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Unfortunately, we are bombarded with super high nutrient fast food nowadays!
As most of us live a very sedentary lives, we should eat smaller portion! Chinese diet are the most suitable! Chinese are the first to discovery fast food! And most are healthy! Because chinese food depends on broth to supplement their meals! However, due to trend, our new generation shun this this of diet!
American fast food is perhaps the most dangerous to our healthy! It's over saturated with fat, sugar and salt! It tends to choke our digestive system and eventually fatten us killing our heart in the process!
You know, the chinese serve their rice in small bowl and use chopstick which is good for slow eating! Chinese diet also have suitable portion of vege and meat and of course the healthy broth!
If you care about your health, then switch to the old school way of food!
Malays unfortunately have bad diet! Too much of everything! That is why you rarely see slim malay ladies in their prime! All fat and suffer multiple health issues! And reason why malays have highest death rate during Covid pandemic!
Anyway, decision is yours! Having health issues is very expensive! Caring for your health is so much cheaper in the long run!


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the culprit is sugar. And processed food. Eat more vegetables. I don't take much meat nowadays.


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Goh! Yeah, too much sugar of everything! Sugar makes food especially fast food delicious! Not many shops nowadays are patience to make genuine broth too! Broth usually have natural umani flavor! Instead, they just dump instant flavor which is high in sugar!

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lol..people still dont understand and stick with outdated knowledge from the 90s. The main problem is not just sugar. Its the "Refined carbs" which include white rice, white bread, pasta, sugar, flour/rice based noodles and everything made from plain flour and white rice. The food pyramid is outdated. Take more protein and less carbs. You will be amazed by how much weight you will lose. You see.. Japanese, HK people, Koreans like to include variety in their meals, they dont eat big portion of rice!

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