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Hi guys, not sure if this is the right forum to ask this but I am a fresh grad that majors in Finance. I was offered a position as a prop trader somewhere around Damansara. Would like to know the prospect of the prop trading industry. I read a few blogs online saying that the industry is dying and people shouldn't waste their time there. Most of the blogs i read were written 3-4 years ago and outdated. I have not much information of the company yet as the interview will be next week.The company is ncs analytics. So the question is, will i have a good future if i venture into this line? Is NCS a good company ? Need advice from all of the sifu out there regarding this field before going into this line. Pls advice =D

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no more prop trading in IBs. go read 2008 US latest law after subprime.
if u don have a PHD in physics, u can day dreaming about working for a quant fund.

Prop trader at Damansara??? there is no such job in Singapore. Damansara got Soros there ah ?>

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