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Posted by Jonathan Keung > 2022-06-03 14:32 | Report Abuse

Datuk Wong (Ta Ann ) is in the driving seat for SWK


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Posted by stockraider > 2022-06-03 14:38 | Report Abuse

Ya but hold about 30% only mah!

Still potential for other co to buy over mah!

Posted by Jonathan Keung > 4 minutes ago | Report Abuse

Datuk Wong (Ta Ann ) is in the driving seat for SWK


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Posted by stockraider > 2022-06-04 16:54 | Report Abuse

Long run can never get it wrong....when u invest inflation protection of food production & plantation land which has only a finite limited supply mah!

Lu tau boh ?
Alot of olang kaya....protectt themselves this way mah!
Thats why u call them LANDLORD MAH!


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Posted by stockraider > 2022-06-04 17:04 | Report Abuse

Very True loh!
General Raider use to be poor loh!
I was a despatched boy just earning Rm 180 per mth loh!

Thru hardword & abit of intelligent to capitalize on opportunity thru business and invest my savings diligently & prudently....Raider manage accumulate a good amount of wealth sufficiently thru investment and today if raider retire....should be able retire comfortably loh!

Yes no one should be poor loh!

If they are hardworking & look out for opportunity & manage their savings prudently loh!

Posted by chowwei > 1 day ago | Report Abuse

If You Born Poor
It's Not Your Mistake,
But If You Die Poor
It's Your Mistake,
---> Bill Gates <---

Posted by Jonathan Keung > 2022-06-08 11:30 | Report Abuse

dropped after the 5 sen XD dividend date


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Posted by treasurehunt > 2022-06-10 09:58 | Report Abuse

Share price so fast back to square one.

Posted by lionel messi > 2022-06-10 12:27 | Report Abuse

So good for those haven't bought or those who wants to buy more.


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Posted by treasurehunt > 2022-06-16 14:44 | Report Abuse

Market is really efficient now. Cycle is indefinable.


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Posted by Healthy > 2022-06-16 16:15 | Report Abuse

what happen drop like no tomorow..


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Posted by Keyman188 > 2022-06-19 10:34 | Report Abuse

OMG...what is happening now !!!...

Keyman188 still maintaining to see KLCI @ 13xx for this year (2022)...

Very high possibility will drop below RM 1.90 soon...



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Posted by vision912 > 2022-06-20 15:56 | Report Abuse

good price to buy here I feel


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Posted by treasurehunt > 2022-06-20 18:39 | Report Abuse

It seems the price has dropped back to the value for money level and going through consolidation.

Posted by plantationgameover > 2022-06-20 23:05 | Report Abuse

most useless plantation stock. run for your life

Posted by lionel messi > 2022-06-23 16:44 | Report Abuse

This is cheap..Taann bought at RM2 few years ago.


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Posted by Hush77 > 2022-06-24 09:33 | Report Abuse

current price RM 2 is reasonable.. i think due to urusharta or someone pressing price down but it should be the last leg.
even taan bought 30%, few years ago at RM 2..


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Posted by treasurehunt > 2022-06-24 12:31 | Report Abuse

All the way sliding down to 2.02 without any brakes. Buy plantation to hedge inflation? May be this logic doesn't make sense while surrounding with the bad sentiments.

Posted by steveccwong > 2022-06-24 21:46 | Report Abuse

Swkplant has become another good dividend paying share to hold for your retirement and now with its share price of RM2.00 (from high of RM3.38), I don't want to ask why & why especially when Average CPO Price is moving between RM4.0K/ton to RM6.0K/ton.

Posted by lionel messi > 2022-06-25 10:46 | Report Abuse

Agree Steve. Warren Buffett says stock market is the only place where people run out when there's a sale! Completely irrational. Most don't have the mentality and aptitude for investing.

Posted by lionel messi > 2022-07-04 17:00 | Report Abuse

Somebody is quietly collecting. Something brewing? A GO?


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Posted by calvintaneng > 2022-07-13 22:49 |

Post removed.Why?


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Posted by calvintaneng > 2022-07-18 20:58 | Report Abuse

Swkplant latest 2nd qtr ffb has exceeded 1st qtr by 26.9%

Plus april to june cpo prices were at world record

That means Aug 2022 results will be at world record as well


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Posted by calvintaneng > 2022-07-23 21:31 |

Post removed.Why?


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Posted by calvintaneng > 2022-07-26 14:56 |

Post removed.Why?

Posted by lionel messi > 2022-07-26 16:07 | Report Abuse

IPO price was RM3 back in 2007. Making money with dividend every year with record profit this year. Of course we hope to buy it cheaper but at current price is already a steal. Stock market is really heaven for savvy and deep pocket investors. All they have to do is buy good undervalued shares, collect dividends and wait. Let good people manage the company for them. Just like Warren Buffett. Piece of cake.


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Posted by dlau8899 > 2022-08-01 14:56 | Report Abuse

2.35, 2.45 , 2.55


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Posted by dlau8899 > 2022-08-04 12:44 | Report Abuse

Target price 2.70


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Posted by dlau8899 > 2022-08-05 14:54 | Report Abuse

Going up, may have high dividend and coming good quarter result

Posted by lionel messi > 2022-08-23 21:19 | Report Abuse

Latest quarterly result is unexpectedly poor.

Posted by yaphoikiong > 2022-08-23 21:52 | Report Abuse



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Posted by stockraider > 2022-08-24 13:54 | Report Abuse

Good earnings loh!

Tp should be above Rm 2.50 mah!


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Posted by Johnzhang > 2022-08-27 10:01 | Report Abuse

Is Q2 earning bad ? I don’t think so.

Q2 earnings is affected by about $11 mil charged in fair value change in biological assets which is non cash. , non operating but merely accounting for unharvested crops.
Without considering this , EPS could have been about 14sen instead of 10.75sen.


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Posted by Johnzhang > 2022-08-27 10:06 | Report Abuse

EPS 1H 26.28sen
Forecast FY2022. 48sen.
Prospective PE only 4.6x is ridiculously undervalued.

Posted by lionel messi > 2022-08-29 09:05 | Report Abuse

Some big boys should just launch a takeover and privatized it.


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Posted by Johnzhang > 2022-08-29 17:35 | Report Abuse

Swkpltn should at least pay 10sen interim dividend lah. Taann is paying 15sen 3rd interim!


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Posted by stockraider > 2022-08-29 20:16 | Report Abuse

Swkplant result already out mah!

But no dividend loh!

Posted by lionel messi > 2022-08-30 08:58 | Report Abuse

That's why I said result was poor.

Michael Kwok

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Posted by Michael Kwok > 2022-08-30 22:57 | Report Abuse

Downgrade sarawak plant below rm 1.60
Sell call 2.13-2.17

Posted by lionel messi > 2022-09-01 09:09 | Report Abuse

Looking at Ta ann"s result and dividend, looks like they may have neglected and dianak tirikan SWKPLT. Sarawak state govt, are you watching? Time to find somebody else to manage the company. Your 25.5% stake may not be well taken care of.


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Posted by 8888_ > 2022-11-29 13:00 | Report Abuse

10 sen dividend announced ex-date 22 Dec 22 and payment date 19th Jan 2023 just before CNY.

Posted by lionel messi > 2023-02-22 06:06 | Report Abuse

Wow, latest qtr result announcement very poor.


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Posted by speakup > 2023-02-22 07:52 | Report Abuse

poor -> sell
good -> buy

Posted by I_like_dividend > 2023-02-22 11:08 | Report Abuse

Poor QR buy bec cheaper when QR good sell bec expensive haha.

Posted by I_like_dividend > 2023-02-22 12:11 | Report Abuse

Of course CPO price must be good also ie >RM 4200 like now.


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Posted by 5354_ > 2023-04-20 14:31 | Report Abuse

Core Businesses
Oil Palm Plantation and Mill Operation
Sarawak Plantation Group’s principal businesses are
cultivation of oil palm and processing of fresh fruit bunches
(FFB) into crude palm oil (CPO) and palm kernel (PK). The
oil palm business has two core operations, namely estate
operation and mill operation. This contributes over 99% of
the Group’s revenue and earnings. The Group owns 13 oil
palm estates with total land bank of 42,185 hectares (ha).
In the year under review, the total plantable hectarage
was 35,656 ha. In addition, the Group also has another
estate with the size of 412 ha (planted 405 ha) under a
joint venture with one of the Sarawak State Agencies.
The Group owns and operates 2 palm oil mills located
at Niah and Mukah, respectively. During the current
financial year, Niah Palm Oil Mill’s capacity was
expanded from 60 metric tonne per hour (mt/hr) to
80 mt/hr, leading to the Group’s total milling capacity
of 140 mt/hr.

Posted by JackTan1217 > 2023-08-22 21:07 | Report Abuse

QR is bad nad


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Posted by Dehcomic01 > 1 month ago | Report Abuse

After underperfoming for many years, the ROE of Sarawak Plantation (SWKPLNT) managed to overtake that of KLK in 2019. It peaked in 2021 and then began to go below that of KLK in 2022.

SWKPLNT share price seemed to mirror the ROE performance since 2019. You can see the share price peaking in 2021 and is today below the 2021 peak.

From a ROE perspective, SWKPLNT was not able to consistently outperform KLK, my reference Bursa plantation company.

Given the mirroring feature of the share price, I am not sure that this is a counter worth digging further into. From a value investing perspective, I will dig further if the price drops to the 2018 level. Then I am confident that there will be a margin of safety.


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Posted by 5354_ > 2 weeks ago | Report Abuse


Type Announcement
The information below shows the production figures of Sarawak Plantation Berhad for the month of January 2024
FFB 24,665.55
CPO 9,980.72
PK 2,157.94


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Posted by speakup > 5 days ago | Report Abuse

Look good

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