Genetec - A baby step

Tesla's next generation smaller car to operate mostly autonomously-Musk

Genetec A baby step
Publish date: Wed, 08 Mar 2023, 09:47 AM
Start small, dream big, and take those crucial baby steps - they're the key to unlocking success

Just give GENETEC a little more time, and mark my words - we'll witness our Battery Day plans come to glorious fruition!

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March 7 (Reuters) - Tesla Chief Executive Elon Musk on Tuesday said that the next generation small car the company is working on would operate mostly in autonomous mode, similar to a promise he made in 2020.

On Tuesday he said there was a clear path to delivering a car that cost half as much to build as Tesla's Model 3 sedan, but he offered no details about timing or models.

At the 2020 event, Musk said he was "confident" that Tesla Inc (TSLA.O) would make a small, compelling $25,000 electric car that was fully autonomous, within about three years.


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