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Discover MQ Chat's New Feature: Investing Groups Discovery

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Publish date: Wed, 18 Oct 2023, 08:54 AM
Announcement channel for MQ Trader Analysis Platform and MQ Trader Group!

Welcome to MQ Chat's latest feature, Investing Groups Discovery! Finding and connecting with like-minded investors has never been easier. Let's explore this exciting feature together.

Finding New Groups

To start, click on the compass icon in the top left corner.

Enter your keywords in the search bar and hit "Enter."

You'll see a list of groups that match your term. Browse through them and choose the one that interests you.

There are two types of groups: Public and Private. Public groups are open to join immediately, while Private groups require a join request.

Once your request is accepted by the group admin, you're ready to participate!

Joining the Investing Community

If you can't find the perfect group, don't worry; you can create your own. Click the menu icon and select "New Group."

Add at least one user to the group.

Add a profile picture. Give your group a name and write a description.

Write a description that clearly explains your group's goals. This will attract investors with similar interests.

You can control who can join your group. Choose 'Public' for an open group, 'Private' to filter members, or 'Unlisted' if it's only for users who have the invite link of this group.

Sharing Your Group's Invite Link

Once your group is ready, share the invite link on social media for more members to join.

You can also create an investing blog on i3investor and include your invite link. Interested readers can click the link to join your group.

Discover MQ Chat's Investing Groups and become a part of a vibrant investing community. Start your journey today!

Community Feedback

We encourage traders to try out and evaluate the MQ Trader system and provide us feedback on the features you like to see in the system. We have received many positive feedbacks so far, and we are currently compiling and reviewing them for possible inclusion in the next release of the system.

We would like to develop this system based on community feedback to cater to community needs. Thanks to all those who have provided valuable feedback to us. Keep those feedback coming in!

Join us now!

MQ Trader stock analysis system uses Artificial Intelligence (AI), various technical indicators, and quantitative data to generate accurate trading signals without the interference of human emotions and bias against any particular stock. It comprises trading strategies that are very popular among fund managers for analyzing stocks.

MQ Trader stock analysis system is SPONSORED for MQ Trader members. To use this amazing tool, you can sign up via MQ Trader Sign Up!

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