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Pmx is desperate and turning to ride on greenwave to explore potential new voters

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Posted by OnTime > 2023-10-27 17:23 | Report Abuse

he is just h.awang in a different clothing

Posted by EngineeringProfit > 2023-10-27 17:25 | Report Abuse

The only pm who indulges only in politikusing, holy versing and bahasa; resulting in economy and ringgit downturn.

Also single-handedly responsible for failing to put the interest of the ppl first

Posted by EngineeringProfit > 2023-10-27 18:36 | Report Abuse

Now, riding on the solitary thingy, he gets a n even bigger crowd of new audience. How happy! How confidence! Wait till GE16


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Posted by 5354_ > 2023-10-27 21:45 | Report Abuse

PM-X keep telling the world he got rakyat mandate.

Posted by EngineeringProfit > 2023-10-28 05:45 | Report Abuse

He got mandate for reformasi, not reformati


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Posted by speakup > 2023-10-28 09:27 | Report Abuse

speakup was a strong supporter of PH & Anwar for many many years, even donating money to PH.
unfortunately PMX has shown his true colors, and this is definitely not the leader I thought he was.
He is no Reformist!


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Posted by DickyMe > 2023-10-28 10:10 | Report Abuse

DAP must pull out!


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Posted by speakup > 2023-10-28 11:38 | Report Abuse
This article articulates exactly what I am thinking

Posted by EngineeringProfit > 2023-10-28 12:10 | Report Abuse

Clone attacks and phantum menaces will follow

Posted by EngineeringProfit > 2023-10-28 21:59 | Report Abuse

Pmx is desperate and turning to ride on greenwave to explore potential new voters

Posted by FortuneBull777 > 2023-10-28 22:21 | Report Abuse

'I told you so' seems a mild reminder! Mahathir must be smiling ear to ear, feeling vindicated as for decades he warned malaysians that Anwar is not fit to be PM!
So we get a taste of PMX Anwar! Just like the taste of pee, you taste some saltiness but you force yourselves to drink it because the fake doctor told you drinking urine is good for you!
So be prepared to be peed for another 4 years! After that, there's no Harapan for PH!
Anwar succesfully hang himself even without a rope! The Irish saying, give a man a rope and he will hang himself! Give Anwar the stage and you get a comedian laughing at his own jokes!


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Posted by stockraider > 2023-10-28 22:32 | Report Abuse

This could be end of Anwar....if he continue to ignore reformasi & continue to play the race & the religious race card loh..........there are limits....the non bumi willing to support anwar loh!


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Posted by icecool > 2023-10-28 23:06 | Report Abuse

DAP will be the new MCA a dog party

Posted by FortuneBull777 > 2023-10-28 23:19 | Report Abuse

Once upon a time, the Lims accused MCA leaders for been a lapdogs for Umno!
Today, the Lims are nothing more that family dogs! I begin to believe all chinese parties are meant to be dog party!
Perhaps, another new chinese party will emerge after DAP! Perhaps this we finally get new breed of dogs, barking dogs!

Posted by accountantkenny > 2023-10-29 00:09 | Report Abuse

Calm down... Next year economy will recover.. Boom like a rocket.. Trust the process and relax..


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Posted by qqq47660 > 2023-10-29 00:20 | Report Abuse

short term economy is dependent on world events. ...nothing u can do.

Posted by EngineeringProfit > 2023-10-29 07:16 | Report Abuse

Long term will depend on how the country deal with their debt and strengthen their currency.

Posted by EngineeringProfit > 2023-10-30 12:25 | Report Abuse

Pmx is desperate and turning to ride on greenwave to explore potential new voters


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Posted by buruj57 > 2023-10-30 13:15 | Report Abuse

The world is not meant only for few nations but for every living soul to taste and feel a good and reasonable life

Posted by EngineeringProfit > 2023-10-30 13:40 | Report Abuse

Quote: ".....................every living soul to taste and feel a good and reasonable life"

True - only under these THREE conditions (syarat):

1. Golden rule must be applied i.e. these souls are obliged to ensure others can 'taste and feel a good and reasonable life' too

2. Responsibly- they must do these responsibly without harming others, the ecosystem or mother earth

3. Reject discriminatory or derogatory texts, propaganda, policies and practices

Posted by EngineeringProfit > 2023-10-31 16:16 | Report Abuse

Leaders, regardless of their positions, have a fundamental duty to put the interests of the people first. Failing to do so can have a profound impact on the well-being of the citizens they serve. It is essential to assess policies and decisions through the lens of how they benefit the public and address their needs.


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Posted by qqq47660 > 2023-10-31 16:19 | Report Abuse

21 century is Asian century....what are u complaining about? Just be grateful u are alive this century and China is the engine of the 21 century.

Posted by EngineeringProfit > 2023-10-31 16:24 | Report Abuse

Not complaining. Young ppl like u guys must choose the right gomen. Choosing the wrong gomen is the main cause of transforming gazaa to hell


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Posted by buruj57 > 2023-10-31 16:52 | Report Abuse

Be realistic, young guys will also have the same options such as PN, PH or BN. So dream on.

Posted by EngineeringProfit > 2023-11-25 11:28 | Report Abuse

Pmx is desperate and turning to ride on greenwave to explore potential new voters

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