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Redtone has very good Fa and reading their prospect seems to be very good


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trying to sell netx @2.5c for two months now


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Posted by calvintaneng > 2019-11-06 11:14 | Report Abuse

Don't sell netx as it will go into multi year bull run soon


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Posted by calvintaneng > 2019-11-10 18:58 |

Post removed.Why?


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Posted by calvintaneng > Nov 11, 2019 8:22 AM | Report Abuse X

Good morning to all fellow investors at Netx Forum

Since the days of Pm Corp which Calvin first promoted there were no end of naysayers and opposers which appeared out of no where.

Hjey came to fiercely oppose Network Food of Pm Corp. He disappeared. MrTigershark called Calvin a racist. He also disappeared. Sang-jero, cherry tomato as well as Anbz came and gone.

AND then there were nancytang and crischan who vehemently chased ifca all the way from RM1. 00 to Rm1. 87 against Calvin's warning and then suffered triple limit downs from RM1. 87 to 25 sen and together with more than 50 people in ifca forum perished

So was mikekong55 who led regaincapital choco passenger (pirate) ship people to a watery grave by punting hot stocks of the times without fundamental or margin of safety See

Finally the incorrigible 3iii who caused investlah to be destroyed by his stubborn self imposed dinosaur type of overpriced blue chip like dutchlady. So much so that he has to migrate to i3 to continue his old dead stock promotion of little relevance for investors or traders

Now as Howard Marks say most companies are cyclical in nature. Same was said by Sifu Peter Lynch

They are to be bought when prices are low, out of favor and overlooked by the market

Just like Jaks was at 40 sen on Dec 2014 when prices was at its bottom and Jaks boss was buying.

Again success was repeated on Jan 26 2018 when Calvin issued buy call on Carimin at 39 sen after Calvin saw Carimin secured a new Rm60 millions job award from Petronas cari gali
Plus directors of Carimin were also accumulating

Caminin is Rm1. 39 today and 3iii should certainly go there and warn as Directors of Carimin are also now selling at such lofty prices.

Calvin always tell people to buy low and sell when stocks are overvalued

3iii has nothing to offer. He goes and bad mouth about others like a busy body

Calvin also called for a buy on Naim at 52 sen. My 1st stock which I even whataspped Brother Jon Choivo, SS Lee and Sifu KcChongNz to say Naim is a good buy at 52 sen. And I was correct.

I also called for a buy on Velesto at 27 sen, penergy at 75 sen, Uzma at 62 sen. All three have now been proven successes for all who followed and made monies

AND now Calvin issued buy call for Netx at 1 sen, Redtone at 48 sen and Opcom at 63.5 sen.
Those dear friends who acted are still in the money. Some have told Calvin although they bought Netx at 1 sen they were fearful because Naysayers like CharlesT put them in fear that it might even crash to half sen. So due to fear after insinuation from CharlesT they sold back Netx at 1 sen (CharlesT now gone hiding)

However, they were others who told Calvin they sold Netx at 2 sen to 2.5 sen for a profit of 100% to 150%. Calvin is very happy for them all who made money from Netx

Others still not only buy Netx at 1 sen. Like Calvin they bought more at 1. 5 sen, 2 sen and even bought as high as 2.5 sen and still say Netx at 2.5 sen still cheap.

AND so Calvin is fortified by a group of very loyal friends who made lots and lots of money

AND some whataspped Calvin to request my bank accounts so they can bank in money to show appreciation.

Calvin refused to take even one sen from anyone. My service is totally free and without ulterior motive to con anyone.

It is my genuine concern to tell all my friends do well and succeed. Some have told me they paid hundreds and thousands and even tens of thousands to attend trading courses from so called "experts" or sifu and yet lost lots of monies

So now these sifus having loss their paying customers have sent cyber thugs with false IDs to harass Calvin and all his friends. This Johnchew has been paid to post & kacau day and night.

If you are so good as claimed why not bring out a better stock than Netx and see if it will perform better in 3 months, 6 months, one year or 3 year period?

All of Calvin's stocks from OGSE have margin of safety. Nothing is wrong with Scomies so Calvin is holding.

AND now Calvin is still buying Netx today

I will stop here and call my remisier to buy more Netx shares on my behalf

Con man or no conman does not matter if all my friends escape losses and eventually do very well in the stock market


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Posted by calvintaneng > 2019-11-13 10:06 | Report Abuse

Next year, we are encouraging SMEs to adopt digitalisation,” said Lim, adding that the government will provide a 50% matching grant of up to RM5,000 per company for the subscription of electronics point of sale system, enterprise resource planning (ERP) and electronic payroll system,” Lim said.

This matching grant will be worth RM500 million, limited to the first 100,000 SMEs applying to upgrade their systems, he said.

Lim also reiterated that the government will be also allocating RM550 million to provide Smart Automation matching grants for 1,000 manufacturing and 1,000 services companies to automate their business processes, in which this grant will be given on a matching basis up to RM2 million per company.



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