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Posted by vcinvestor > 2022-01-28 14:06 | Report Abuse

I knew this was coming


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Posted by Tobby > 2022-01-28 15:52 | Report Abuse

Thank you Grandpa Koon for recommending AYS!


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Posted by uncensored > 2022-01-28 17:19 | Report Abuse

Tobby please take note that Uncle advice are only for SHORT term. Will be subjected to CHANGE any time without prior notification.



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Posted by gohkimhock > 2022-01-28 17:35 | Report Abuse

wait until you see all steel companies balance sheets and cash flow. The only company worth investing is Press Metal. The others will have cash flows problems..


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Posted by Eric963708 > 2022-01-28 19:12 | Report Abuse

last time wat he say can be trust but now mostly ppl don't trust him anymore,


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Posted by cckiong > 2022-01-28 20:28 | Report Abuse

Weird, what happened to his holding on other stocks that he used to recommend like Tomei etc. The stocks he recommended All lau sai in term of share price performance. how come he doesn't mention those stocks ya.


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Posted by cckiong > 2022-01-28 20:31 | Report Abuse

"The fact that I openly declared that currently I only have AYS, Leon Fuat and Prestar in my investment portfolio shows that my buy recommendation is honest and sincere" it only shows that he wants other people to pump up the price so he can sell and trap other people who believe him. sincere my ass


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Posted by uncensored > 2022-01-29 10:14 | Report Abuse

He followed sifu OTB on TA & FA way of doing short term investment. The theory of TA worked very good in a bull market but so so once the market turned bearish. A lot time could be very fluctuating as one of key elements in the investment strategy is that its must have always profit growth. Hence I guessed this fluctuating has turned Uncle to go against sifu.
Anyway I believed for youngsters please do investment in shares on long term basis.


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Posted by sensonic > 2022-01-29 19:09 |

Post removed.Why?


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Posted by arv18 > 2022-01-29 23:41 | Report Abuse

More stu.pidity from the old con man.

You know the drill: he's selling out quickly.

As per usual!


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Posted by DonLee > 2022-01-30 05:51 | Report Abuse

con people to buy and he can sell at higher price.
same tactic been used over and over again . and yet he denied that .


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Posted by Jerichomy > 2022-01-31 01:33 | Report Abuse

I think he is trapped in AYS very long time…must be so eager to get out

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