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Posted by Sslee > 2022-07-12 13:51 | Report Abuse

A Berluti alligator loafers worth RM37,877.22 (€8,400) to some is just a small change but to a B40 family it is a lot of money.

A 43-year-old mother has been sentenced to 14 months in jail for stealing two packets of MILO in a supermarket in Terengganu on 25 May.

Kuala Selangor MP Dzulkefly Ahmad has called on the Attorney-General’s Chambers (AGC) to show mercy in the case of a mother who was sentenced to 14 months in jail for stealing two packets of Milo.

While stressing that he was not attempting to question the judiciary, Dzulkefly said he was exasperated by what he deemed was “a decision barren of the concept of proportionality and reasonableness”.

“It worries me a lot when heavy sentences are handed down for...


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Posted by ahbah > 2022-07-12 14:51 | Report Abuse

Please be merciful. Thanks.


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Posted by piranha88 > 2022-07-12 14:56 | Report Abuse

Our Ministers and people in high holding positions sure have good taste - flaunting their wealth - expensive clothes, expensive watches, expensive shoes reminding me of Imelda Marcos. Nothing wrong except that the citizens are suffering and economy is down in the dumps and we do not see any light at the end of the tunnel

Posted by AlsvinChangan > 2022-07-12 14:59 | Report Abuse

as state top job it pays to foster good relationship with sultan


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Posted by ahbah > 2022-07-12 15:18 | Report Abuse

Tolong the poor mother, please. Thanks.


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Posted by OnTime > 2022-07-12 15:31 | Report Abuse

u hv the rich malays and then u hv the biasa ones. it's his money to spend

Posted by TheOwlsandWolves > 2022-07-12 17:27 | Report Abuse

Are our politicians now becoming models for luxury goods ? So shameful that they are getting all the wrong attention.


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Posted by Jokers2020 > 2022-07-12 18:40 | Report Abuse

aiya let him wear what he want to wear afterall after life got no chance to wear d.


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Posted by chinaman > 2022-07-12 18:51 | Report Abuse

All politicians must exemplify apanama,,,,KUALA LUMPUR: Prime Minister Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad made a fashion statement when he was seen with his Bata Malaysia’s Mule Design sandals recently.

Seen as part of his frugality, Dr Mahathir and the RM11.99 sandals were first noticed on @azranshah’s Instagram.

Bata Malaysia, then, swiftly took to its Facebook to promote the sandals.

“Ramadan 2018 hottest selling accessory, as worn by Tun M! Check it out at your nearest Bata outlets or our online store at here,” it said, linking its official website to the post.

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