Kinergy Advancement Berhad, The Beacon of Energy Sustainability

Publish date: Thu, 20 Jun 2024, 01:08 PM

Kinergy Advancement Berhad (KAB) has been named the top energy solutions provider in the Asia-Pacific region for 2024 by Energy Business Review (EBR). This prestigious recognition underscores KAB's innovative contributions to sustainable energy solutions, highlighting its significant role in the industry.

KAB has consistently delivered customised energy-efficient and renewable energy solutions. One of its key strategies includes a zero-capex financial model, allowing clients to adopt sustainable practices without the burden of substantial upfront costs. This model has fostered a resilient business ecosystem and encouraged the broader adoption of sustainable energy solutions.

Under the leadership of Datuk Lai Keng Onn, KAB has transitioned from mechanical and electrical engineering to providing comprehensive sustainable energy solutions. Notable projects include the implementation of a waste heat recovery system for an aviation client and Malaysia’s largest gas engine power plant in collaboration with PETRONAS. These projects align with Malaysia’s National Energy Transition Roadmap (NETR), showcasing KAB's commitment to advancing environmental, social, and governance (ESG) objectives.

The NETR is Malaysia's strategic plan to transition to a sustainable energy future. It aims to achieve net-zero emissions by 2050, with specific targets of 31% renewable energy by 2025, 40% by 2035, and 70% by 2050. The roadmap focuses on six key energy transition levers: energy efficiency, renewable energy, hydrogen, bioenergy, green mobility, and carbon capture, utilisation, and storage.

Phase 1 of the NETR includes ten flagship catalyst projects expected to attract over RM25 billion in investments, create 23,000 high-quality jobs, and reduce annual carbon emissions by over 10,000 gigagrams of CO2 equivalent​. One notable project is the collaboration between UEM Group Berhad and ITRAMAS Corporation Sdn Bhd for a one-gigawatt hybrid solar photovoltaic power plant, the largest of its kind in Southeast Asia.

Future Prospects

KAB's recognition by EBR not only celebrates its past achievements but also sets the stage for future growth. With a strong focus on ESG objectives and continuous innovation, KAB is well-positioned to adapt to evolving energy demands and regulatory changes, maintaining its competitive edge in the industry.

KAB’s recognition as the top energy solutions provider in APAC for 2024 underscores its leadership and commitment to sustainability. This award reflects KAB's strategic growth and its crucial role in shaping the future of energy solutions. Investors and stakeholders should keep an eye on KAB as it continues to drive advancements in energy sustainability.

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