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2014-09-07 13:15 | Report Abuse

Yahoo was a history already....internet advertisers won't use Yahoo if they have option for Google Ad-words, Facebook , BingAds...

current champion is still Google Ad-words, Facebook is gaining popularity fast..

only if the advertisers got banned permanently by Google, Facebook or Bing for violating term & conditions, else I don't see any reason for Yahoo to be used

punting Google or FB CW will give you better chance


2014-08-26 18:01 | Report Abuse

hey....some observation today. The company just started to buy back the company share from the public

just hang on :)


2014-08-21 23:04 | Report Abuse

hmmm...probably that is the one I'm missing out...:)... weird when looking at the vesting period 2th September 2014 at the same time so many new warrants exercised


2014-08-21 22:46 | Report Abuse

if they can align all the thing continuously...:)

start with the result next week....


2014-08-21 22:42 | Report Abuse

just stay tune....the staffs were taking up the ESOS even though the exercise price was fixed at 3.19....weird....either I missed out something or people are missing out something

plus, they are very strong with Putrajaya Holding :)


2014-08-21 16:37 | Report Abuse


Reasons :-
1) Upside potential on TA & TAGB. TA hold majority of TAGB. TA itself has an upside potential. Just look at the latest target price by Alliance IB will do. TP = 1.20

2) Clear driving force visible - heavy insider moves detected. The director was accumulating the shares from public aggressively.

Why TA-CA:-

1) Ratio 1:1, after TA move above RM 1.00, every tick of bid will be RM 0.01, by the same ratio, TA-CA will move in the tick of bid.

2) The lowest premium among all the TA-CW....we got TA-CA,TA-CB & TA-CC. Drop TA-CB, Maybank IB suck....we only got TA-CA & TA-CC, since there is no player at TA-CC, TA-CA is the only available option.

3) Potential on TA-CA: Assuming TA to hit Alliance TP 1.20 (which are reasonable), premium level to be maintained..(0.8+x)/1.20 = 1.072%, x = 0.48. Current price of TA-CA = 0.285, upside potential = 0.48/0.285 = 70%

while the positive projections are as above but please note, the truth is also when the TA move opposite direction. TA-CA cut faster & deeper.

Assess your own risk appetite before joining. Ask yourself if TP 1.20 reasonable & achievable ?

Announcements & Events

2014-08-21 12:30 | Report Abuse

anyone wanna go on a hunting mission ?

Pintaras Jaya Bhd was awarded with contract for foundation work dated back at March 2014. As per their announcement dated 12/3/2014, they must take possession of the site & deliver the contract in 1 year duration from 17/3/2014. Now is already August 2014, 5 months have passed.

Meaning to say, PNB still got around 6 months time before the structural work above ground commence. They cannot award 6 months from now coz all the contract finalization needs time.

If we work back work, now is approximately the time for the PNB to finalized the successful candidate. Who will the successful builder for Warisan Merdeka ? Anyone ever speculate or have a thought ?

Where is the list of our big cap builders?


2014-08-21 11:22 | Report Abuse

if the IB is cruel & cunning enough.....they just need to do a simple stunt by RSS some HLIND, with the buy volume so weak, see if these ignorant avengers will pee & shit in their pant....

still want to come in? The above is the worst case scenario 1

the only way to prevent these peoples too lose more money is to say something harsh to them...say nice thing to comfort them will only lead them to lose more money


2014-08-21 11:07 | Report Abuse

the volumes was not created by the IB, it was created by the ignorance buyers


2014-08-21 10:49 | Report Abuse

let the avengers continue with their Scary Movie Part 2 casting......

Movie Director : Kenanga IB
Actors: "Uninformed Fryers"

stay sideline until the avengers fall on their knees before Kenanga IB.....with volume of mother shares transacted << volume of CA, they are making themselves a fool to be taken advantage...

When someone appear and ask "how come mother move but son no move" , you know who is the idiot.


2014-08-21 10:16 | Report Abuse

hopefully the kids money are still safe :)....easy come, easy go....hard to come, hard to go


2014-08-21 10:11 | Report Abuse

stop spreading unnecessary rumors by relating Scicom to Priva

Things that are in common between Scicom & Priva at present are:-

1) Both CEO are Indian.
2) Both company are paying consistent dividend.

other than that, there is no connection

Priva don't need rumor....please keep the those rumors for yourself.


2014-08-20 13:47 | Report Abuse

I dropped you an email already, arigato gozaimas


2014-08-20 12:26 | Report Abuse

it is inside your email notification already....i deleted the address from the forum here :)


2014-08-20 12:08 | Report Abuse

theoretically, when the mother move the CWs will move accordingly but you have to take note if the volume of the mother share is significant or not? if not significant, the CWs won't move because the traders might view it as a fake attempt to lure the traders in.

for warrant, you need strong catalysts on the mother share or strong theme play....else try not to get engage....

my personal opinion only...


2014-08-20 11:59 | Report Abuse

I tried reading some material from Thai some time ago but after seeing their language headache already...

you got any got kan tao on Thai? :)

hey since you appear....our Sun is part of the galaxy name milky Way :)


2014-08-20 11:50 | Report Abuse

little bit only :)


2014-08-20 11:45 | Report Abuse

hey..what is wrong with your all? kc loh cannot appear in the forum?


2014-08-19 20:01 | Report Abuse

those sold...Priva quarterly result is just around the corner :).....too boring & decided to sell, you call yourself an investor? kikikikiki


2014-08-19 19:51 | Report Abuse

no headache....I still prefer the old Hexza & Pmcorp introduced by your long long time ago instead on the current ones....

not my money not gonna be my money :) was a fact that even kids made more with those pennies introduced....congratulation


2014-08-19 18:13 | Report Abuse

Okla, we shift the discussion over HLIND-CA instead of disturbing the forumers at HLIND....

Scary Movie "HLIND-CA" Part 1 - "Uninformed Fryers" to be continued on 20/8/2014 & 21/8/2014. No happy ending predicted. I see Kenanga IB preparing the chopping boards with the chainsaws(not knifes) on their hand.

2 days shooting stars pattern displayed on HLIND.....either the uninformed "fryers" really didn't realize it or still in ignorance state...

Opening Day 1 - RM 0.220
Closing Day 1 - RM 0.170 = -22.73%
Closing Day 2 - RM 0.135 = -20.59%

Accumulative losses = -38.64% .If you average down , your mother & father also cannot recognize your face now.

A great destruction of wealth in the making all because of the greed displayed by the uninformed "fryers". You have created an ideal situation for the issuer to take advantage on you with HLIND volume transacted <<< HLIND-CA volume transacted. 2 mil volumes vs 60 mil volumes.

Scary Movie "HLIND-CA" Part 2 - "Revenged of The Uninformed Fryers". No happy ending predicted as well.

Scary Movie Part 2 - those unhappy & thinking of revenge (the avengers), will try to regain their loss by going back into HLIND-CA. They will go in & out of HLIND-CA within the contra period hoping to recoup the losses by praying & hoping the HLIND & HLIND-CA to rebound strongly.

History will be repeated again.....if you are going to walk into the revenge trap. Part 1, they have already made you loss a fortune. If you continue Part 2, they are going to make you in debt !

The IB are at the upper hand now.....they still got plenty of cards to play in their hand.....if they issue a fresh tranche of 100 mil units......suddenly you will feel that you are the dumbest warrant player around. It happened before, the possibility for it to happen again is always there.

If there is no strong catalyst or thematic play coming to surface fast enough.....there won't be any happy ending.

Avoid any scene where mother share volume << warrants volume, or you will be taken for the ride !


2014-08-19 14:23 | Report Abuse

hahaha, good try Kian :)...but I it doubt it gonna help....haiz, now all the hard earn money & saving belongs to Kenanga now...

the distortion of the price movement created.....mother move but son cannot move, witness it yourself.....always remember & never forget.....


2014-08-19 11:30 | Report Abuse

anyone got any strong catalyst or thematic theme for this counter? please share now !!!

else all these idiots here will be drained to death in another 2 more days by T+1 only idiots!


2014-08-19 10:53 | Report Abuse

don't ever think of "I'm getting it cheaper now" be dead before you ever realized it....

If you were to lose this battle, so be it !

but make sure you don't lose the lesson from the battle....


2014-08-18 19:53 | Report Abuse

If you are not familiar, avoid at all cost.....

A healthy leverage play always have the volume transacted for mother share higher compare to the SW/WA....coz the equation always when the mother move, the son will follow.

When you see the scene where SW/WA volume >> mother share volumes, it becomes very would not like to get engage in this kind of scenario.


2014-08-18 18:30 | Report Abuse

:)...perhaps you should really heed the advice given by the kucing betina...leno the most panlai investor....


2014-08-18 17:47 | Report Abuse


cannot be at 88%, else Bursa will issue non-compliance to listing requirement & will ask them to address the free float issue.

just let it be as it was use to be....let it submerged, be as low profile as possible and out of investors radar.

see if you are business minded investor or a lunatic "goreng" fan.....mind you goreng kakis, you come in, you might not be able to get out by T+3 or T+7 or T+10


2014-08-18 17:22 | Report Abuse

@rlch ,& you is attracted to the free warrants? at this level of "sweetener" ?

I guess your 20 years of stock dabbling really earned you a lot of experience to be attracted to the free warrants / handouts.....


2014-08-18 16:24 | Report Abuse

refrain further from going into HLIND-CA, if you really think on the potential on HLIND, please focus on HLIND instead...

the proposed issued volume for HLIND-CA = 100mil units, today transacted volume alone was close to 60mil units...the issuer have lost the control of market making, it will be very heavy moving forward for HLIND-CA....unless HLIND move favorable in a significant magnitude.

my rule of thumb - never buy SW on the first day of listing.....most of the time you will end up paying heavy premium. It happened so many times & it is still happening


2014-08-18 12:30 | Report Abuse

if you are ready to be part of the company owner, then you might want to consider to come in....if for trading, better go somewhere else, you might not be able to sell once you get in

the high profit margin recorded every quarters are very eye catching


2014-08-14 23:47 | Report Abuse

No le, he made the most compare to the rest.... Just that his targets was changing too rapidly , that is the part that I totally cannot see something in common compare to the others


2014-08-14 22:29 | Report Abuse

this AyamTua has changed a lot compared to 2 or 3 months back. Back then , all solid counters like Hexza...with Graham net-net

recently, walan le.....everywhere also can see him....& mostly all pennies.....even High5 going to delist also he wanna disturb there...haiyo, apa sulah jadi AT?


2014-08-14 21:58 | Report Abuse

@林俊松, you look too up on me already.....I'm nobody, you see my nick = passerby already tells you that I'm passing around only, how could I push the price? lol. I'm small ikan bilis only

or maybe you have mistaken me for someone else :) ??

but fear no with this counter....our taiko sepiroth is here. In sepiroth I trust, kikikikiki


2014-08-14 15:30 | Report Abuse

August belum berakhir wor....I thought AG office masih dalam Raya mood.....


2014-08-14 15:28 | Report Abuse

my favorite dragon was Tiamat.....:)....Bahamut should be a good character dragon


2014-08-14 11:15 | Report Abuse

then u shall use your summoning spells to summon batmans to go against jokers mah...

i thought Sephiroth can do monster summonings like Cloud also


2014-08-14 11:04 | Report Abuse

mana pergi CIMB punya? dei CIMB....RHB & Maybank only....CIMB ilek ?


2014-08-14 11:00 | Report Abuse

only for those si bek bullish on TA & foresee TA moving up......:)


2014-08-14 10:41 | Report Abuse

give those left out a bit chance mah....gostan a bit more....:)


2014-08-14 10:25 | Report Abuse

gostan to pick up some left up passengers earlier :)


2014-08-11 22:45 | Report Abuse

your are not on alert at all. SPB already made announcement dated on 6th August 2014 on the extension of time for the execution of SPA until 30th September 2014.

The announcements made by the Company on 3 March 2014 and 6 June 2014 relating to the Proposed Disposal refers.
(Unless stated otherwise, definitions used in this announcement shall carry the same meaning as defined in the announcements dated 3 March 2014 and 6 June 2014 in relation to the above matter.)
The Company wishes to announce that the Parties have mutually agreed to extend the deadline for the execution of the SPA in respect of the Proposed Disposal to 30 September 2014.
This announcement is dated 6 August 2014.


2014-08-11 19:55 | Report Abuse

mobilizing to Valuetronic.....spend some time to go through the financial figures....your jaws will drop wide open....with all your saliva dripping.......

if you like will immediately attempt to kidnap Valuetronic


2014-08-11 19:46 | Report Abuse

some are gaining popularity already


2014-08-11 12:19 | Report Abuse

I'm in my opinion Valuetronic listed at SGX is more attractive at the moment.

Have a look at their financial figures.


2014-08-07 21:22 | Report Abuse

@kcloh, you still around? you got any negative views/points on this counter?


2014-08-07 21:05 | Report Abuse

you all are against her or against this counter? if you are against this counter, why? any specific reasons that investors need to be alerted or warned?

if you are against the specific individual, then no thanks for the response


2014-08-07 20:53 | Report Abuse

actually I wanna say she was good in playing with the words...psychology words....after putting it that way....mana dapat lagi free punya service lagi lor....orang buat record nanti u kata dia ikut kata u, tak aci lor macam itu


2014-08-07 20:35 | Report Abuse

walan le this kucing betina....people do thing for free, still wanna order people & threaten to whip.....manyak jahat....