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2022-04-27 18:59 | Report Abuse

We are here to share and make friends, not enemies. Please be respectful everyone. Thank you very much


2022-04-23 11:36 | Report Abuse

After I read Serba announcement, I realise their logic and Pearl’s are same. Conclusion? Pearl is from Serba. He is sent here by Serba.


2022-03-12 09:11 | Report Abuse

Indeed, sometime we think too much and can not make decisions. We will have election this year and Malaysia have many oil palm plantation owners, which could support palm oil bull year. I think it is still early stage, but I maybe wrong la.


2022-03-12 09:09 | Report Abuse

Thank you all for your good reply. There are palm trees in front of my house as decoration trees. Ever year they produced fruits which attracts birds (although I never apply fertilizer). The fruits and birds are causing some annoyance to me. Ha....


2022-03-12 02:33 | Report Abuse

While I agree that fertilizers price is increasing and the fertilizers company will earn more, it is illogical to think the fertilizers company will take major profit while the plantations earn less. Not logical and not possible.


2022-03-04 01:49 | Report Abuse

Thank you Mr Firehawk


2022-03-04 00:01 | Report Abuse

Why it is so? Mr Firehawk

I think now it is certainly not a bear market, so JAKS' price performance is its own. For investors not yet buy, better no. For stuck investors, can consider to switch to other counters. You can always come back later.


2022-03-03 18:57 | Report Abuse

@Peterng123, be careful of "value trap"..


2022-03-03 00:02 | Report Abuse

Many people believe i3 forum discussion will affect stock market. I never believe this. How can we the forummers move KLSE? Only the funds can.


2022-03-02 23:55 | Report Abuse

Many years ago, I bought Megan Media after I read sharing from Mr KLSE.8K. I lose a lot of money due to Megan. Do I blame 8K? No. Because investment decision is mine. I even met 8K after Megan fraud and until today I always wish him healthy and prosperous.


2022-03-02 23:51 | Report Abuse

If I am Mr OTB, I won?t entertain those bullies but I guess everyone is unique and different. Nobody will be willing to share if he get blamed for the companies he shared.


2022-03-02 23:48 | Report Abuse

Investment is your own decision. If you win money in stock market, you will think it is your capability. So do not blame others when you lose money. The most important point is you learned something from the loss and get better. Cheers!


2022-03-01 02:43 | Report Abuse

"Good" business with no direct control + Bad management.

I do not see investment value in this company.

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2022-02-27 20:03 | Report Abuse

If I am to choose between fertilizer and palm oil, of course palm oil is better and I think it is common sense. Correct?


2022-02-24 01:09 | Report Abuse

Major shareholder placed 10% share at RM1.58.

Since the private placement is completed, in my opinion, RM1.62 is very attractive entry price.


KUALA LUMPUR (July 19): CTOS Digital Bhd (formerly known as CTOS Holdings Bhd) debuted on the Main Market of Bursa Malaysia, surging to a high of RM1.76, a 60% premium over its initial public offering price (IPO) of RM1.10.

Opening at RM1.50, the stock ended its maiden trading day at RM1.62, up 47% over the issue price.


2022-02-24 01:07 | Report Abuse

Under the proposed primary placement exercise, the Group would issue a total of 110.0 million
new shares representing 5.0% of the total number of issued CTOS Digital shares. Upon the
listing of the new shares in early March 2022, CTOS Digital’s issued share capital would
enlarge from 2.20 billion shares to 2.31 billion shares.
The issue price per share of RM1.58 represents a 6.5% discount to 5-day volume weighted
average price (VWAP) up to and including 21 February 2022, being the market day
immediately prior to the price fixing date.
Following the strong demand for this placement, private equity firm Creador, via Inodes Ltd,
placed 185 million shares it owns in CTOS Digital at the same price of RM1.58, its first
placement since the Company’s initial public offering (IPO) in July last year. This pares Inodes’
shareholding in CTOS Digital from 40.0% to 30.1% post issuance of the primary placement.


2022-02-16 00:00 | Report Abuse

Local steel makers have no control over the rising steel prices, say associations
Sulhi Khalid

February 15, 2022 21:41 pm +08
Local steel makers have no control over the rising steel prices, say associations

KUALA LUMPUR (Feb 15): Amid rising prices of building materials such as iron and steel, domestic steel bar manufacturers have no control over the rising steel prices that result in higher building material costs, said Malaysian Iron and Steel Industry Federation (MISIF) and Malaysia Steel Association (MSA) in a joint statement.

The duo noted that the domestic steel prices are subject to global supply and demand dynamics.

Both associations highlighted that steel bar users, such as contractors and housing developers, have been able to import steel bars at zero import duties without the need for an approved permit since 2008.

"Steel bar prices rose in the first half of 2021, owing primarily to strong demand resulting from global economic recovery and hike in raw material prices, particularly scrap, iron ore and coking coal, due to supply tightness and global supply chain disruptions.

"Coupled with the Chinese government's tight control over steel production and the removal of export rebates, the increasing raw material costs are reflected in rising steel prices.

"In addition, rising energy prices, such as a 64% increase in natural gas tariff in 2021 in Malaysia, as well as a surge in international freight costs also contributed to the increase in imported material costs and steel prices," it said.

The associations added domestic steel bar prices have constantly been below China prices. The duo reiterated that the trajectory of domestic steel prices tracks the international price trend, particularly China steel prices, as the country accounts for more than half of global crude steel production.

MISIF and MSA also pointed out that they are not aware of any cartel dominance in the iron and steel industry.

According to both associations, steel products account for approximately 3% of total housing project costs.

"We welcome engagements with relevant ministries and associations for further deliberation," the statement said.

Kathy Fong


2022-02-07 11:37 | Report Abuse

May I know on what basis you opined that earning for AYS in 2023 would be 24m?


2021-12-31 12:25 | Report Abuse

I myself appreciate OTB.


2021-12-24 12:35 | Report Abuse

AYS Ventures poised to resume uptrend reversal, says RHB Retail Research

KUALA LUMPUR (Dec 24): RHB Retail Research said AYS Ventures Bhd is poised to resume its uptrend reversal as it attempted to push past the immediate resistance of 65.5 sen on stronger volume – printing a “White Marubozu” bullish candlestick.

In a trading stocks note on Friday (Dec 24), the research house said if the stock manages to breach that level, the positive momentum may propel it towards the 70 sen resistance, then the 80 sen mark.

“This expectation will be nullified if it falls below the 60.5 sen support level,” it said.

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2021-12-18 14:18 | Report Abuse

I think you are referring to Eastern Steel. I believe they are sourcing iron ore externally, as the operation is controlled by China Jian Long. For Hiaptek, its iron ore business is very very small only.

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2021-12-18 09:20 | Report Abuse

Market capitalization for Annjoo is RM996 million, Hiaptek is RM876 million.

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2021-12-18 09:18 | Report Abuse

Annjoo and Hiaptek are both upstream steel players. While Annjoo directly control its upstream business, Hiaptek operates via its associate Eastern Steel.

I prefer Hiaptek compared to Annjoo because Hiaptek has expansion plan and never been "goreng" since TSLaw taken over it years ago.

But actually you could buy both, not need to choose.

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2021-11-30 10:15 | Report Abuse

I think share buy back will not be efficient and use up company's capital.

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2021-11-30 10:15 | Report Abuse

@Uncle Koon,

I think the suggestion to "give twenty-eight (28) days notices before the AGM to submit your requisition to move and vote on your resolution on ...shares split/ bonus/ free warrants..." is very good news to support the share price.

Please submit the suggestion to AYS now then broadcast your letter to all. Let the news agency to pick up this news. Thanks.


2021-11-13 10:01 | Report Abuse

Hiap Teck Venture in expansion mode

November 13, 2021 09:02 am +08

Wai Cheong says the capital injection by Shanxi Jianlong was very timely as ESSB had gained a strong foothold in the local steel industry and was ready to embark on a RM3 billion expansion, involving a venture into the hot rolled coil (HRC) business.

KUALA LUMPUR (Nov 13): After a 10-year wait, Main Market-listed Hiap Teck Venture Bhd, controlled by tycoon Tan Sri David Law Tien Seng, is finally reaping the fruits of its investment in Eastern Steel Sdn Bhd (ESSB), which operates a fully-integrated blast furnace steel plant in Kemaman, Terengganu.

The construction of ESSB’s Kemaman plant started in 2011 before its dry run in 2014, followed by the commencement of production in January 2015.

Unfortunately, in October 2015, ESSB’s operations were suspended to minimise losses due to difficult market conditions at the time, caused by the influx of cheap imports from China that started in 2013.

The breakthrough came in 2018, when Hiap Teck successfully roped in Shanxi Jianlong Industry Co Ltd as a new strategic partner of ESSB.

Shanxi Jianlong, whose parent Beijing Jianlong Heavy Industry Group Co Ltd is a Fortune Global 500 company and one of the top five steel makers in China, acquired a controlling stake of 60% in ESSB and resumed steel production within a short period of half a year.

Notably, Hiap Teck last Monday announced that Shanxi Jianlong had injected cash of 500 million yuan (about RM325.6 million) into ESSB, and therefore raised its stake in the company to 68.8%.

Consequently, Hiap Teck’s shareholding in ESSB was diluted from 35% to 27.3%, while Chinaco Investment Pte Ltd’s stake was cut from 5% to 3.9%.

In an exclusive interview with The Edge, Hiap Teck executive director Law Wai Cheong, who is Tien Seng’s son, said the capital injection by Shanxi Jianlong was very timely as ESSB had gained a strong foothold in the local steel industry and was ready to embark on a RM3 billion expansion, involving a venture into the hot rolled coil (HRC) business.

Wai Cheong also spelled out Tien Seng’s ambitious plans in rebuilding his mining empire in Australia.

To recap, after selling his stake in Australian iron ore miner Midwest Corp Ltd to China’s Sinosteel Corp at the peak of the commodity boom in 2008 — pocketing a whopping profit of A$200 million — Tien Seng returned to Australia by investing in Tungsten Mining NL (TGN) in 2014.

Today, he controls at least three Australian-listed mining companies, namely iron ore miner GWR Group Ltd, tungsten miner TGN and gold miner Western Gold Resources Ltd.

Meanwhile, it has not gone unnoticed that most steel stocks on Bursa Malaysia, which saw their prices peak in May this year, have since retreated from their mid-year highs, some with more than half of their gains erased.

The Edge compares the performance of Hiap Teck against some major steel players including Ann Joo Resources Bhd, Southern Steel Bhd, CSC Steel Holdings Bhd and Leon Fuat Bhd.


2021-10-28 09:29 | Report Abuse

As a investor with personal experience with Megan Media, I think I know what will be the ending of Serba Dinamik. Not trying to hurt the minor shareholders, I just feel sad for the current situation and angry with the big bosses.


2021-10-28 07:24 | Report Abuse

Do you really believe there is happy ending for Serba Dinamaik???


2021-10-28 07:23 | Report Abuse

it is export ban of scrap iron (material), not steel product la.

It is actually good news for iron mill at Sabah. But ask yourself, are there many scrap iron at Sabah???

Government won't ban export of steel product, unless it is preparing to make compensation to the exporters because breach contract. At most, it can increase export duty or tax.

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2021-10-26 23:21 | Report Abuse

I remembered when we discussed about Hiaptek during MCO3.0. There are a long time which Hiaptek remain around 50 cent. Everyone can enter at that time and have a good paper profit now. So please do not accuse OTB try to push up price now. Not fair to him la. He shared a lot of info here while most of people here did not pay him or appreciate his effort.

It is apparent steel counters will go up and it is still early stage. Because there are still a lot of non believers...牛市总在绝望中诞生,在怀疑中成长,在乐观中成熟,在兴奋中死亡。。。

While for glove counters, if you are experienced investors, you should know those will buy, already in them, waiting for novice investors to buy for them. That is why the share price does not go up.

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2021-10-25 14:03 | Report Abuse

@arv18, good for you to sell and take profit. But please pity those still holding steel counters, not need to talk bad although you sold already


2021-10-25 12:57 | Report Abuse

Go out and ask those hardware shop, contractors, developers and builders, are the price of steel products rising or decreasing? Do they think the price will continue to rise or decrease?

Then come back here to state your findings.

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2021-10-25 12:53 | Report Abuse


I have studied the history of Eastern Steel. TSLaw has strong control over it. In fact TSLaw founded & used Eastern Steel to gain control of Hiaptek from previous MD.

Eastern Steel has massive loss over the years, so dividend is not relevant. In fact I prefer they use retained earning to upgrade the factory and output.

TSLaw/Hiaptek controls the finance and have big influence over the Malaysian staff. Also TSLaw/Hiaptek has local knowledge and local relationship.

Operation wise Eastern Steel is controlled by Jianlong. I think the relationship between TSLaw/Hiaptek and Jianlong is very very good, and I never worry about Eastern Steel.

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2021-10-19 11:48 | Report Abuse


2021-10-13 14:59:00

工业和信息化部办公厅 生态环境部办公厅


















  工业和信息化部办公厅 生态环境部办公厅


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2021-10-19 04:23 | Report Abuse

2020-12-25 19:25:55 来源:互联网 Tag:建龙马来西亚钢铁项目









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2021-10-19 04:16 | Report Abuse

Facing limitation (steel capacity, electricity supply, carbon neutral, pollution concern) at China, the major shareholder of Eastern Steel (JianLong) definitely will pour in lots of money to expand Eastern Steel!


2021-08-05 07:16来源:中国冶金报作者:赵萍








统筹四条路径 走好低碳发展之路









聚焦“四个转型” 稳步推进三大战略目标




2021-10-11 23:17 | Report Abuse

I can sense the investors are getting optimistic. Current entry price is considered still low risk


2021-10-11 00:47 | Report Abuse

Total revenue of LIONIND’s past 4 quarters = RM2.64 billion
Total revenue of AnnJoo’s past 4 quarters = RM2.35 billion
Total revenue of SSTEEL’s past 4 quarters = RM1.74 billion
Total revenue of MASTEEL’s past 4 quarters = RM1.58 billion

Estimated Annual Production of Eastern Steel is 543,200 Tonnes of Slab & 780,000 Tonnes of Billet
= 1,323,200 Tonnne

Price per Tonne = RM2800

Estimated Revenue = RM3.7 billion
Do you think Eastern Steel is qualified for listing?


2021-10-08 23:49 | Report Abuse

Respect & Thank you OTB :)


2021-10-08 22:42 | Report Abuse

Most investors' cost is RM0.50. Current share price RM0.58 still considered very very safe.


2021-10-08 22:38 | Report Abuse

Why the share price of steel companies are not moving much?
Because the institutional investor or funds are not buying yet.

Why the funds are not buying?
Pandemic and MCO3.0 (01/06/2021 - 15/08/2021)

Will they buy steel stocks?
Maybe. The share price of steel companies in US, China, India and Taiwan already flied to sky.

When they will buy?
Anytime from time. But maybe I am wrong.

Anything wrong with Hiaptek the company itself?
I do not think so. The big boss TSLaw is very very rich and have a lot of business in China, Australia and Malaysia.

How about Eastern Steel?
Dark and suffering past has passed. Bright future ahead.
China Jianlong has 60% share and 3 directors.
Hiaptek has 35% and 2 directors. Operation wise Eastern Steel is controlled tightly by Jianlong. Relationship between Jianlong and TSLaw should be good.

Actually we should not expect any cash dividend from Eastern Steel. Firstly, Eastern Steel has big losses in past years. Secondly, any profit should be invested to upgrade the steel plant. Instead we should hope for Eastern Steel's listing in future.


2021-10-08 22:13 | Report Abuse


You are welcome.

We can go to below website to check local steel price.

Latest Price (RM/MT)

Iron Ore RM 482
Scrap RM 1,823 – RM 1,961
Billet RM 2,800 – RM 2,950
Rebar RM 3,100- RM3,250
Steel Wire Rod RM 3,200 – RM3,300

Actually profit margin (RM300 - RM400) of downstream steel player is not as high as upstream player.


2021-10-08 21:46 | Report Abuse

Estimated Annual Production of ESSB is 543,200 Tonnes of Slab & 780,000 Tonnes of Billet
= 1,323,200 Tonnne

Estimated Net Profit per tonne is RM1000.

Net Profit = RM1,323.20 Million ~=RM1,300 Million

Hiaptek 35% of Profit = RM455 Millon

Total shares = 1,626,584K

EPS = RM0.28 (ESSB 35% portion)

Very crazy profit. Need to wait for next Quarter Report to confirm.


2021-10-08 21:19 | Report Abuse

I also think current market in Malaysia is quite weak, but more and more people in shopping malls now. Hopefully we will recover from pandemic soon.

So I prefer steel plants which export steel (I mean Annjoo and Hiaptek).


2021-10-08 21:17 | Report Abuse


It is million dollar guess :)

I personally think it could sustain la.

Why China government want to reduce its steel production? Want to make Hiaptek and Annjoo earn more money?

No la. Now China is richer, they do not want to create more pollution. And they want steel price higher so their steel plants can earn more money to upgrade their technology.

Why Biden want to implement the infrastructure bill? Want steel plant earn more money? No la, their roads, bridges and airports are old and need to rebuild. Who will have most loss if the infrastructure bill is not passed? Biden himself.

Of course I know Malaysian steel plants do not export steel to US. Steel is very heavy, freight charge will be very high if export steel from Malaysia to US. So US actually import steel from Mexico and Canada.

But if steel price in US is very high, of course it will effect steel price in Malaysia.

Above are my opinions. The purpose of sharing is I will feel lonely if I do study alone, so I prefer sharing. I do not think forummers here will have influence on the share price la.


2021-10-08 14:22 | Report Abuse


Material = 1.37 + 0.78 + 0.27 = 2.42 Tonne

2.42 Tonne x RM482 = RM1166.44 (Iron Ore and Others)

0.125 T x RM1823 = RM227.875 (Scrap)

Material Cost = RM1166.44 + RM227.875 = RM1394.315

1 Tonne of Billet = RM2800

Margin = RM1000 (Very high margin?)