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Posted by limko1 > 2013-09-17 17:52 | Report Abuse

'Can’t we set aside politics and do what is good for the country?', well said; but tell it to your boss. Another 31 billions to be allocated for select bumiputra? Not subsidy, Good for the country? Ha, Ha! This is just subsidy in another name, in fact, to call it subsidy is an understatement.


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Posted by khyeap > 2013-09-17 18:18 | Report Abuse

Why IPPs' still making fat profits not incl. "hidden profits " ?
Don't give stupid excuses. Stop subsidies to IPPs immediately ! Then see who is the MOST EFFICIENT IPPs . Then buy more from them.If the low income rakyat cannot cope with the higher cost, target subsidies to them ONLY ! We are giving this tycoon and cronies a free luxurious ride at the expense of the rakyat !

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