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OCNCASH--Nonwoven fabric price rose 1100% due to Covid 19.

Publish date: Mon, 02 Mar 2020, 01:27 AM

One month ago,Wuhan need mask.


Now,WHOLE WORLD urgently need mask!!!


The global supply of Mask is now far far far left behind the demand.


Even china,the lagest mask producer in the world,can only produce 20 million piece mask per day at maximum capacity,not even enough for their own use.


Due to serius shortage,the famous iphone maker--foxconn,and many others mega companies from other industry like garment making and car making,have switch part of their production line to manufacture Mask.


Since the end of january,All the mask manufacturer around the world is running their plant 24 hours/day,Non stop.


Nonwoven,the main and crucial material used to produce mask,is probably the hottest item in the market now.


In china,the Nonwoven fabric price already rose by 1100% due to Covid 19 outbreak!!!!


Even with that,mask manufacturer still found themselves very hard to secure enough nonwoven.


Every manufacturer is competing for nonwoven now,the price might continue to rise before Covid 19 under control,which nobody know when.


OCNCASH,the second largest nonwoven manufacturer in south east asia,had expand their production capacity by 25% just before covid 19 outbreak,the timing was almost perfect.


Be ready for another bull run.Cheers!!!



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non woven just 1% of total revenue bro

2020-03-02 08:28


extra capacity can be use for mask as long as demand surge.

2020-03-02 09:13


so could have 25% more revenue at max,and margin could be crazy.

2020-03-02 09:15

Michael Yeo

The price of ocncash non woven fabric has rose 1,100% was nothing to be amused about. Same as the price reflected of ocncash. This has to take into account that the raw materials that ocncash buys has also increased about 1,100 %

2020-03-02 22:58

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