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Posted by gtb888 > 6 days ago | Report Abuse

Chameleon can change colours but the shape cannot change.

Posted by FortuneBull777 > 5 days ago | Report Abuse

Yeah! Exactly! PAS now realise they need non muslims! So need to play some wayang!

Posted by jamessmith > 5 days ago | Report Abuse

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Posted by firehawk > 5 days ago | Report Abuse

Have they announced Thaipusam as holiday? still not announced, right?

Posted by FortuneBull777 > 5 days ago | Report Abuse

Firehawk! PAS is now all out to win non muslims! Perhaps allow 4D again in Kedah!


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Posted by marcosl > 5 days ago | Report Abuse

Thanks for this interesting solution!


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Posted by OnTime > 3 days ago | Report Abuse

an obvious trap, so don't buy into their crap!

Posted by StartOfTheBull > 5 days ago | Report Abuse

Holiday is a good and easy bait to make the voters and workers happy, because we all enjoy life with less works or no work, more money to spend and more time for leisure, this is human nature.


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Posted by Income > 5 days ago | Report Abuse

It appears that PAS is playing the cards of suspicion among Barisan Nasional (BN) and PH members, using the old adage “No Anwar, No DAP” to confuse the supporters of both coalitions.

PAS is also attempting to use “court cluster” imagery in an attempt to sway more PH supporters, who may be disgruntled with the PH-BN alliance, to vote for PN.

However, it also appears that the recent storm of attacks against the PAS for supporting the idea that electoral bribes are ‘charity’ will not play in their favour on their so-called anti-corruption drive.

Some netizens are fighting back against the attempts by the PAS to dirty the image of the state of Selangor.


Pas has more dreams to woo non M? Oh macam mana. Always changing colours. But Pas flag is still green colour when do Pas want to change its Green colour to Red or Orange colour?????
Pkr, Et. al. All never change their colour. Why Pas suddenly want to change colour but its flag still in Green colour???


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Posted by stockraider > 4 days ago | Report Abuse

Do not trust PAS or PN loh!


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Posted by nicholas99 > 4 days ago | Report Abuse

bunch of monkeys.. don't trust monkeys.

Posted by TonsilBasher > 4 days ago | Report Abuse

holiday are who those lazy one who yearn for free money like PAS


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Posted by marcosl > 18 hours ago | Report Abuse

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