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Penang's Leap in Digital Connectivity

Tan KW
Publish date: Thu, 07 Dec 2023, 04:20 PM
Penang's Leap in Digital Connectivity

07-Dec-23 12:00

Wong Weng Yew, Member of the Board of Management, DE-CIX Malaysia

On Monday, 4 December, DE-CIX Malaysia and Digital Penang announced a partnership to establish the Penang Internet Exchange (PIX), aiming to enhance digital capabilities in Penang and position it as a key interconnectivity hub in Southeast Asia.

The collaboration is expected to provide faster, more affordable, and more resilient Internet connectivity, enabling data exchange, collaboration, innovation, and economic growth. The partnership also aims to accelerate Penang's digital economy growth and attract businesses, technology companies, and investors. The two parties are also expected to promote knowledge sharing through training sessions and a Penang Peering Forum.

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