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3A - Potential Technical Breakout

Publish date: Mon, 17 Jan 2022, 08:52 AM
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Sector: Consumer Product and Services/ Food & Beverage

Analysed on 16/01/22

3A is currently trading at RM1.060, with immediate support at RM0.985 and immediate resistance at RM1.140. Judging from the weekly or monthly chart of 3A, it is actually challenging a long-term descending trendline extended all the way from early of Year 2010. Should 3A successfully break the descending trendline, it will challenge the next resistance at RM1.140.

Both EMA25 and EMA50 are sloping upwards, indicate that 3A is on an upward trend. As 3A has been well supported at the EMA25/50 since the beginning of its uptrend back on September of last year, investor who is interested in 3A can take EMA25/50 as reference for entry point.

Reason to Monitor: Potential Breakout


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