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[转贴]阿笔谈股系列42-浅谈KKB ENGINEERING BERHAD: Sarawak 未来发展

Publish date: Mon, 20 May 2024, 08:14 AM

KKB 有两大业务,分别是engineering 和 manufacturing. 

Engineering 主要从事一些有关水供铁管工程、基础设施建设和O&G well oil 建设。 

Manufacturing 是生产煤汽桶与铁水管。

在收入和盈利方面,engineering 占大约90%左右。

Rhb 于19/2/24 发布关于sarawak发展主题概念股,值得注意。

Sarawak: Transitioning Into An Economic Powerhouse


KKB Energy, which intends to undertake the construction and manufacturing of utility projects and parts, transportation projects and other related support services relating to RE such as hydrogen electrolysers assembly and processes. 



High Valuation PE and PB ratio

KKB RM1.84/share, 市值RM531.26M,  P/E 19.96, Book value: RM1.41, ROE 6.54%, Dividend yield 3.8%


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