Meet the new I3investor
Over the past year, our team has been working incredibly hard on the brand-new refreshed version of I3investor. With this new version, we are in an entirely new look and experience to every popular feature which all of you love to use over the past decade.

I3investor as the all-time-favorite stock forum platform for everyone, our team has introduced amazing new features for YOU alongside all enhanced favorite features with blazing fast and accurate stock information on all your devices.
What's new on I3investor?
How to toggle real time price feed
Introducing Real-Time Price Feed
With the real-time price feed, you can now access the latest stock information with ZERO delays for FREE*.

To unlock the full potential of real-time data, you can perform intraday technical analysis on MQ Trader analysis tool to capture high winning chances trading opportunities.

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Optimized for Dark Theme
We heard your request! You can now switch in between light and dark theme in our platform enabling you to have to best experience in using I3investor anytime and wherever you are! By turning on the dark theme, you can improve visual ergonomics by reducing eye strain as well as conserving the battery usage of your device when you are on the go!
How to toggle dark mode
How to toggle real time price feed
Powerful MQ Trading Signals
MQ Trading Signals is now more powerful than ever! You can enjoy this wonderful feature by joining MQ Trader. With Real Time Live MQ Signals, you can now capture all the trading opportunities and perform statistical backed trading decision!

To verify the quality of MQ Trading Signals, you can perform MQ Live Backtesting on MQ Trader analysis tool to capture high winning chances trading opportunities.

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10 Market Depth*
10 market depth* for your favourite stocks is available on I3investor when you sign up for MQ Trader Pro Package. This means that you can have higher accuracy in gauging the liquidity, tradability as well as the likely direction of a stock's price! The ability to view up to 10 market depth for a particular stock allows traders to profit from short-term price fluctuations.
*6-10 market depth is derived data

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How to toggle dark mode
How to toggle real time price feed
Bursa announcements are in i3investor now
The newly updated i3investor will now gather all the latest official announcements from Bursa Malaysia! You can now view all announcements regarding your favourite stocks as it is listed clearly for you in the announcement tab, no more hassle to search for announcements of your favourite stocks on the vast internet!
Stay up to date, with the new Stock Alert.
The worries about missing out on any price movements of your favourite stocks ends here! You can now set a price target, and get an alert notification whenever the target is reached! Alert notifications will be sent via multiple platforms such as MQ Chat or Email inbox to you.
Want to be notified with REAL-TIME LIVE PRICE MOVEMENTS? Subscribe to the MQ Trader Pro package now!

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Stock Alert
Follow your favourite bloggers!
Find and follow the bloggers you love on I3investor. It's easy! Simply click the "Follow" button on their profile page!
Build your social network on I3investor by following each other! Your social networks are your window onto the world, a lens on your market. Connect with more people around and share similar interests in conversations where you're sparked and inspired!
Connect with investors whenever you are with MQ Chat!
The MQChat lets you connect with other investors and receive daily market updates all on your smartphone (mobile app) or desktop!
You can receive notifications from i3Investor, such as stock alerts and market updates so that you won't miss out on any important stock information in your busy lifestyle! Chats are 100% synced between devices.
Never miss out on any stock info with MQChat, try now!

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