet Bro Calvin Tan.

We can discussing our next share market battlefield strategy then...


2022-05-22 23:38 | Report Abuse


I go to the wet market every Saturday to buy fresh vegetables,tofu,chicken breast,garlic,red onion,potatoes,etc. Last Saturday,I can't buy chicken breast as chicken traders told me that chicken farm already 3 days didn't supply chickens to them and I notice they sell half quantity of chickens than usual. I heard a group of chicken farms planning to close down their farms to protest delayed chicken subsidies [RM0.60 per kg] by the government and imported chicken feeds increased in price making chicken farmers lose money. We're facing chickens shortage [food crisis] now.

I used to buy 5 tofu = RM3.50, a few weeks ago the price increased to 5 tofu = RM4.00 as trader told me that its supplier imported from US soybeans [raw material for tofu] price had increased. He told me that vegetables imported from China will again increase in price soon, so we need to buy expensive imported vegetables.

Pork meat price from RM10/kg has increased 5-6 times this year to RM19/kg now.

Later, I went to pasar tani to buy fruits and I found out that there are less chickens for sale and each customer can buy 2 whole chickens only. One Malay farmer told me that his fertilizer cost increased from RM80 to RM200, so he needed to increase the price of vegetables.

I use palm oil for cooking food every day & also baking wholemeal bread. Red palm oil is rich in Pro-Vitamin A & Vitamin E [tocopherol & tocotrienol] and the price is much cheaper as compared to blended cooking oil. The domestic trade and consumer affairs ministry listed the maximum retail price of pure palm cooking oil sold in bottles is RM29.70 for 5kg; RM18.70 (3kg); RM12.70 (2kg); and RM6.70 (1kg).

The price of 5kg blended cooking oil of the Red Eagle and Knife brands is said to be RM45 now compared to between RM30 and RM35 during the Covid-19 pandemic period.The blended cooking oil that is reported to have experienced
a price hike of up to RM10 for a 5kg bottle is not regulated under the Price Control and Anti-Profiteering Act (PCAPA) 2011 as it is categorised as blended cooking oil.

Market foresee restaurant operators & consumers will shift to buy pure palm cooking oil as it's much cheaper than blended cooking oil and also more nutrients than others. As demand of pure palm cooking oil rises high,
there could be constraint in supply, furthermore planters can get better profit for the export market.

Market Talk:-
The rising cost of food means people’s purchasing power drops. We can only buy fewer items with the same amount and the scenario will be prolonged to next year 2023.Weaker ringgit makes our money in banks depreciate in value.
To protect our money, what should we do?

Investing in TSH palm oil stock to hedge against high food inflation & weaker ringgit.
Expecting at least 100%-200% return in Palm Oil Super Bull Run 2022-2023. 

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2022-05-22 23:21 | Report Abuse

The rising cost of food means people’s purchasing power drops. We can only buy fewer items with the same amount and the scenario will be prolonged to next year 2023.

Weaker ringgit makes our money in banks depreciate in value. To protect our money, what should we do?

Investing in TSH palm oil stock is a good choice to hedge against high food inflation & weaker ringgit.
Expecting at least 100%-200% return in 2022-2023 Palm Oil Super Bull Run...

Let's wait & see, market forces will chasing to buy TSH share crazily and TSH will soaring historical high.


2022-05-19 23:19 | Report Abuse

NIKKEI Asia - 18 May  2022
TOKYO - As the war in Ukraine has stirred unease about global food supplies, money is flooding into agriculture stocks, lifting prices even as the broader market flirts with bear territory.

While the broad MSCI World Index has fallen about 5% since its close on Feb. 23, the day before Russia's invasion of Ukraine, a narrower index focusing on agriculture names gained 6% over the same period, rallying from a 1% decline to start the year.The conflict between two major food exporters has focused attention on a problem that may outlast the fighting, an inability of food supply to keep up with global population growth.

Companies directly involved in food production such as suppliers of fertilizer, seeds and agricultural equipment have performed especially well. Canada-based Nutrien, the world's largest fertilizer maker, has jumped more than 30% since the invasion. The company reported a more than tenfold surge in net earnings on the year last quarter to a record $1.39 billion.

Shares in Japan's Sakata Seed, which upgraded its earnings forecast last month for the fiscal year ending May 31, have climbed 27% since Feb. 23, and matched their July 2018 peak, the highest point in 18 years, early this month. Corteva, an American producer of seeds, fertilizer and herbicides, and leading farm equipment manufacturer Deere have seen substantial gains.

Aquaculture companies have also made strong showings, such as Vinh Hoan, a Vietnamese farmer and processor of freshwater fish, which gained 10%.

The trend reflects worry about the impact of the conflict between Russia and Ukraine, which together account for 30% of global wheat exports and have seen shipments stall amid the war. There are particular concerns about the impact of sanctions on food-related exports from Russia, a leading supplier of fertilizer and seafood.

The FAO Food Price Index from the United Nation's Food and Agriculture Organization spiked to all-time highs in February and March, and edged down only slightly in April.

"Global agriculture and crop input markets are being impacted by a number of unprecedented supply disruptions that have contributed to higher commodity prices and escalated concerns for global food security," Nutrien CEO Ken Seitz said this month.

While the war and the coronavirus pandemic have magnified food supply fears, the issue predates these crises. The U.N. estimates global population will expand by about a quarter between 2020 and 2050 to 9.7 billion, but total arable land will increase only about 5%, and decline 16% on a per capita basis, due to trends such as urbanization. 

Common sense thinking:-
World structural edible oils now shifted to highly demanded soybean oils,canola oil, rapeseed oil & palm oil but supply constraint. CPO won't be cheap for many years. Market will see CPO 6,000-7,000-8,000 tone 2022-2023.

TSH - Super Palm Oil Growth Stock.The age profile of the TSH’s palm oil trees is spread out with a weighted average age of 11.4 years, which is relatively young. This augurs well for the Group’s FFB production in the coming years.  

TSH is severely undervalued @ current price which is very attractive for Global/Foreign funds to buy in big volume and retail investors will follow suit to buy then. TSH genuine investors buy & hold tight TSH to enjoy at least 100% return2022-2023, whatever return exceeds 200%-300%-400%-500% or more is a big bonus for retail investors.


2022-05-17 16:10 | Report Abuse

The sharp increase in the US dollar has resulted in the ringgit depreciating 5.3 per cent year-to-date (YTD) to RM4.3987 against the US dollar on Friday from RM4.1763 on Jan 1, 2022, and is expected to slide further following the decision by the US Federal Reserve to increase interest rates. Earlier this month, it fell to 4.36 which was the lowest level in the past two years.

Weaker ringgit makes us buy less things than before and deposit in the bank only to earn lower interest.

Best investment strategy in weaker ringgit+high food inflation era -
Buy & hold tight TSH shares and expect at least 100% return by end 2022, whatever return exceeds 200%-300%-400%-500% or more is a big bonus for retail investors. Stay calm & confidence investing
in TSH shares as more good news will be coming..

Market forces [big fund+foreign fund+huge fund from retail investors & others] will push TSH & other palm oil
stocks to historical high level in the Palm Oil Super Bull Run 2022-2023!


2022-05-14 23:08 | Report Abuse

another version,

T - Totally
S - Superb
H - Harvest
1) Multi-years good profit from selling CPO
2) 4 estates in Kutai Barat & Timur Land Bank 94,790 acres will appreciate in value in tandem years to come.

TSH - Super Palm Oil Growth Sock will rebound soon to hit $2, then $4 & continue soring high to shock many of us
in this Palm Oil Super Bull Run 2022-2023 with unprecedented historical & sustained CPO 6,000-8,000 [2022-2023].
More good news will be coming...


2022-05-12 23:18 | Report Abuse

Marketplace is a battlefield, Share Market is also a battlefield where sellers & buyers use a variety of strategies to maximize its returns.

Investing in TSH shares, retail investors enter into the share market battlefield. Be aware, enemies are attacking us every day by spreading negative info such as gameover ,sell & take short-term profit, panic sell,etc to scare weaker investors to sell-off their shares so that other big players can buy TSH shares at a cheaper price. We should enjoy the investing journey especially because TSH has very strong fundamentals, price corrections are normal, retail investors are advised not to bother on the incorrect negative info that causes panic-selling.

We should follow our Warrior/Army General to win the battlefield- TSH's substantial shareholders, Mr Tan family [total 372.4mil shares/32.06% & Mr Lim Fook Hin,Director [total 2.6mil shares] didn't sell any TSH shares until now because they believe TSH is a Super Palm Oil Growth Stock. They can see TSH will make good profit multi-years onwards.

Only 5-10% retail investors can make fantastic return by holding tight TSH & other palm oil stocks as most palm oil stocks are severely undervalue! Market forces will chase palm oil stocks to unprecedented historical high level soon..


2022-05-10 17:07 | Report Abuse

TSH shares & other palm oil stocks are oversold. Those bought earlier below today current price, hold tight, BE CALM, don't picnic sell because TSH has very strong fundamental and going to make better profit FY2022 than last year. When overall are good for palm oil stocks to rise higher, market keep selling the other way. This show that something is wrong? Common sense thinking - big players are buying @ cheaper price from weaker retail investors in share mkt battlefield. Only 5-10% of us here can win the battlefield by holding tight TSH & other palm oil stocks because palm oil stocks will soar historical high in this long Palm Oil Super Bull Run 2022-2023...


2022-05-09 11:07 | Report Abuse

TSH shares oversold. Best buy now to enjoy at least 100% return in coming months...Don't bother evil-minded group keep saying price going south, this dirty-tactic to scare weak investors to sell-off TSH shares so that this evil-minded group can buy cheaper...shame on their behaviour.


2022-05-08 22:53 | Report Abuse

TSH making consistent net profit for the past years:-
2017 $97.3mil
2018 $40.4mil
2019 $44.2mil
2020 $79.4mil
2021 $169.4mil
2022 [$200.0mil above forecast]
Retail investor, don't bother on negative news on Indonesia ban export palm oil because it's temporary and TSH still can make profit by selling it's palm oil to Indonesia market. The big picture is that TSH can make better profit FY2022 than last year. TSH share oversold. Good buy below $2! TSH is a SUPER PALM OIL GROWTH STOCK [pls read calvintaneng past interesting info on TSH]. TSH will riding high in Palm Oil Super Bull Run 2022-2023....


2022-05-08 11:35 | Report Abuse

Retail investors beware of daily negative comments which evil-intention to scare weak investors to sell off TSH shares so tat this evil-minded group can buy TSH cheaper. Price correction is temporary and normal in order for TSH to go higher to $4 in coming weeks and market forces will further chase TSH to unprecedented historical price level due to TSH has very strong fundamental - SUPER PALM OIL GROWTH STOCK.


2022-05-06 15:56 | Report Abuse

Nothing impossible in Palm Oil Super-Bull-Run 2022-2023 with unprecedented historical & sustain high CPO. Most palm oil stocks are severely undervalued. Market will chase palm oil stocks especially TSH to historical high level that we never see before...


2022-05-06 12:43 | Report Abuse

TSH making consistent net profit for the past years:-
2017 $97.3mil
2018 $40.4mil
2019 $44.2mil
2020 $79.4mil
2021 $169.4mil
2022 [$200.0mil above forecast]
TSH has solid foundation and it's a Super Palm Oil Growth Stock!
Grab TSH shares as maximum as possible because TSH is on up-trend to historical price level. Price correction is temporary & normal. Only 5-10% retail investors can win the market share battlefield, the rest 90% buy & sell short term lost most of the money.

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2022-05-02 23:04 | Report Abuse

We can expecting POWERFUL Palm Oil Super-Bull 2022-2023 with unprecedented historical high CPO in our life-time 6,000-7,000-8,000 tone 2022 & 2023 [no more cheap CPO for many years to come]. Retail investors buy palm oil stocks maximize possible to hedge severe global inflation+global food crisis+weaker currency RM. Deposit money FD in banks only get very low interest & depreciate value...Investing in palm oil stocks can enjoy at least 100% and more return, plus 5%-10% dividends. Furthermore, most palm oil stocks are severe UNDERVALUE....Buy & Hold Palm Oil Stocks sure win big 2022-2023!!!


2022-04-28 18:06 | Report Abuse

Most palm oil stocks are severe undervalue. We never see CPO can rise until @ 6,000-7,000-8,000 tone & more to come, in our life time. TSH has very strong fundamental and TSH will make fantastic profit FY2022-2023. Grab & hold tight TSH as maximum as possible while TSH below $2 is very cheap. Price correction is temporary due to few reasons. Do not be surprise big fund could be buying everyday now. Pls don't listen some negative comments which post by 'perhaps dirty IB agent here to scare weak investor to sell off TSH shares, so tat their big clients can buy cheaper TSH shares.. Common sense thinking -TSH major shareholders Tan family & Mr Lim Director never sold any shares until now because like what bro calvin tan point out - TSH is SUPER VALUE PALM OIL GROWTH STOCK. Let the Market chase TSH to a historical level, cheers to all TSH fans!


2022-04-26 15:53 | Report Abuse

TSH sold North Kalimantan La13,214.90 hec together with adjoining 683.36 hec Tanah Kuning village & Mangkupadi village, Tanjung Palas for RM711.66mil few months ago is also leasehold. The said estate has been earmarked for the development of an integrated green industrial estate in North Kalimantan by the government of Indonesia. As TSH shareholder, pls read the announcement until fully understand. The remaining 4 estates in kutai barat & timur [94,790ac] East Kalimantan potentially for mega township & industrial development because close to Indonesia new capital area. Buy & hold TSH during Palm Oil Super-Bull-Run 2022-2023 = fantastic return 100%-500% & more to come [Anything can be happen in this SUPER-BULL-RUN that will shock most of us]. Those who sold earlier will be regret..

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2022-04-25 23:24 | Report Abuse

For recent this 2 years, I focus research in palm oil stocks, I discover all palm oil stocks are severe undervalue. As value investor, ones must think reverse investing strategy to buy maximum in prefer palm oil stocks because we're never see CPO rise to 6,000-7,000-8,000 & could be higher in our life-time and CPO 6,000-7,000 tone 2022-2023 ; CPO 5,000-6,000 tone 2024-2028 can become reality to shock most of us, refer by what bro calvin tan mentioned the above important factors. I've all-in my capital investing in portfolio of combination of palm oil stocks. I believe investing in palm oil stocks are the best investment strategy during global severe food inflation & food crisis period. Retail investors can consider invest & hold palm oil stocks such as TSH / Bplant / Jtiasa / Hseng plant / IOI and many others. We're so blessing can choose a variety of palm oil stocks.


2022-04-25 12:16 | Report Abuse

Retail investors, grab TSH as maximum as possible as TSH below $2-$3 very cheap, upside 100%-500% & more.. TSH is making fantastic profit FY2022-2023 with CPO 6,000-7,000 tone 2022-2023. TSH super palm oil growth stock with Kutai Barat & Timur estates = 94,790 acres which close to Indonesia new capital - Kutai Kartanegara & Penajam Paser Utara, potential for mega township & mega industrial development in coming years. We as TSH shareholders, co-owned 94,790 acres, could be one of the largest private land owner in Kutai area, East Kalimantan. Be proud to hold tight & multifold our TSH investment....cheers!

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2022-04-24 22:52 | Report Abuse

Amen,bro calvin tan! famine happened during ancient times is repeating now in our modern world. Russia-Ukraine war make things worst - world structural edible/vegetable oil will now depends more on soybean oil, canola oil, rapeseed oil & of course our Palm Oil. CPO won't be cheap for many years so be prepare to see CPO 6,000-7,000 tone 2022-2023 & CPO 5,000-6,000 tone 2024-2028 [Many experts predict Russia-Ukraine war will last in few years]. Multi-years huge profit for most palm oil companies & Palm Oil stocks will rise 100%-500% & more which we never see before. Glory days of Palm Oil Super-Bull-Run 2022-2023 onwards. Buy & hold palm oil stocks is the best investment strategy to hedge global severe inflation! Sell fast on high PE tech-stocks & all cryptocurrency and invest back to palm oil stocks to enjoy very high return 100%-500% & dividend yields 5%-10%.


2022-04-22 11:15 | Report Abuse

Bro calvin tan indeed 'Guru of Palm Oil' for his passionate research in palm oil industry. All-combine IB lousy analysts whom forecast wrongly on palm oil since 2020 until now, shame on lousy analyse on palm oil. Only rating high on very high PE tech-stocks, yet low return for investors. Retail investors wake up - Sell high PE tech-stocks/cryptocurrency, Buy palm oil stocks for hedging global food inflation. Grab TSH shares maximum to hold middle-long term for fantastic return 100%-500%-1,000%-10,000%. Go to read TSH annual report & recent TSH land sale in north kalimantan and TSH still owned 4 estates in kutai barat & timur [94,790 acres] which close to Indonesia new capital - Kutai Kartanegara & Penajam Paser Utara. Anything can be happened during Palm Oil Super-Bull-Run 2022-2023. Market chase palm stocks crazily, TSH rise to $5-$10-$20-$30...or more to come. Never in our life see CPO rise to 6,xxx now, so Palm Oil Super-Bull-Run 2022-2023. anything can be happened....


2022-04-18 16:45 | Report Abuse

TSH @ today price $1.76 still very cheap. Retail investors, better grab TSH shares as many as possible because TSH is on up-trend price movement towards $2 - $3 - $4 - $5....more to come during Palm Oil Super-Bull-Run


2022-04-12 17:34 | Report Abuse

moneyontheway, sorry i cant give reply answer for ur malakoff/axiata shares info as recent two years i'm focus on palm oil stocks and less time to read others shares annual reports & their media release info, it's unfair to give my less-knowledge opinion on malakoff/axiata to u. Maybe others member here can help answer ur Qs.


2022-04-12 16:52 | Report Abuse

i compile all info i read here & there and put them in my own thoughts on some points. Well it's just for retail investors reference. Buy & investing shares, ones must do your home-work and must read TSH annual report & latest release info in order to really invest TSH in middle or long term. I'm a value investor & see TSH huge potential value-growth, thus i believe the return 100%-1,000% middle to long term.


2022-04-12 15:52 | Report Abuse

Global food prices are surging at the fastest pace ever as the war in Ukraine chokes crop supplies, piling more inflationary pain on consumers & worsening a global hunger crisis. The war has wreaked havoc on supply chains in the crucial Black Sea breadbasket region, upending global trade flows and fueling panic about shortages of key staples such as wheat & cooking oils. That’s sent food prices - which were already surging before the conflict started - to a record, with a United Nations’ index of world costs soaring another 13% last month.

The Food and Agriculture Organization's (FAO) food price index, which tracks the most globally traded food commodities [vegetable oils and dairy products], averaged 159.3 points for March'22 versus an upwardly revised 141.4 for February'22. FAO's food price index rose from 115 [2014] to 159 [Mac'22].The UN has warned that prices could still climb much more. With the ongoing growth of inflation, it would seem logical that the number facing food insecurity would easily grow.

Ukraine’s ports are closed and many vessels are avoiding the region, which accounts for about a quarter of all grains trade. Farmers in Ukraine, the top sunflower-oil exporter, are expected to drastically cut crop plantings and the nation is struggling to export supplies already harvested. World structural edible oils now shifted to highly demand soybean oils,canola/rapeseed oil & palm oil but supply constraint. CPO won't be cheap for many years. Market will see CPO 6,000-7,000 2022-2023 & CPO 5,000-6,000 2024-2028 [assume Ukraine-Russia war no ending].

Veteran emerging markets investor Mark Mobius expects the conflict to continue for at least a year. He does not foresee a recession in the US or Asia but broadly said Europe is not in a good position. He said 'Equities are the to go because we are seeing inflation coming up. So, equities are the best defence against inflation'. There'll be one day Russia-Ukraine will end, no matter on discussion-end-war or Russia give up & withdraw its troops. Only God know when it'll end.

Thus, investing in palm oil stocks are the best investment strategy during world food inflation. I've all-in my capital investing in palm oil stocks. To all-in investing in palm oil stocks, it takes ones in-depth-knowledge on the sector ,determination & courage. During world food inflation, reverse investment strategy by selling all-cryptocurrency &
very high PE technology related stocks. BUY call on TSH, the return is fantastic 100%-500%-1000% during Palm Oil Super-Bull-Run 2022-2023.


2022-04-11 17:11 | Report Abuse

During Palm Oil Super-Bull-Run 2022-2023, don't be surprise TSH rise to $5 / $10 / $20 / $30 or even more because market factor-in its valuable disposal golden Kalimantan East estate in near future, anything can be happen in Super-Bull-Run. Ukraine-Russia war no ending will make severe shortage of sunflower oils & world edible oils structural will change to highly demand soybean oil , canola/rapeseed oil & palm oil but these oils supply are constraint. No more cheap palm oil for many years. I go to pasar every weekend to buy chicken,vegetable,tafu,chilli & others, almost all things price increase. Pasar trader told me, things import from war countries [Ukraine&Russia], price increase. Food inflation is happening now...in Msia & whole world. So, market will chase All-Palm Oil stocks now....


2022-04-11 16:41 | Report Abuse

TSH can hold longer 2022-2031 to maximize its return $150 per share like what Guru of Palm Oil - bro calvin said...


2022-04-11 16:32 | Report Abuse

After 3 weeks of Q to buy TSH, I found out that it's very difficult to buy at lower price rank because TSH and others palm oil stocks are on uptrend price movement [indeed Super-Bull-Run], no jokes! Today i all-in my remaining capital managed to buy @ $1.83...if retail investors continue to Q lower price rank in this Palm Oil Super-Bull-Run period, it's very difficult to buy at your lower price, instead advisable buy @ top 1 or top 2 position. Happy invest & hold all palm oil stocks 2022-2023 to maximize return 100%-500% or more to come...

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2022-04-04 11:25 | Report Abuse

Amen. Good sharing, bro calvin. You are right, buy Palm Oil stocks is the best investment strategy to curb food inflation [shortage of edible oil such as sunflower oil, soybean oil & palm oil as demand far more than supply]. Do not surprise if during Palm Oil Super-Bull-Run 2022-2023,most palm oil stocks will rise 100%-500% or more and PE as high as 40-50 or more!!! Let's patient witness this wonderful historical Palm Oil Super-Bull-Run 2022-2023!!!

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2022-03-26 18:00 | Report Abuse

Bro calvin, u are indeed passionate in research palm oil industry & writing good info on palm oil, better than those lousy IB analysts & media. You are 'Guru of Palm Oil'. Keep it up the good work! I agreed with u that Palm Oil Super-Bull-Run 2022-2023 [CPO 6,000-8,000 or more]. I believe this round Palm Oil Super-Bull-Run will create many millionaires...[For those retailers whom can foresee & expecting palm oil stocks rise 100%-500% or even more}

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2022-03-07 18:13 | Report Abuse

Well done, bro calvin for ur good sharing! FYI, top retail investors had bought huge palm oil stocks last few months and retail investors, must think wisely to invest & hold palm oil stocks and witness Palm Oil Stocks Super-Bull-Run in 2022-2023 going to happened...

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2022-03-04 10:59 | Report Abuse

Record-high CPO price as well as the continuing rehabilitation TDM oil palm programme, will expedite the divestment Kalimantan estate. If successfully disposal Kalimantan estate, worst is over for TDM 2022! With new experienced CEO & CFO appointed recent months, things look bright for TDM 2022 onwards. Recent media release if investor look carefully, TDM make good profit & revenue, highest in 10years. With CPO 5,000 - 8000, TDM will make fantastic net profit RM100mil - RM200mil 2022! Super-Bull -Run All Palm Oil Stocks 2022, including TDM will make historical net profit & investors will get better dividends & bonus shares. Happy invest in Palm Oil stocks....

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2022-03-03 23:09 | Report Abuse

You all be surprise TDM will make RM90mil - RM100mil 2022. TDM past losses due to wrote off dis-continued operation [Kalimantan estate] & if disposal Kalimantan estate progress well , TDM should report better profit for the next few quarters 2022,due to the historical high CPO price. TDM indeed very undervalue! Fair price RM0.60 above...

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2022-02-17 15:56 | Report Abuse

Today, I witness most oil palm stocks rise [All Green]. This is the moment, we retail investors are waiting for Bullish Palm Oil Stocks Super-Bull-Run!!! started.. Palm oil stocks is the must-in-retailers-portfolio 2022-2023, don't miss this rare opportunity with sustained & higher CPO 2022-2023!

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2022-02-16 22:50 | Report Abuse

Bullish all palm oil stocks 2022-2023,expecting rise 100%-500% or above! Good news for all palm oil retail investors whom invested earlier, be patient and witness Palm Oil Super-Bull-Run 2022-2023!

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2022-01-14 11:37 | Report Abuse

Bullish on all-palm oil stocks 2022-2023 as recent months many low profile top retail investors bought huge amount palm oil stocks bcoz palm oil stocks able to sustainable high CPO 2022-2023, making good profit, good dividen & bonus shares. Few IB started to bullish on palm oil stocks. Sell technology/semi-conductor stocks as very high PE, not attractive to buy as over-bought & no chance to rise share price higher. Intrinsic99 always talk nonsense all the time when calvin genuinely share value investing in very under-value palm oil stocks. The truth is all palm oil stocks are very very under value!!!

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Bullish on all palm oil related stocks 2022-2023 as commodity CPO most likely will sustain...

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2022-01-05 22:35 | Report Abuse

true, sell Seni Jaya which is not making profit and better buy more palm oil related stocks that very under-value and making good profit & give dividens & got huge upside share price. Investment Banks stared to bullish on palm oil stocks in 2022..

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2021-12-24 17:44 | Report Abuse

Thanks calvin for your useful palm oil research & sharing. Keep up the good work. GOD BLESS YOU. Peace Christmas 2021!

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2021-12-24 17:39 | Report Abuse

Bullish on all palm oil stocks 2022. Smart top investors started accumulated pal oil stocks past few months, expecting good run 2022-2023! Big potential to explode as compare to those very high PE40-50 tech/semi-conductor stocks...

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Good news for all-palm oil related stocks!!!

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2021-12-10 10:33 | Report Abuse

retail investors advise to think wisely to invest in already profitable oil palm stocks such as SOP and others good oil palm stocks. Higher chances oil palm stocks will rise higher 2022 as compare those very high PE30-40 tech/semi-conductor related stocks.

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