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2021-10-29 17:11 | Report Abuse

RPGT waived for 5 yrs and above. RM1.5b allocation for low medium cost. Will property counters fly on Monday?


2020-05-19 21:58 | Report Abuse

Sold too soon? Higher risk to enter now.


2020-05-18 17:20 | Report Abuse

I have strong feelings this stock will go up further. But I can't bear not to take the profit at hand. As the sayings goes, one bird on hand is better than 2 birds in the bushes. Have been holding this stock for more than 2 years. I bought when the price was 10 sen. This stock has been kind to me. I have always managed to get out with good profit. Good luck to all.


2020-03-11 19:39 | Report Abuse

myfm_18 0.01

About right. Based on mother share price, its should be about 1 to 1.5

But at this price, its an irrational price. Subscribers are losing 50% of their investment even thought company's financial is actually better after the RI.

Mr Market is irrational.


2020-03-10 21:15 | Report Abuse

MARA Under PH Mara sold XOX so under PN must buy back? If not what for change govn?

Yes, good news for XOX. PN govt will push up XOX to RM1. Hahaha


2020-03-10 21:14 | Report Abuse

sg999 good things pressed 10 years since ipo. use your brain. hahaha

I like your brain. I am waiting at 1.5 sen. hahaha


2020-03-05 22:13 | Report Abuse

Money_Come : Xox still far from bankrupt

Agree with you. In fact now, XOX have a lot of money in the bank. Since the RI is 5 sen per share, my gut feel is the fair price of XOX should be around 5.5 sen. If no one manipulate and pressing the price down, the fair price should be around there.


2020-03-05 21:57 | Report Abuse

Prospect for Q2 should be good. I expect company performance to do better. Why am I saying that?

Although many would say Q1 2020 is very bad for many businesses as many are negatively affected by Covid 19 pandemic, Telco should be one of the sectors (besides medical suppies and drug companies) that will do well. Many people are afraid to go out and stay at home, what do they do? Surf the net and constantly on the phone checking for the latest news. The political development last week also help contributed to increase data traffic.

So XOX shares should do better in the next quarter. But ironically, the share price fell like a rock.


2020-03-05 21:49 | Report Abuse

Based on the above I can only conclude the following possibilities:

1. Some shareholders are not happy with management and are dumping XOX shares, even at a loss as a protest. Reason being company performance especially the share price is not doing great (many were stuck for years) and management still thick face enough to ask for a raise. Secondly if you notice, the company issued a list of MOU failures. 5 MOUs signed with various parties did not materialize. What is the management doing?

2. The directors of the company are not happy with voting result (their proposals to increase directors fees) and deliberately push down the shares to punish the shareholders.


2020-03-05 21:35 | Report Abuse

If you read the announcement, especially the part on voting and results of the company resolutions, you can see that the shareholders have rejected management's proposal to pay and increase the director's fee. I did not attend the AGM but based on some of the postings here it seemed that the meeting did not went well and management were grilled and shot by shareholders.


2020-03-05 21:28 | Report Abuse

Why did XOX shares fell so drastically on the date of the announcement of Q1 result? Revenue increase by another 7%, making profit. Rights Issue not too bad with 48% subscription. As mentioned before, rights issue is above the market value of share price, so it does not erode the value of the shares but in fact will enhance the value of the individual shareholders. With 48% subscription, the company should receive 48% of the maximum possible fund raising of RM66m. So this should be good as it strengthens the company's financial with interest free money. Despite all these why did the share price drop so drastically?

If you track the share price and transaction done, there were not much transaction done at 3 sen or 3.5 sen. Mostly were 4 sen and above. The max price done one day prior to announcement was 6.5 sen. So which investor would want to sell at such a big loss selling at 3.5 to 3 sen?

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2020-02-25 22:56 | Report Abuse

Informative article. Thanks to AA. EPF lost hell of a lot of money. The Q1 performance is already down the drain. COVID 19 is expected to last until June. so the H1 is already gone.

2020 EPF dividend is definitely going to be worse than 2019. Helped by the failed coup by AA. All EPF members will suffer because of AA's ambition. EPF members should kick him in the butt and shower him with rotten eggs if he is seen anywhere in town.


2020-02-25 22:47 | Report Abuse

Interesting rally today. Would the price goes up to 10 sen to make it so compelling to subscribe? Shareholders have until Friday to do so. Sad the rally came so late, many people already gave up and sold. Should have came much earlier after announcement and keep it hover around there. RI subscription would have been good and XOX would be flushed with cash.


2020-02-19 00:10 | Report Abuse

luigee: I think most old timers have been holding since the 10-11 sen days, that is way before trade war happened. Hopefully end of this year can go up to RM1.00 based on the company's potential.

Hope so, if XOX can raise more money than the minimum RM10m, it will have extra funds to work on the latest MOU with AdvanceTech. I have never seen a satelite Android phone with virtual SIM and 4G to 5G option. This phone will have the most robust communication platform ever. You can virtually make calls anywhere on earth, in the jungle or in the middle of the ocean.


2020-02-19 00:01 | Report Abuse

Its a good volume today but still not good enough.

Text book theory would tell you that to have a successful rights issue, i.e. to have full subscription, the value of the rights share must be below the current share price of the mother share. Having a sound business proposal is a given. This is basic common sense. It's the only way to incentivise existing shareholders to take up the rights issue. If they price the rights share above or the same with current market price, no one will take up the rights. It doesn't make sense for management to undertake a rights issue exercise, spending so much money to have a failed rights issue by setting the rights issue price higher than current market price.

So if you ask me whether the share price can still go up, I would say yes. It should. There are no two ways about it. If it doesn't, it just reflects on the competency of the adviser and the management.


2020-02-17 22:34 | Report Abuse

masterkevin212 Lets hope what you said will come true. Then all the ikan bilis here including myself who were trapped for ages can be set free. It doesn't matter who subscribes. If there is full subscription, there is still a little bit of hope for this company. Probably it's still worth the wait.


2020-02-17 21:48 | Report Abuse

If XOX management wants full subscription and hence have interest free cash of RM66 million, they should ensure the share price goes above 6 to 7 sen, or maybe even 10 sen like what masterkevin212 suggested.


2020-02-17 21:28 | Report Abuse

If mother share remained at 3.5 sen post RI, subscriber will lose big time because they paid 5 sen for each share.


2020-02-17 21:26 | Report Abuse

If mother share is below 5 sen, its better off to buy from the market because the value of rights shares after conversion is 5 sens each. You are better off because you are buying it at a discount compared to the RI subscriber.

Theoretically, there is no loss to existing shareholder who are not subscribing because the RI is 5 sen after conversion.


2020-02-17 20:56 | Report Abuse

newbie5354_ If XOX 4.5 sen why RI not attractive to subscribe? WB when listed cannot fetch >1 sen?

For RI to be attractive, mother share needs to be at least 5.5 sen and above. Anything below that, only underwriter will take. Company can only raise minimum fund. RI will be considered a failure. Looks like management have no strategy.


2020-01-05 17:19 | Report Abuse

百忍成金 Hahaha...


2019-06-23 20:32 | Report Abuse

Revenue is growing every quarter. If it continue to grow and losses narrows, I would say its OK to hold. If not, there is not much hope for this company.


2019-06-15 11:13 | Report Abuse

Correction: It looks like if you can buy at RM0.045, you stand to gain 11% (other things equal). If major shareholder is subscribing at RM0.05 per share, surely it not expected to go lower isn't it?


2019-06-15 11:10 | Report Abuse

For every 2 shares held, entitled shareholders can subscribe for 4 ICPS @ RM0.025. Every 2 ICPS can be converted into 1 ordinary shares. i.e. each new shares will be subscribed at RM0.05. It's almost like 1 rights share for 1 shares held at RM0.05.

Based on this, others things equal, the share price ( average movement : RM0.05) is expected to maintain after the RI as the value of new shares subscribed remained intact. Is this a reasonable assumption?

There is a free Warrant 2B attach for every 4 ICPS of which exercise price is at RM0.06. 1 warrant is convertible to 1 share. I wonder why exercise price is set at RM0.06? Are they expecting price to go higher?

Company needs minimum RM10.0 million for expansion. To implement eSIM and eWallet.

Contrary to what someone had mentioned, the company has no borrowings and has a clean balance sheet. Net asset value RM0.11.

Key Alliance Group is undertaking to fully subscribe its entitlement (9%) to guarantee funding of RM10.0m to management's expansion plans. It is structured in a way, in the worst case scenario, if no other shareholders subscribe, it will still hold below 30% share to avoid MGO. If all shareholders subscribes, the company will receive RM66m.

It looks like if you can buy at RM0.045, you stand to gain 11% (other things equal). If major shareholder is subscribing at RM0.05 per share, surely it can't go lower isn't it?


2019-06-05 09:35 | Report Abuse

Revenue growth is encouraging. Happy that the latest quarter result is profitable. Please keep it up. Don't disappoint again with unexpected write offs and provisions. Suggestion to XOX management, issue free eSIM to shareholders, it may help you to increase your revenue and customer base.


2019-04-09 22:26 | Report Abuse

kenen: pity stock

Stock is not pitiful, its the shareholders who are pitiful...


2019-03-28 23:25 | Report Abuse

Sclimaker says:

I never quite like all these corporate guys. They can come up with creative corporate restructurings but its never like building up real business. After cooking up with some creative schemes, they will leave, leaving minority shareholders in the a pile of shit.


2019-03-01 21:48 | Report Abuse

21% increase in revenue also can still lose money. Management need to be changed.


2018-12-21 16:38 | Report Abuse

pejuang79: Try simcard ONEXOX today, then you will choose to hold this counter he he he

Great suggestion


2018-12-01 20:58 | Report Abuse

Another quarter of revenue growth. Good. XOX management, when are you going to give dividend? If cannot give dividend, at least give each shareholder a new smart phone la... :D


2018-11-18 22:01 | Report Abuse

Sclimaker It is truly an honour to receive the award for the Best Telco of The Year – Best Data Package for Business Plan and Company of the Year by Mobile Business Excellence Award (MBEA) 2018.

Ultimately, we would like to express our biggest gratitude to all our beloved subscribers and staffs. Your endless support was the one that made all of this possible.

Without your support, we wouldn’t be where we are right now. We appreciate and value each and every one of our subscribers and staff. Because of you we are blessed with not one, but two awards. We are eternally grateful. Thank you very much for believing in XOX.
17/11/2018 13:31

Sure boh? Can you provide the new link please.


2018-11-04 21:17 | Report Abuse

Tomorrow expecting another sell off?


2018-11-03 22:39 | Report Abuse

This budget: Property agents will have a hard time next year. Some respite for developers with stocks overhang. Overall property as an investment is less attractive because of increased stamp duty and RPGT.


2018-10-29 21:32 | Report Abuse

Management is screwing up shareholders. They are offering new private placement at 4.67 sen per share. How can the share price not dive? Even selling at 5 sen, the investor can get 7% return, For RM4.6 million cash injection, they are screwing the other shareholders big time!


2018-10-29 21:00 | Report Abuse

Why would they want to pay 50 sen when 20 sen is still a premium? What can minority shareholders do?


2018-10-28 16:57 | Report Abuse

At this price, it is very tempting for the controlling shareholders to privatise. Even offering at 20 sen a share is 12.5% premium over current market price. They will look very generous and make tonnes of profit as the NTA is 99 sen.


2018-09-06 21:39 | Report Abuse

If this company still can get private placement, it means there are still investors willing to pump in money into the company. It is actually a good thing and its not a bad news. Telco business is a capital intensive business and gestation period could be long. The JV in Indonesia is quite good catch because membership of the islamic association is actually 1/3 of Indonesia's population.We don't know who is the new investor yet, hopefully it is someone who can add value to the business of XOX. If Investor is someone significant, XOX shares will fly after announcement.


2018-08-28 23:05 | Report Abuse

The company should make some announcements to calm investors.


2018-08-28 22:56 | Report Abuse

Datuk Chai Woon Chet has resigned as Managing Director. He is probably pushing the share prices up to cash out. Mr Ng Kok Heng has remained as CEO and ED. Is this good news for the company?


2018-08-09 21:41 | Report Abuse

AD Anuar Zain said: I'm ONEXOX dealer. People talk much no nothing about business performance at the ground. We consistently grow around 1500 new subscribers every day. Now we are at 5th among telcos in Malaysia.
08/01/2018 21:29

I trust this...


2018-08-09 21:39 | Report Abuse

Still got leg. Macquarie Investment Bank's cost was 0.09. Be patient...


2018-08-09 21:11 | Report Abuse

Kampung Boy said: Tan Sri MK now being appointed a member of the Perak State economy advisory council. Obviously MK Land shares are good to buy.

Aiyoo, didn't read this piece of news! Buy lo buy lo, don't wait before its too late...

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2018-06-08 22:27 | Report Abuse

You gotta trust this guy. He holds RM880 b of funds. KLSE will break records in due course. New PH government has been making the right moves for the country so far. A lot of people are very impressed. Confidence is coming back to the country. We can all feel it in our bones!


2018-05-31 22:08 | Report Abuse

Whole market is down. In addition to external factors, players are worried with RM1 trillion debt, cancellation of so many projects, lost of GST income, increased subsidy of pump petrol prices and government need to raise donation to save the country. It all looked very jittery. Prices will be subdued until there are clear announcements to increase economic activity.

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2018-05-30 21:16 | Report Abuse

Wow BN/UMNO cyber troopers are still working overtime! Wonder who pays them now? Folks, no one is forcing you to donate. Donate at your own free will whatever amount you deem fit. Even if you don't donate, I believe you will still have a place in Malaysia in the same standing to those who gave. You will still enjoy the benefit like those who donated. But don't discourage others who want to do their part for the country, like what the Koreans did when they were hit by the Asian Crisis.


2018-05-16 19:31 | Report Abuse

Tomorrow contra due from Monday bloodbath. There will be sellers. Opportunity to buy/top up if there is a correction.


2018-05-14 20:34 | Report Abuse

dalpinia : cimb...itrade cannot login.....what the F
14/05/2018 09:50

Precisely. Can see but cannot buy. damn it!


2018-05-11 21:15 | Report Abuse

The winds of change has blown over to Malaysia. Tun M is back. He is going to take Malaysia back to the glory days of early 1990s. In his first speech as the 7th PM of Malaysia yesterday, he has asked investors and businessmen to push the stock market up. Tun M has too many of these big guns to support him. He will make sure the market is vibrant. His army of market movers is ready and will be there to make waves. Get ready for a splashing time ahead in KLSE.