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Posted by supersaiyan3 > 2016-12-19 23:07 | Report Abuse

Well say!


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Posted by stockmanmy > 2016-12-19 23:12 | Report Abuse

But you don't realize war is the best educator.

That a gifted individual and his Golden rule is sufficient condition to make this venture a success.


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Posted by kayubabi > 2016-12-20 20:18 | Report Abuse

@stockmanmy agree with you but, many people die in war. lol. i don't trust what people say before have proven it myself. i'm still learning and still long way to go for me.

Posted by Stockmanmy1 > 2016-12-20 20:23 | Report Abuse

stockmarket is war and soldiers must die. That is also law.


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Posted by tc2012 > 2016-12-20 20:36 | Report Abuse

who ask you to be a soldier ? be a general loh.


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Posted by coolinvestor > 2016-12-20 21:14 | Report Abuse

i am sure you must have read a lot of comments n stories in here to say that the forum is a war forum.

there are just so many different types of people.
very very smart
good hearted
bad hearted
story tellers

lol i can go on n on....but these are also the same types that we meet in person. so wat else is new?

moral of the story, learn from the best, be humble, dun con, dun mislead n keep learning, then make some money. just dun whine n blame ppl when u lose.

sitting down n bashing ppl really is a waste of your time...time u can spend to learn more n make more money

all the best!!!

p.s heck even i am still learning n dare not say i am good...just ok

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