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Posted by Investor128 > 2023-01-02 11:25 | Report Abuse

1. Change all tax reliefs (personal, medical, purchase of books & publications, purchase of computers, purchase of EV & home charging facilities, EPF, insurance, etc) to tax rebate. High income earners get to deduct tax relief at highest tax bracket whilst low income earners get lesser due to lower tax bracket. So by converting all tax relief to tax rebate (say, at fixed 30% of all tax relief), B40 and M40 will enjoy same tax reduction as T20.

2. Not necessary to bar T20 from using RON95. They have paid higher import duties, excise duty and sales tax when purchase car. So they have paid the subsidy in advance. Government should instead encourage T20 to buy EV so that they consume electricity instead of petrol. Give higher tax rebate for buying EV and home charging facilities.


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Posted by stockraider > 2023-01-03 11:54 | Report Abuse

Everybody is asking tax cuts & subsidy loh!
Msia cannot afford & not sustainable loh!

The correct approach is to make business friendly & easier to do.
Encourage the people to be hard working & skillful plus efficient.

Make the business environment robust & dynamic loh!


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Do not get kon loh!

EV is a waste of money loh!
Do not encourage car ownership loh!

Should tax more on cars via road tax increase, driving license, car sales tax and perhaps implement COE like spore loh!

They are too many cars in msia loh!


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Posted by brandon99 > 2023-01-03 15:11 | Report Abuse

EV to rely less on petrol but post other problems such as more road accidents, fire hazard and waste material for manufacturing and disposing batteries. Being less reliance on oil is good but Putin supporters may not like it.

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