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Boycott options: A. Fanatically dogmatise paranoid politicians who sow seeds of discord (Verdict for future: superior choice, progressive, bright days ahead) B. Slander-plagued supermarts which are run by human who made unmistakeable mistakes (Verdict for future: mediocre choice, stagnation, going nowhere) C. Misrepresented innocent shoe companies with creative designs (Verdict for future: inferior choice, regressive, doom)

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Internal conflicts and power struggles have indeed been significant factors in the weakening of civilizations throughout history, including Malaysia. These conflicts can stem from various sources, such as political disagreements, social tensions, or ideological clashes.

1. **Political Differences:** In Malaysia's history, political rivalries and power struggles have often resulted in internal conflicts. Competing factions within the political landscape vie for control and influence, leading to polarization and division within society. This can manifest in various forms, from government instability to partisan clashes that hinder progress and development.

2. **Social Tensions:** Societal divisions based on ethnicity, religion, or socioeconomic status have also contributed to internal conflicts. Malaysia's diverse population brings together people from various cultural backgrounds, but these differences can sometimes lead to tensions and misunderstandings. Issues related to identity, representation, and social justice can become focal points for conflict if not addressed effectively.

3. **Ideological Clashes:** Ideological differences, whether related to governance, cultural values, or belief systems, can fuel internal strife. Malaysia, like many other countries, has experienced ideological conflicts that shape public discourse and policies. These clashes can hinder cooperation and collaboration, as differing visions for the future of society compete for dominance.

When a society becomes consumed by infighting, several negative consequences can arise:

- **Diversion of Resources:** Energy and resources that could have been allocated to constructive endeavors such as education, infrastructure, and economic development are instead diverted towards maintaining control or dominance within the society. This hampers progress and impedes the well-being of the population.

- **Loss of Unity:** Internal conflicts can erode social cohesion and unity, leading to fragmented communities and weakened national identity. This fragmentation makes it challenging to address common challenges and work towards shared goals.

- **Stifled Innovation:** In an environment of internal strife, innovation and creativity often take a backseat. When individuals and groups are focused on internal power struggles, there is less incentive and opportunity for innovation to flourish.

- **Diminished International Standing:** Internecine conflicts can also affect a country's reputation and standing on the global stage. Divisions and instability may undermine diplomatic efforts, economic partnerships, and international cooperation.

To overcome these challenges, societies need effective mechanisms for conflict resolution, inclusive governance, and fostering unity amidst diversity. Addressing root causes of internal conflicts and promoting dialogue, understanding, and collaboration are essential for building a resilient and cohesive society.


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Malaysians are caught between a rock and a hard place because Malaysia election system are designed in such a way to benefit only a certain race.

What choice do I have when my place of vote is betwwen PAS and PKR?
I used to vote for PKR but still PAS win the seat because in my place when you walk in the voting station/Sekolah Kebangsaan National the writing is already on the wall PAS will win.


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PAS already penetrate all the Sekolah Kebangsaan National and already brainwashed these students to an extent that they will be PAS hardcore supportors for life no matter what.

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No need to wait till RM10 for 1 sgd.......we sarawakians are working on a third force to take over and lead Msia to greatness. Born original, never regress to pariah copycat of distant middle east

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