Genetec - A baby step

What's Genetec latest Quarter EPS? 35.83cent? What's the 12:1 bonus issue on 7-Jan-22?

Genetec A baby step
Publish date: Fri, 15 Apr 2022, 08:52 AM
Start small, dream big, and take those crucial baby steps - they're the key to unlocking success

Just give GENETEC a little more time, and mark my words - we'll witness our Battery Day plans come to glorious fruition!

Referred to below comment which indicate the latest quarter EPS of 35.83 cent for GENETEC.


Please kindly be informed - GENETEC is having 12:1 bonus issue ex on 7-Jan-22.


In view of the enlarged number of shares, the latet quarter eps shall be revised to 2.756cent (35.83/13) .


What's current year and next year EPS estimation?


From CLSA estimation, FY22, FY23& FY24  EPS will be 8 cent, 13 cent & 15 cent respectively.

If the stock price is 2.55, the P/E for FY22, FY23 & FY24 will be 31x, 20x & 17x respectively






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Genetec A baby step

I need to explain why I publish following writing this morning

I hope my fellow shareholders not buying in our company by using 35.83cent as EPS. If anyone make this mistake, they can be informed and take this chance to sell down their stake.

Shareholders need to understand the company fundamental and its prospect to make an intelligent & informed decision.

I also need to confess - I may able to collect more if anyone decide to sell down the price to certain extends that provide a safe entry.

2022-04-15 15:02

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