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Posted by henry888 > 2021-09-16 07:51 | Report Abuse

Hey hey, true or not in return for support. How many seats Pejuang have ???


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Posted by omega > 2021-09-16 07:57 | Report Abuse

Bro Mukhriz... can you also ask your father Tun, what he promised to Dato Sri Anwar ? now Tun is tasting his own medicine... he just keep silent but you as a son voice out on behalf... inilah politik Bro belajar, belajar dan belajar


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Posted by stockraider > 2021-09-16 10:51 |

Post removed.Why?


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Posted by stockfreak > 2021-09-16 11:00 | Report Abuse

Good. Everyone gets something now.

Stop quarrelling and pretending you work hard for Rakyat.

Now you all can really start working hard for rakyat, go go go... Covid won't wait.

Stop pretending you power hungry freaks!

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