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Posted by Tobby > 2021-10-24 14:42 | Report Abuse

Ha! US doesn't even recognise Taiwan as sovereign nation!

Posted by ProsperousRealm > 2021-10-24 14:57 | Report Abuse

Taiwan already de facto independent


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Posted by chinaman > 2021-10-24 14:58 | Report Abuse

great achiever either have secret admirer or sour grape enemy.

Posted by ProsperousRealm > 2021-10-24 14:58 | Report Abuse

Taiwan already got own govt, own military, own economy

Posted by ProsperousRealm > 2021-10-24 15:00 | Report Abuse

Taiwan people don't want Taiwan to be part of China

Posted by ProsperousRealm > 2021-10-24 15:02 | Report Abuse

Similarly also for Tibet people, Yunnan people, Xinjiang people, Mongolia people, Manchuria people

but they all got no choice becos they weak not strong like Taiwan


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Posted by Tobby > 2021-10-24 15:04 | Report Abuse

True! But all the developed nations do not recognise Taiwan as sovereign country! Just keep singing the same rheotic! I mean, come on, how come they recognize a tiny islands as sovereign nations but Taiwan, until today no such recognition!

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