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Posted by calvintaneng > 2019-05-30 20:46 | Report Abuse

Carimin is ok. It's earnings is capped by it's own lack of ppe(property, plant and equipment) only a mere Rm160 millions compared to Taiko dayang at Rm1.4 billions ppe

However, dayang has impediment from Perdana high debts

So Calvin thinks the better buy is still Uzma

Uzma has about Rm500 millions ppe...just right for it's size...nimble and versatile in hunting for jobs.


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Posted by calvintaneng > 2019-05-30 20:48 | Report Abuse

Another sign is kwap has sold dayang while epf is buying dayang.

For carimin even directors and insiders are selling

Many others are insolvent with sudden Rights issue to raise capital

That is why must stay safe in fundamentally strong stock like Uzma, Azrb or T7 global


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Posted by calvintaneng > 2019-05-30 20:49 | Report Abuse

Epf is buying Uzma

Goh Kim Hock

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Posted by Goh Kim Hock > 2019-05-30 21:45 | Report Abuse

The more you speculate, the faster you will die.


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Posted by ramada > 2019-05-30 23:24 | Report Abuse

No. You think too much.


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Posted by dusti > 2019-05-31 09:42 | Report Abuse

Not correct to jump on Carimin thread and sell "kachang putih"


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Posted by rob_z3_man > 2019-05-31 11:49 | Report Abuse

20 cents fair price


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Posted by wlchew > 2019-05-31 15:57 | Report Abuse

leave Malaysian shares alone unless you belong to any syndicate that is manipulating a counter. keep your $ in the bank or go for a family holiday if you can afford better go to genting casino which gives you a better chance

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