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Posted by Desa20201956 > 2015-12-19 01:21 | Report Abuse

I think this is very good analysis...and I am bullish.

Valuation wise, it has to be done in two parts, the manufacturing and the property division. I expect both divisions to do well even despite the soft property market.

can someone help me to do a some of parts valuation...for the strong growth in the manufacturing division, I will give it a 20 - 25 X latest results. I consider this very conservative in view of excellent management, oil prices to remain low, US$ to remain strong.

for property division to give it a 15% discount rate ( very conservative) I actually think Scientex property division will do very well because it is into affordable housing in small towns and don't run into the troubles of the other developers in 2016.


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Posted by Desa20201956 > 2015-12-19 01:33 | Report Abuse

Scientex is a giant in the making, not by accident but by good long term strategic planning over many years.


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Posted by zaqwerty > 2015-12-19 10:09 | Report Abuse

real dumb.


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Posted by Tkoklin > 2015-12-19 10:55 | Report Abuse

It is expanding too fast i ithink....


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Posted by Desa20201956 > 2015-12-19 19:48 | Report Abuse

I consider Scientex to have high transparency( and certainty) in earnings growth

Why do we buy a share?
We buy a share because we are sure this year profit will be greater than next year profit....and the PE is very acceptable.

The Balance Sheet is under control, the plans are good, management is proven.

Share price we cannot control.....but we can be assured you are buying value.

Kevin Wong

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Posted by Kevin Wong > 2015-12-20 15:07 | Report Abuse

A star, but not a superstar...yet!

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