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Fair Play in Employment

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Publish date: Fri, 23 Feb 2024, 03:59 PM
Fair Play in Employment

23-Feb-24 12:00

Donovan Cheah, Partner, Donovan & Ho

Recently, in a Reddit post three days ago, and articles on AsiaOne and the New Straits Times, exposed that an eatery (ramen chain) in Kuala Lumpur had allegedly deducted salaries of staff who take medical leave and toilet breaks. Based on a photo of its rules and regulations for employees posted on Facebook (Feb 18) by a netizen, the fines ranged from RM30 to RM500 for various so-called “offences”.

Subsequently, the eatery had also lodged a police report after online backlash on HR policies.

In the modern workplace today, the importance of employee rights and fair employment practices cannot be underestimated. As businesses and economies worldwide cope with rapid technological changes, and shifting societal norms, there is a need to ensure that employment practices evolve accordingly, too.

Today, we will discuss fair employment practices from the lens of legislation, the ongoing efforts and challenges in creating workplaces that comply with legal standards and also foster a culture of respect, equality, and dignity for all employees.

We speak with Dovonan Cheah, a partner at Donovan & Ho on matters that will guide both employees and employers towards a more just and productive working relationship.

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