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Russia obligachs already have their new guy in the Brown House! The new guy will make appearance once Putin is successfully assasinated!
So yeah, Putin is on borrowed time now! His days in numbered! It's just matter of time! Maybe days! Maybe weeks! But from alternative media, he won't be around for another year!
But Putin of course been the dictator for over 22 years, will not be such easy target!
The thing is, the longer russian obligachs delay their action, they more they are going to lose out! I mean, they don't want to see their days ended because of one man you know!

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where is the news link?

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u should be the news spreader of nonsense rumours
no offence but like literally


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There's are a lots of Putin's fans in Malaysia. Second highest number after China.

The US should be informed about this scenario in Malaysia?


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Tobby is a big fan of Najib and MCA


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A lots of klepto fans in Malaysia. Putin has been practising klepto for 20 years. Tobby should convert to Putin's fan.

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