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I would like to make one comment on this article. Due to the great urgency and desperate need for a vaccine, the PhaseI, II and III trial timeline has been compressed. Just about every vaccine company has decided to skip the phase II trial and proceed directly to phase III trial. In effect, we do not know if any of the vaccine in phase III trials work. Hence none of the vaccine are actually in Phase III. All of then are technically going through a very large phase II trial, a hybrid Phase II/III. We will only know if any of the vaccine work when they either succeed or fail to protect the tens of thousands of people within each trial. THe results of these trials will be arrive at the end of 2021. Please be aware what is happening and what is being done. Do not feel shocked or feel betrayed by scientist if one or more of the vaccines in the phase II/III trials fail. They never entered phase II. WE do not know if these vaccines candidates work. We are gambling big because we have so little time.


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those who in ICU now, will definitely volunteerily take the human trials


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So ,what is the fate of glove counters now and new futures?

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