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2023-10-01 00:49 | Report Abuse

I don't care about the past. I only care which investors able to loot this company min. 7 mil RM from the open stock market, buying low selling high in a week or a month, then the stock price should reflect a correction in 7 mil shortfall of cashflow quarterly.


2020-08-28 23:36 | Report Abuse

kalim288 Why suddenly all xox supporter missing ? 28/08/2020 6:55 PM

Because they only help XOX to promote the stock counter. They said it is a very good stock to buy because of the news.


2020-08-21 19:04 | Report Abuse

Keep until we all see Uncle Lim.


2020-03-20 10:28 | Report Abuse

TF plays with us?


2020-02-18 10:59 | Report Abuse

Tawau people told me that this company is locked down by an untouchable asset will for 100 years. The board members are more than happy buying assets under personal gain than company.

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2020-01-16 01:40 | Report Abuse



2020-01-08 22:13 | Report Abuse

Malaysia stock market is a weak spot.


2020-01-06 02:17 | Report Abuse

If you ask me, why Malaysian is crazy for milk counter like Dlady? Most of them aware that milk & infants products are the most premium item in consumer goods segment. Supermarket tends to have to a designated milk & infant formula section and payment counter because it is the most stolen item. To many Malaysian investors, Dlady is deemed as the second Nestle counter.

I see many stores adjusted their price for Dlady products to become very unaffordable. 1 packet of 1 litre UHT Fresh milk selling for over Rm7 in Sabah. While Marigold pasteurised milk which needs cold storages all the way from PJ to Sabah selling Rm6+. This explains that all along the supply chain, UHT milk middlemen earns a big chunk because they do not need cold storage at all. While the shop owners loves to overprice Dlady because they save the hassles selling pasteurised milk like Marigold which expires every week. Just let UHT milk fully replaces that Pasteurised milk on the shelve and its price for max profit.

As a consumer, are we not told that UHT processed milk are not suitable for infants and children by the Ministry of Health? Omega 3 is fully destroyed when any liquid reaches 90 degree Celsius. But our ministry never issues such statement to the Public.

Besides, when comes to milk production, I was told by an agri consultant that the cost of producing 1 liter of milk in an Australian farm is 25 cents. You can get 1 liter of fresh milk at 1 AUD at the petrol station or state owned supermarket. At the same price, we only get a 250ml condensed milk here in Malaysia. Are we not having enough dairy farms in Malaysia?


2019-06-20 11:39 | Report Abuse

Don't think Fed will cut interest. Latest tradewar causes Crypto price surged so high. Guess USD nobody wants to invest long term.


2019-05-16 23:37 | Report Abuse

I can see how PBB bullied their customers. Please don't fall in love with this stock.


2018-01-09 15:28 | Report Abuse

Dividend share is for somebody who want to keep for retirement.

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2016-12-02 00:16 | Report Abuse

"3) The Latest Figures show that AirAsia is having thining margin in profit

While Average fare has increased from last quarter Rm153 to Rm164

Ancillary income per pax has actually dropped from Rm48 to only Rm46

For a seat in a plane worth Rm400 million with such razor thin margin of Rm46 profit? This is even worst than using Roll Royce as Uber taxi getting Rm15 fares?

No wonder Bloomberg came out with an article saying AirAsia would be making a Loss if not for Leasing planes to subsidiaries!!"

Remember why the GMT RESEARCH titled their reports for Airasia Parent Company as "New dog, old trick" ? Because it found out that AA parent company are using its subsidiaries to lease aircrafts from parent company just to put AA in the "black" every quarter. By not doing so, AA already in the "red" for many years now.

While what we know for many years, those subsidiaries like Philippines AA, Indo AA and Thai AA been making tremendous losses every year. Just this year Thai AA returns to the black.

Besides, GMT Research pointed out that the cash flow position is trending and dwindling down to zero even BEFORE RM crashed below 1:4 against USD, and oil price slump when AA group hedged oil above USD 80 for many years.


2016-12-01 23:42 | Report Abuse

I think Calvintaneng got a point here. When auditor gives allowance for depreciation on fixed asset is normally based on the lifespan of the fixed asset. Say a computer would become obsolete after 5 years, then the allowed depreciation is 20% per year.

For a plane, normally its lifespan is 30 years. Reputable airliner would dispose their aircrafts after certain years of service, say 15 years. Lower reputable ones would fly their planes up to 30 years. Others may buy second hand planes at 20 years from good airliners and fly up to 30 years. Normally the price of such aircrafts would become significantly cheap.

Say if Airasia disposes its aircrafts which are 20 years old at dirt cheap price tag, the allowed depreciation should be 5% each year given by the auditor. Likewise if it disposes at 30 years old, then the allowed depreciation is 3.3%. If below 2% means the aircrafts is readily service for up to 50% years or more.

But Airasia financial reports states that the allowed depreciation is below 1%. Does it mean those aircraft are readily to service up to 100 years or more?? This clearly has some misrepresentation in the report.


2016-02-20 20:21 | Report Abuse

XOX downtrend bcos 1.5 mil Bangladesh not arriving.


2015-10-24 21:36 | Report Abuse

I know even Mamak store selling XOX reload.


2015-07-18 14:13 | Report Abuse

Airasia subsidiaries need cash pumped in to operate because parent company took away the cash monthly from leasing aircrafts. If parent company is not having cash flow problem, why she needs to take away cash from those non profit making subsidiaries?? Logic can explain better than maths/ accounting.

Worst still now that those subsidiaries have to look for finance in home countries where reputation already screwed up especially by AA arrogant marketing schemes.


2015-07-08 12:03 | Report Abuse

Even Tony is back in the office 24 hour working hard won't save the company. Too many bad decisions done in the past while his hands got handful of sponsoring events burning AA's cash flow.


2015-06-27 20:42 | Report Abuse

AA biggest rival now is no more MAS but creditors.


2015-06-22 11:50 | Report Abuse

Tf said the GMT report is rubbish. But 2 investment banks lowered their TPs after the report released.


2015-06-13 13:04 | Report Abuse

TF needs a financial expert to study his company's cash flow. He cannot rely on bad marketing strategies all the time to sell AA ticket. Too many bad decisions done on AAX subsidiaries like renting aircrafts from parent company. Now the whole regional market react negative because of AAX.


2015-05-26 10:00 | Report Abuse

Whether AA is undervalue, one should start evaluate its debt to earning and debt to capital ratios, just like another 1Mdb.

With all the earnings down this year, how those big listed companies going to service their mega loans?


2015-05-26 01:31 | Report Abuse

How AAA accumulated to that staggering amount of foreign loan is really amazing. Does TF uses US bankers or credit facilities to buy AA airplanes?

1mdb has a big part in causing RM devalues. A lower RM simply means a higher maintenance costs for local airlines which purchase their aircraft's parts in USD.

Also if Airasia locked in the oil price above 100USD say 130USD during last peak season, then it has to pay the difference of 50 Dollar when those contracts expire every month.


2015-05-24 20:52 | Report Abuse

Reply to lcwin,

When I look at how OR is issued, it caused the underlying AAX priCE to drop from 44 cents down to 22 cents, you know it is crazy. OR only worth 5 cents and 17 cents are vanished into thin air.

Does 17 cents used to improve the cash flow of AAA prior to quaterly announcement?

Reply to rMoi

Oil price high or low doesn't matter. A businessman can lock in any commodity's future price using hedge fund. I noticed that during oil price @ 130USD, AAA had the distinctive edge in making handsome profit among all budget airlines. I guessed that AAA must have locked in the oil price above 100 USD for at least one to two year. However the last oil peak did not last as long as Pre Olympic peak 2005-2008 period, only about half of it. Many seious investor may have locked in 2 to 3 years based on last 2005-2008 oil peak, because none of them knew US shale oil would have pulled the price down.


2015-05-22 16:49 | Report Abuse

Tony needs a new operational expert.


2015-05-22 10:50 | Report Abuse

Move prompts speculation Tony Fernandes had prior knowledge

AirAsia CEO Tony Fernandes dumped 944,800 shares in Tune Insurance Holdings Bhd, the organization that provides travel insurance for AirAsia passengers, just days before the disappearance of Flight QZ8501.

On December 26, the Malaysian Insider reported that Fernandes, the founder of Tune Group Sdn Bhd which owns AirAsia, had sold a total of 944,800 shares in Tune Insurance Holdings Bhd, with 850,000 shares being dumped on December 22, and the other 94,800 being sold the day after.

According to its official website, Tune Insurance Holdings Bhd is “an insurance product manager” for AirAsia in which “insurance products are sold to (AirAsia) customers as part of their online booking process.”

The share prices of AirAsia and Tune Insurance Holdings both fell on the first day of trading after the disappearance of Flight QZ8501, with the former shedding 12.9 percent at one point. Tune Insurance Holdings lost 0.6%.

Fernandes decision to dump the shares less than a week before AirAsia Flight QZ8501 disappeared over the Java Sea prompted some to speculate that he may have had prior knowledge of the incident.

“Did Fernandes know his company stock was about to take a hit? The timing is suspicious,” asks, adding, “If so, it indicates knowledge of an impending attack on AirAsia.”

The International Business Times adds that the move has prompted many to voice the theory that Fernandes, “possibly knew about an impending attack on one of the company’s aircraft.”

The story bears some similarity to the unusual market activity in airline stocks that preceded the September 11, 2001 terror attacks. An “extraordinary” amount of ‘put options’ – speculation that a stock price will fall – were placed on United and American Airlines in the days leading up to 9/11.

As we reported earlier, one of the other main unanswered questions surrounding the incident is why a Chinese blogger urged people to avoid AirAsia flights less than two weeks before the disappearance of Flight QZ8501.

Some say the posts, which were made on Chinese social media site Weibo, are a startling indication of prior knowledge whereas others claim the posts were deceptively edited after the crash of Flight QZ8501 to create the impression that its disappearance had been predicted ahead of time.

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2015-05-21 04:06 | Report Abuse

When even Airasia online booking system is a failure, it can only mean a systemic failure, otherwise a manmade trap. Tell me, can anyone still guarantee me AA and AAX are still making money? I believe even TF dare not to guarantee. Just look at the online booking system every page is full of scams and traps. Did anyone ever receive barcode boarding pass since day 1? Now it is extended to email of boarding pass.

If it is not a systemic failure or trap, then what is? Can the operational CEO Kathleen Tan explain to me?


2015-05-19 18:51 | Report Abuse

New Airasia dirty tactic revealed - Online chat with Lil' Miss Red

I bought my Airasia return ticket flying from Tawau to Kota Kinabalu on Monday morning 17th of May. I did my web check in as soon as I purchased the ticket. My booking no. is THYTKN. However I have yet received my Boarding pass and Barcode till departure day. I made a self check in at the airport and saw my Twu to KK flight option grayed out, and only managed to checked in the return flight. Upon departure entry, airport staffs refused me from entry even with my travel itenarary. I went to Airasia office to reprint my Boarding pass. The staff checked the system and claim that I did not even make my web check in. He only allow me to take the next flight by paying the difference. The difference is huge because of last minute fare is considered full fare. I made a call to 600858888 call centre to ask for a full refund. Call centre said they only service AAX call in customer. Malaysian call centre have been moved to Thailand and Indonesia. I can only choose to do online chat in staff. On visiting the website, I noticed there is nowhere for me to chat except Lil' Miss Red searchbar. So where is the so called Online Airasia Personnel??

In the end, I refused to pay for the difference by taking MasWing. Because all and all I felt being scammed by Airasia marketing scheme. From day 1, I never ever able to receive the Barcode. Now it extended to boarding pass is really ridiculous.

Luckily I am not one of the AA fans that let them broke my heart further.


2014-07-10 02:22 | Report Abuse

How can we forget so fast?

Nobody mention MH370. Nobody mention AAX. Those stories all forgotten by everyone, or nobody dare to ask?


2014-06-25 16:06 | Report Abuse

Starting this year, Jolly & Dorky already warned that the fundamentals are rotting for Asian market. Towards the end of 2013, from macroeconomic figures already marked the end of Global Reverse trend. Dorky can explain this further.

With AA expansion of fleet size, it is only a time bomb for an airline facing with more competitors. Early this year, many new aircrafts delivered are deployed on new routes with almost zero load, such as Kathmandu-KK/KL. Till now, AA has no choice but to delay next year Airbus delivery.

According to Tony, AA's success actually started from flying Sabah market. This year, Sabah tourism is badly hit by kidnappings. 90% of tourist number drop in fact is a big blow to AA.

I watch the Apprentice series, I get to know how AA pick their management. Putting tremendous pressure on management actually is not a healthy move. I personally spoke to one of AA's CEO family who has a sibling fallen ill. The mum said to me, what is the use if you gain all the money but you cannot enjoy it. AA should change its image & strategy from hard labour to smart technology.


2014-06-24 22:12 | Report Abuse

How can Airasia cancel 5 flights from the all time busiest route KK - KL everyday? 5 x 7 = 35 flights per week.

Besides delaying the new Airbus arrival next year, those cut back aircrafts are deployed on the newest mini route like Bangkok - ChiangMai???

Frankly speaking, does Airasia know how to make money from flying passenger aircraft??

Tony still have a big lesson to learn.


2014-06-20 23:34 | Report Abuse

9000 China tourists cancelled their flights from ShenZhen to Kota Kinabalu due to the recent kidnappings this year. Sabah kidnaps have had more impact than MH370 on Chinese tourist numbers, says minister; BY EILEEN NG Published: 17 June 2014 | Updated: 17 June 2014 2:32 PM

"Tourism and Culture Minister Datuk Seri Mohamed Nazri Abdul Aziz said as of April this year, China cancelled 76 flights to the state capital city, Kota Kinabalu.... National carrier Malaysia Airlines saw 10 scheduled flights from Shanghai cancelled, while China Southern Airlines cancelled 22 flights from Shenzhen. Chinese low-cost carrier Spring Airlines cancelled 44 flights from Shanghai to Sabah.... "Yes, what happened in Sabah has had a worse impact than the MH370 incident," he told Azmin Ali (PKR-Gombak)

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2014-06-14 12:22 | Report Abuse

If this counter is held substantially by the Public, sure the share price lost 30% by now.


2014-04-12 23:31 | Report Abuse

I heard every parts of M'sia facing cash crunch. Mega sales is ON !! You see people sticking ON SALES notes on vehicles & buildings.


2014-03-07 12:11 | Report Abuse

Better than those aircrafts catch fire later. Foreign media will fully report the issue.


2014-02-22 22:50 | Report Abuse

When AA was at its peak; TF did not consolidate AA's wealth from massive earnings gained during the golden days. A lot of money were spent on oversea listings, ANA joint venture, AAX entry to Europe, Football Club, F1 campaign, The Apprentice show etc.

However, MAS made a lot of changes, such as changing the menu, upgrade to the leather seats, online entertainment & LCD screen on every passenger seats. Those are the most fundamental upgrades that a passenger would ask for.

Yet where were Tony spent mostly over the last 2 years? U.K, India or Indonesia?


2014-02-22 01:05 | Report Abuse

Tony doesn't know much about operational management, aviation engineering and law of physics. He should not show his bossy attitudes in 'The Apprentice' show.

To save his public image, he should stop the making the show.


2014-02-22 00:58 | Report Abuse

A trap set for retail investor after IB's new targets. More bad news coming. AA downtrend for another 6 months.


2014-02-19 13:47 | Report Abuse

Dorky, I strongly believe you understand the meaning 'rotting fundamentals'.


2014-02-14 23:29 | Report Abuse

Dorky, I think the market is a bit over reacting to IB's new TPs.

They will not think like what we think earlier - the fundamentals are rotting. I believe this trend will persist for a couple of years.


2014-02-14 22:00 | Report Abuse

Dorky, you believe that Air Asia's earnings dwindling down to zero?

Just look at the profit trend: -

Why everyone still feel so excited over AA when investment bank published their TPs based on the quarterly announcement lately?

I saw the new revised TP is 3.16 by an investment bank.

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2014-01-11 01:35 | Report Abuse

Do not speculate any stock with accounting fraud.


2014-01-07 03:13 | Report Abuse

A bad management decision is a bad management. Even investor's fund cannot change that fundamental.


2013-12-26 18:59 | Report Abuse

Rachael, expanding years after years is not necessary a good sign. The bigger fleet you have, the bigger time bomb you plant into your daily operation. When timing comes, low load factor is the one that ignites the time bomb; while wrong management decision is like a split in the mirror, where you never return to the glorious past.


2013-12-26 15:19 | Report Abuse

I don't understand AA top management shows that they are so capable in The Appretice show. Yet the AA fundamentals is rotting to the core. Can they stop airing the show for a season?


2013-12-24 21:12 | Report Abuse

It is not about share price in toilet. It is about rotting fundamentals. 2013 really marks the end of global reverse trend. US, Europe, Japan are taking the big leap in history. What has AA done to change its strategy? Not a bad decision again like last time.


2013-12-23 14:03 | Report Abuse

I am quite impress Dorky having 2 views that are similar to mine. One is TF's attention on football club and eroding macroeconomic condition. Both issues I posted as a concern on Investlah since last year.

Load factor is a main concern Jolly expects this quarter too. First, AA has so many aircrafts (withdrawn from India's flight) and put on total new routes, such as KK- Kathmandu, KK - Jakarta, KK - Australian cities etc. Certain routes are not expecting any load at all, like KK - Kathmandu. While KK - Jakarta, Bali & Bangkok the connected cities do not have much cultural & commercial influence on the other city, but only facilitated as a network of eco-tourism.


2013-12-23 12:42 | Report Abuse

hey you all should really read my post on Airasia on Investlah. I did lots of reseach of aircrafts. I knew something really not right with Tony F's decision. Flying to Europe is not easy like US, as they are high tech regions with abundance of robots and computers.

According to Tony on both Eurozone quit 2012 and Japan 2013:

“We pulled out of London because we had the wrong aircraft, the A340. The price of oil was US$80 (RM254) at the time. Then it went up to US$130 (RM413). With a four-engine aircraft, it was just not feasible,” Fernandes said, adding that the UK government's green tax is "discriminatory against ultra-long-haul airlines".

AirAsia parted ways with Japan’s All Nippon Airways (ANA) when it sold its 49% stake in AirAsia Japan to ANA in June this year. Both airlines had clashed over management and operational differences followed by losses amounting to ¥3.5 billion (RM113 million).

To me, both Japan and UK/ Europe markets have one similarity. Our Asian operation cannot be directly applied in the first world countries where there are abundant of computer and robot available. While our Asian labour is not anywhere cheap these days.

The description of twinjet and 4 engines aircraft goes against the law of Physics.

The energy consumed by a twinjet or 4 engines aircraft to fly on a route is theoretically the same. Only thing, a twinjet is equipped with more powerful jet engines twice as large as a 4 engines aircraft.

4 engines A340 is mainly designed for safety purpose as opposed to twinjet B777, its nearest competitor. Because any aircraft needs minimum 2 engines to continue to fly on the route. Therefore, any twinjet's route must be certified by ETOPS where a safety margin is calculated, if ever the aircraft loses one of its engine, it can divert to the nearest or unused airport.

Second reason for A340 to have 4 engines is because it is one of the heaviest widebody aircrafts. A380, B747, A340 and B777 are the heaviest aircrafts, while B777 is the only twinjet in this range. Therefore B777 is powered by the world's most powerful turbofan engine.

Airasia replaced the European routes with 25 units of twinjet A320 route because A320 is a medium sized versatile range aircraft, while in the past it is operated by A340 which is the 747's nearest competitor.


2013-12-23 12:14 | Report Abuse

I don't believe I find Dorky here. This is Mr. 3i's official website.