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Based on the author estimate

70,000 * 50,000 = 3,500,000,000 YUAN (3.5 billions YUAN = RM 2,272,907,032)

PMB net profit margin is about 10% based on past few quarter results. RM 2.2b sales x 10% = RM 220m. Assuming PE 20 (Conserviative PE as Pmetal used to have PE of betwen 30-50 in the past) will give mkt cap of about RM 4.5 billion. Current mkt cap is about RM 2.4b.

PE 20 -30 should be very fair to PMB as it is in a special industry and barrier to entry is very high.

Future growth prospect

This year PMB completed phase 2 expansion making its output to 72k MT. The land area for the factory can cater for another 2 phases of expansion in near future. The mgt has indicated that negotations are underway with Sarawak Energy on power supply deal for phase 3-4 expansion. We shall hear some good news from them in near future.


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Hahahah buy al lot already isit want to push the share.? Wait tooo high the price take profit

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With increase in silicon price of more than 300%, the profit margin should be higher than 10%...


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Don't kena bull trap lol!


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Buy gloves counters safer mah!


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Purely syndicates manipulation

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Conmen Conmen, post article after fly not before .... Cannot trust

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