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2021-05-30 13:04 | Report Abuse

Very nonsense ideal. If lockdown 3 months all the rakyat become pengemis and all the politicians and government servants celebrating everyday enjoying themselves.


2021-04-16 10:11 | Report Abuse

Bought Yongtai @0.285
Yongtai stock price should gradually surge due to followings :
1) Pahang Gold Mining . Yongtai obtained mining license on the 100 hectare pahang land and now the company planning to commence the mining on next month May.

2) Covid Vaccine . Yongtai had applied for the clinical trial no 3 covid trial to the ministry of health in march this year and target will get approval for trial second quarter , probably in May will obtained approval since the trial are sponsor by YTB and Kangtai. If the clinical trial 3 have good respond for the safety and effectiveness , MOH and private hospital sure will purchase from YTB. Nowadays , already got 2 type of vaccine from Johnson&Johnson and AstraZeneca been bane by italy and US government. Hence , Malaysia government sure will search for more alternative covid vaccine .The best choice of vaccine is YTB vaccine since it had doing trial in Malaysia and found effective and safe to all races Malay , chinese , indian , kadazan , dusun ,iban and etc.

3) Malaka Theater . YTB had shut down the operation of lost making theater and will rent out for functional use of private sector. The cease operation will save all the cost and will improve the financial YTB.

4) Properties Development . Current with economy recover after MCO , low bank interest , citizens of Malaysia started vaccination programe . YTB melaka development will benefit and start picking up to recover.

Based on all the factors , Yongtai should surge to TP 1.00 . YTB price was RM1.60 before MCO and now the price only cost 0.285 , totally not reflected the actual YTB price.


2021-03-24 20:41 | Report Abuse

DPS target price within 1 week will increase over RM0.25. Company revenue and profit already picking up since 3 quarters ago. PE only 7.6 compare with the leading properties counter such as ecoworld PE is 13.6.
This 13.6 PE are taken from the most conservative and reliable PE among the leading properties counter. Other leading properties company like SP setia , Sime property even recorded negative PE.
Based on the comparison PE among properties counter , DPS price with PE 13.6 should be RM0.275 but I just gave lower and reliable DPS price target RM0.25. Still in the beginning of uptrend pushing and can buy and keep for short term.


2021-02-26 22:14 | Report Abuse

Actually this ages last year earn 38mil and this year 2 quarters earned 17mil. But very suspicious no single cent dividend at all. Last time megan want to cheat retailers also go to bank borrowing to pay dividend to shareholders But this ages only play figure without spending any dividend,.


2021-02-26 22:09 | Report Abuse

This kind of contract you want to get rm100bil also possible. You can pay the runner commission for fake sand contract, tomorrow you can get rm100bil sand contract


2021-02-26 22:07 | Report Abuse

Actually this kind of sand contract is like fake contract. U see Today vivocom also able to get rm3.8bil sand contract


2021-02-25 11:14 | Report Abuse

Absolutenoob where u get this tp1.95. From which formula?


2021-02-21 14:33 | Report Abuse

"Vaccine in the House" .Just full loaded this counter on this because of it current undervalue price with the following reasons:
1) WCT involve 3 sectors of business that is engineering construction , property development and Property investment and management.
2) Engineering construction sector current order book was RM 6 bil expect to keep company busy for next 3 to 4 years workload without need any additional project. However , the company current tender book value is RM6.2bil will give bonus to company if any successful tender project.
3) Property development sector currently develop in Paradigm residences(Construction progress 9% with 68% units sold rate)Johor and Aronia Klang(Construction progress 54% with 39% units sold rate).
4) Property investment sector currently have 3nos or retail mall located in Klang , Petaling Jaya and Johor Bahru with Occupancy rate more than 95% as at june2020. Besides this , WCT also have KLIA gateway with occupancy rate 94% and Subang terminal with occupancy rate 90%. All of these are golden goose for the company and create recurring income to company.
5) Net tangible asset of WCT worth RM2.23 and now current share price was RM0.46 is ridiculous under value.

Conclusion : Extremely undervalue GEMS once the Malaysians are vaccinated , this WCT will be superstar flying to the moon with minimum TP RM1.50


2021-02-12 12:51 | Report Abuse

Bought in SOLID (5242) for short term investment due to the followings :

1) Revenue increasing quarter 1&2 consecutively compare to last year similar quarters even though during tough pandemic movement control .

2) Profit margin increase consecutively current 2 quarters compare to last three years.

3) Operation cash flow from latest quarter showing company having positive RM10mil plus compare with last year quarterly cash flow negative RM2.5mil showing the management have changing the business strategy to pick up their growth.

4) Revenue on the domestic market increase 45% and International market ( middle east and africa) increase 41% reported during latest Aug annual report.

5) Company just completed constructing the new warehouse in Segambut in second quarter of Y2021 financial year. With the new warehouse in central region , company able to enhance the supply chain management and increase productivity in the central region and west malaysia.

6) Current 2 quarters earning per cents 0.63 and 0.53 showing that the projection of EPS per year shall be more than 2.5 cents. Compare with similar sector automotive parts listed company in KLSE PECCA PE ratio 38 , SOLID current price was deeply undervalue. Lets just assume minimum PE ratio for SOLID is 20 , this counter price should maintain above 50 cents.

7) If we trace back to historical SOLID price with similar EPS in 2017 with current EPS in 2021 , the SOLID price in 2017 was more than 50 cents and now the price only 20 cents a piece . With still have 150% safer room to spike , this counter definitely super undervalue gems stock among whole KLSE counters.

Conclusion : Solid is showing strong recovery in terms of revenue , margin and business strategy . Conservative target price 50 cents in short term should make it become great superstar after CNY. Just buy it and keep this , it will give you surprise reward in short term .


2021-01-25 14:48 | Report Abuse

Permaju net cash per share RM0.18 with zero debt and the current share price was RM0.16. This kind of counter impossible so extremely undervalue can definitely cannot find in current market.


2021-01-25 11:39 | Report Abuse

Bought in permaju(7080) with following reasons:

1) Company latest quarter accunt balance sheet ended sept20 have cash in hand 92mil with zero current and non current borrowing. Company in 18/11 private placement RM8mil and 21/1 P.P another RM8mil . Total cash in hand to date RM108mil. NET CASH 18 cents .

2) In 2020 , company disposed non-profit timber business and release a causing lost burden.

3) Company private placement at the lowest price at RM0.1612 and RM 0.1509 can see that these two batches are place for company related boss or operators.

4) Company venture business in solar panel project in September in Seremban and have sign selling power agreement with tenaga for 21 years period.

5) Company also venture in glove manufacturing sector via permaju glove. This will the themeplay of current market.

6) In july 20 , NSTP publish a news saying Permaju potential to be won a design and built highrise project worth RM1.2bil pending the kick start of project due to COVID. I believe the project will resume in Feb21 since our Malaysia vaccine arrival is targeted in Feb21. This was tremedously boost the permaju share price spike to the moon again.

Based on the above facts , the conclusion is BUY NOW with TP RM1.00 in very near term.


2021-01-05 12:47 | Report Abuse

Bought JAG today since JAG is expected growth in short term due to :
1) Lower PE among same industry . JAG-PE17 ,Texcycle -PE67. Very obvious JAG share price will increase to close up Texcycle PE gap.

2) Company full run on their new machine and generate more 100% capacity will definitely boost the revenue and profit in coming quarters.

3) Share NTA RM0.35 per piece . Just tell me now where can you see ACE market counter with more than 35cents NTA and it share price below 30cents? Nowadays , all the profitable ACE market counter with NTA>30 cents , price at least 50 cents above. JAG now only 26 cents , definitely cannot find in market.

4) JAG financial quarter result profit continuing increase 3 quarters consecutively.

5) based on latest quarter 0.6 cents x 4 quarters =2.4 cents EPS , JAG expected minimum target 2.4 x30PE = RM0.72. target price. PE 30 still 2 times plus lower than TEXCYCLE PE.

6) International commodity price increase currently also a booster for increasing profit margin of JAG and expected international commodity price will gradually up since so many countries in the world unlimited printing money.

This JAG extremely undervalue and expected can boom anytime in short term.


2021-01-03 11:42 | Report Abuse

Dagang Nexchange Berhad current price was very attractive and undervalue with the following reasons:

1) On 1st of October DNEX appointed Datuk Seri Syed Zainal Abidin as managing director. This guy was super heavyweight character because he was previously petronas dagangan berhad CEO. Most of the compay in KLSE once taking over by new boss , the company business and profit will growth drastically compare to previous owner . Furthermore this guy having good profile and track record.

2) National Integrated Immigration System (NIIS) project. Currently have 6 front runner bidders for the contract . They are MYEG, IRIS,S5, Heitechpadu ,Dnex and Datasonic . I believe now the PN government will award contract to one of them with other of 5 candidates appointed become NIIS nominated sub-contractors. The solution will be win-win situation as every parties get the project.

3) Acquisition of Ping Petroleum. The full acquisition of ping petroleum is definitely will execute by Zainal Abidin as his was from petrol field background. With Ping Petroleum ,DNEX will direct benefit from the oil price spike currently since Ping involve major works in upstream services.I believe West Texas Oil price will stand above USD50 in January and sustain above USD50 for remaining year 2021because US elected president are environment caring person and will BAN all the US direct hydraulic drilling oil. Currently US was the world largest oil producer with 15% of world oil production . Is bigger than Saudi (12%) and Russia (13%) . With stringent environment friendly drilling requirement system , US current oil cost was USD40 per barrel , After Biden in office their cost might be USD55 per barrel. That why , US sure will find way to push the international oil price to prevent US Oil company bankruptcy.

4) Acquisition Silterra semiconductor from Khazanah . Dnex the highest bidder among 4 bidders. Current Foxconn and xfab chances will be very slim as the are foreigner and this silterra is malaysia only one company in malaysia able to make itself micro chips. Is consider a malaysia trademark to show off in the world that Malaysia also know to do chips .Our government sure won't let the only high tech asset drop to foreigner. Now left only Greenpacket and Dagang Nexchange . But greenpacket was non-bumiputera company also should out of consideration. As i stay in malaysia so many years , I can 99% judge the requirement of BOLEHLAND selection , the BOLEHLAND only care about Bumiputera company and DNEX met requirement which is 100% bumiputera status company.

Summary from above , I will give DNEX TP 40 cents in 1 month period excluded the silterra case succeed in January 2021. If successful buy off the Silterra in January , DNEX target will definitely alter to RM1.20 per piece already.


2020-12-28 12:02 | Report Abuse

Tomei will spike towards OTB Tp RM2.40 next month as following reasons:

1) Gold price now on USD1900 per ounce and will stand above USD2000 per ounce next month.
2) US government stimulations plan keep on printing money will cause super inflation in near term. Gold is the only commodity can preserve the inflation,
3) Tomei business based on last quarter the revenue have been increase more than 30 percent compare to last 8 quarters. If compare with POHKONG , POHKONG revenue last quarter still in the average of 8 quarters revenue. This prove that TOMEI business is expanding and POHKONG still stay in the ground.
4) Last November during CMCO lots of people are rushing to buy gold jewelry. I remember the news reported that too many Kelantan citizens are rushing to buy gold jewelry until police order to close all the jewelry shop on that day until they are follow the SOP. Just imagine , Kelantan state also crowded in buying gold jewelry , other states demand sure more than that.
5) Tomei PE ratio only 5.3 and EPS 16cents compare with Pohkong PE ratio 11 and EPS 7.5 cents only. Definitely Tomei is the super undervalue gems.

Based on the above facts , I am sure Ooi Teik Bee TP RM2.40 will reach easily in the near term.


2020-12-28 10:25 | Report Abuse

TAS Offshore Manufacturer of coal mining tug boat . It main customer only supply to Indonesia's coal miner. China ban Australia coal import in December 2020 and change their order to Indonesia. Recently China government sign additional 1.5billion USD coal purchase with Indonesia miner company and plan to increase more and more . Tas is the super boom company that direct beneficial on the Chinese coal purchase from Indonesia.

Thus , don't miss the boat. Target RM1.00 since TAS total share quantity only 180mil shares.


2020-12-10 09:35 | Report Abuse

Don't depend on the government for vaccine issue. We have stay in Malaysia so many years already and know the culture/budaya of government. The best example is government hospital , how bad is the service , do you think you can get free vaccine from GH? Definitely you want safe life need to spend own money to vaccinate in private clinic or private hospital. It much depend on distributors to import variety brand of vaccine to achieve 100% population vaccinated.


2020-12-10 09:10 | Report Abuse

Malaysia is just a developing country , 1st tier vaccine like pfizer wont supply to malaysia at all so fast because US and Europe so many population, Advance countries will only take care of their citizens first only let developing country and third world country to get the pfizer vaccine. After all , Malaysia government only purchase 20% of malaysia population vaccine with pfizer, MANA CUKUP. So , rakyat still need to buy vaccine from private hospital or private clinic.


2020-12-09 22:03 | Report Abuse

Actually I have read the edge on the vaccine issue raise by khairy ," KJ said government only buy vaccine produce by Pfizer without getting thru any distributor and the minister DID NOT stop any of the local company to make a commercial agreement with other vaccine manufacturer outside malaysia. But they must get neccessary approval from malaysia regulator. " Government Malaysia only ordered 20% of total population to be vaccinated.
Currently pfizer said their slash their production from 100mil doses to 50mil doses this year due to raw material supply chain problem. I expect we might need to wait very very long time perhaps next year September only can get pfizer. But how about 80% more Malaysia population , just let them suffer?

By the way ,Malaysia sure still need to import more other vaccine thru local distributor like Metronic with condition that the vaccine are safe and approved by international reliable regulators like US-FDA or European Medicine Agency (EMA). Now , Metronic are signing collaboration with Medigen Vaccine Biologics Corp (MVC). This company vaccine are joint develop by MVC and US National Institutes of Health (NIH) , so definitely MVC vaccine will apply to get approval from US-FDA since this vaccine are joint develop with US National Institute of Health (NIH). YOU THINK US-FDA APPROVED VACCINE MALAYSIA WILL REJECT IT??

Conclusion MVC vaccine are potential to be distributed in Malaysia next year compare to those China unregulated vaccine bring by KANGER AND SOLUTION. Hence , you all need to use your brain to think , whichever vaccine come from US or Europe , Malaysia sure will accept and use broadly But those from INDIA ,Russia or CHINA vaccine definitely no chances will approved by Malaysia Regulator if we have the choice to get US or Europe approval vaccine.



2020-11-11 00:43 | Report Abuse

Vaccine news boost the Aeon to further up spike. With vaccine all the daily activities will resume normal and peoples will go shopping without fear. This sector is the direct beneficial of the vaccine news same as the airline sector. Comparison of EPS and P/E of other similar sector or competitors as follows:
1) Parkson : Lost making company , EPS=-39 , P/E=-0.36
2) Mr DIY : EPS 7.23 cents , P/E =31.54
3) SEM : EPS 3.3cents , P/E =40.2
4) Mynews : EPS -0.13 , P/E=-438
5) AEON : EPS 3.93 , P/E= 19.87

Besides low P/E , Aeon have consistent growth on the revenue and net profit from 2016-2019. Just buy and keep and you will never regret for this fundamental counter.


2020-11-11 00:27 | Report Abuse

Padini will recover with lightning speed after vaccine come out due to the affordable price. Price of Padini currently undervalue if compare with other same business retail consumer counter as follows:
1) Bonia = EPS 1.38 cents , P/E = 41.36
2)Mr DIY = EPS 7.23 cents , P/E =31.54
3) Padini =EPS 11.43 cents , P/E =20.22

From comparison above Padini at least still have 50% room to climb up with Target price 3.50 a piece. Furthermore Padini have a very attractive constantly yearly dividend 11.5 cents. Bargain hunting price now right?


2020-11-11 00:14 | Report Abuse

Vaccines come out WCT properties investment business will resume normal and generate operation profit at least 100mil per year. Engineering and Construction business with 5billions jobs on hand estimate contribute operation profit 100mil and Properties development at OUG demanding location estimate will contribute operation profit 70mil .Projection operation profit 270mil . So with 40 cents a piece , where can find in future.


2020-11-11 00:02 | Report Abuse

Bought some WCT because it will beneficial of the budget infrastructures allocation and vaccine news. Will buy some more tomorrow.

News & Blogs

2020-10-05 14:10 | Report Abuse

Today or tomorrow will limit up as US Donald Trump might enforce wearing mask in US law. News said Donald will discharge today. Notion mask had approved to use in US by FDA


2020-09-25 17:13 | Report Abuse

Hello, don't puiii here, go to puii Japanese face in aeon. Go to their website and write mail to force them immediate share buy back now


2020-09-24 11:24 | Report Abuse

Just make a report to sc and police on WC. WC only a thief who indirectly transfer your money to become his money.
So, don't believe such a sampah masyarakat somemore


2020-09-24 11:21 | Report Abuse

I am surprise until now still got so many stupid newbie believe this kind of fake guru. My advise is don't believe suchcheater somemore.


2020-09-24 11:19 | Report Abuse

I heard this counter Recommend via fb by big cheater guru call WC in order to let him and his gang to unload higher price


2020-09-18 12:03 | Report Abuse

I will accumulate for 500lots more since this one is much more worth to hold than glove counter.


2020-09-18 12:01 | Report Abuse

This quarter onwards will recover positive result since no more MCO and you all did not know how efficient are Japanese company in mananging company. EPF only pretending sell to wash out small temporary retailers


2020-09-18 11:58 | Report Abuse

Queue more at 0.795 and 0.79. Because i believe this counter will recover to 1.30 in this term. I DON'T believe Epf are stupid and selling at the bottom


2020-09-18 11:56 | Report Abuse

Bought some aeon at 0.8.


2020-09-02 11:16 | Report Abuse

Dreaming...... I will drop back to 5 cents within this month. No fundamental at all, company expenses depend on donation and fry stock to survive. This kind of director if live in olden day have to catch him put into pig case and dip into water.


2020-09-02 11:10 | Report Abuse

Guru give u tips is equivalent to rob your indirectly. So, why nobody report SC CATCH HIM?


2020-09-02 11:04 | Report Abuse

I heard this counter recommend by one guru hell god to trap retailer and fat himself, why nobody find him? Why


2020-09-02 11:00 | Report Abuse

Wah. Director doing fake quarter and trap retailer. This money game company don't touch. Report Bukit Aman to catch the director dealing money game outside


2020-08-31 23:19 | Report Abuse

XOX already no hope , faster jump boat and shift to DGB Asia. This one is the xox brother company still extremely cheap 6 cents only. Plenty of room to spike somemore


2020-08-28 11:03 | Report Abuse

Mpay JV with Singapore private fund for applying digital license. I think for current ACE market trend MPAY target will be 50 cents after securing 100mil capital for digital license.If the license have been awarded to Mpay JV , price target will raise to RM1.00.
Mpay is unlike other frying counter like inix , PDZ ( these company do not have sustainable business model and only come out news to fry) .
Mpay itself having a bright business model and direction which are align with future market trend that is Digital / electronic wallet. After this pandemic , I think all over the world government will encourage and subsidy the local digital wallet business. Next time, using money notes will totally disappear.
Currently digital wallet company listed in KLSE doing similar business with Mpay is Revenue. But this revenue already RM1.30 and it also did not have the expertise to apply digital license. So, Mpay obviously price was under-price compare to revenue.
Finally , TP 50 cents in very near term absolutely not ridiculous because Revenue also can hike until RM1.30 , so Mpay with the digital bank vision conservatively target also have 50 cents.
Just go to think yourself , share price reflect on projected 6 months ahead company business. By end of 2020 , Mpay is applying digital bank license, so the current share price should reflect to projection business activities which shall be 50 cents a piece now.


2020-08-28 00:14 | Report Abuse

Just my personal opinion cover with facts . I think this DGB still have room to up because now the DGB price was still cheaper among the penny stock. Today drop is just because of the Banker want to wash out the contra players. My TP for this DGB was still stick on RM0.15.
The facts to support my opinion as follows :

1) This DGB itself having a net cash RM28.5mil and this current quarter with affected by MCO lockdown still can making positive result is very impressive.If compare with other penny stock which spike skyhigh like INIX, GETS, KTB ,BINTAI and so on , this DGB is definitely 1000 times better than those paria counter.

2) This DGB company are related with XOX, Fintech , PDZ group. The Director of DGB also holding directorship of those company. Why are so important to DGB??? Because now as we know all the mentioned counter above already spike high , so DGB will be the next within this week or next week start engine again to the north. The DGB company sure will come out some JV or collaboration with ALIBABA or JACK MA in near term since XOX already collaborate with ALIPAY. So, I though DGB will come out some MOU or JV with big giant multinational company to boost the stock price in near time.

3) Compare with other spike high penny stock , DGB consider still very very low because price of DGB for 52 week high was RM0.195 and now only RM0.055. So , DGB was still undervalue in this market trend since other penny stock price nowadays might have strike all time historical high like GETS, INIX, BINTAI.

4) DGB business have related with the digital trade. Still remember end of 2017 , PM Najib launch the digital free trade zone invite Jackma to invest. That time DGB share price spike rocket high . So , I just want to relate that the DGB business are more a less become partnership with Alibaba or Ant group.

Conclusion : According to the current market trend penny stock rotating fry , DGB will be the possible to fry within this week or next week supported with the above facts. So , don't miss the boat. Elder brother XOX , PDZ , fintech already spike high , now is the turn for the younger brother to spike rocket.


2020-08-26 10:38 | Report Abuse

WHY our malaysia culture like that , engage people not base on talent but base on KAKI BODEK. REALLY SAD ON PNB. HOPELESS PNB


2020-08-26 10:35 | Report Abuse

See the performance of shares , low pe , underprice also management dont care. As long as PNB kasih MAKAN GAJI BUTA


2020-08-26 10:34 | Report Abuse

I saw the annual report directors , all their face like sleepy lazy faces. Look like all uncompetent , EVEN THOUGH NOT QUALIFY TO BECOME OFFICE BOY , WHY ARE THE PNB EMPLOY THEM TO MAKAN GAJI BUTA.

News & Blogs

2020-08-23 10:01 | Report Abuse

Rubbish article. This counter doing FAKE account. STUPID PEOPLE only trust the company and hold this rubbish counter


2020-08-21 18:53 | Report Abuse

Not gone to holland lah. Just because the syndicate was coward and no testis (bird ball). Go to wear miniskirt lah.


2020-08-21 18:45 | Report Abuse

Year 2019 media profit before ebitda was positive.share price been press by syndicate only , waiting good timing.


2020-08-21 18:42 | Report Abuse

Share performance should projected ahead 6 months of the company performance. So, media share price should push to 60 cents a piece by this coming september


2020-08-18 23:11 | Report Abuse

US lumber commodity price today hit historical high up 2.59%. Tomorrow evergreen hit historical limit up also.


2020-08-18 21:26 | Report Abuse

Lumber price up so much , is the time for timber counter to limit up like glove counter. Tomorrow this evergreen will give you all a good show limit up


2020-08-18 21:25 | Report Abuse

Immposible evergreen will drop some more . Lumber commodity price at February was USD460 , NOW USD 735.