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YBS (0025) - The Next Potential Break Up Stock

Publish date: Sat, 10 Jul 2021, 04:15 PM



Recently, Precision related companies have been experiencing a run in price as well as Limit Ups. 


There is a laggard stock which have yet to rally but will potentially break up, based on the price movement on Friday (9 July 2021)'s closing --- YBS


YBS closed at 0.355 with increasing volume, coupled with the cross in MACD. This is evident where this stock is beginning to attract buyers and technically poised for a breakout. 


Entry Price : 0.355 - 0.365

Target Price 1 : 0.45
Target Price 2 : 0.60

Cut Loss below 0.30


Buy now before it's too late. 


Trade at your own risk.



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Michael Kwok

Ur stock up more thn 50 percent on Monday.I notice.

2021-07-12 10:45


what is the next stock to look at?

2021-07-12 11:34


Fantastic YBS rocket all the way & appreciate your advise & may almighty bless you with wealth & health

2021-07-12 21:29

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